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Lottery Funding and Community Partnerships: The Bethnal Green Disaster Memorial Project Dr Toby Butler and Dr Amy Tooth Murphy School of Arts and Digital.

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1 Lottery Funding and Community Partnerships: The Bethnal Green Disaster Memorial Project Dr Toby Butler and Dr Amy Tooth Murphy School of Arts and Digital Industries

2 Bethnal Green Tube Station

3 Aftermath


5 Architect’s Visualisation of the Completed Memorial

6 70 th Anniversary (3 rd March 2013)

7 Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust

8 Project outcomes Run a volunteer programme to meet project objectives Produce an online archive/phone-friendly website Produce two professional quality audio trails at the memorial site Digitise historical records, including those in the Trust archive Interview 20+ survivors and memorial activists, transcribe and archive interviews Produce teaching pack/school learning materials Produce 128 page memorial guidebook Deliver 30 talks, school visits or guided memorial events Organise rota for memorial inspection/maintenance Produce a pop-up exhibition on the memorial at 12 locations

9 Effective Partnership Working ? Managing Expectatio n Treading on toes (or not!) “Public Engagemen t” Utilising skill sets Differing capacitie s Communicatio n

10 Working with Volunteers Successful Volunteering Motivations Development Capacity / Skill sets Training Management Peer-led approach Support

11 Fundraising from grant making trusts: advantages Lots to choose from: about 8,800 in the UK Give around £3 billion a year Often have better chance than research council bids great for kick starting new projects requires little resources beyond time to work up the application – very efficient in fundraising terms University can offer something distinctive – expertise and access to students

12 Fundraising from grant making trusts: disadvantages Funding tends to be short term; may need to think early about how the activity might be extended (‘exit strategy’) Funders have specific priorities for activities – may not correspond with what you want to do Usually over-subscribed, so competitive Usually do not accept FEC budget calculations which may limit time you are given by university to work on the project Applications take effort and time – it will take several weeks/months to write an application and usually you must wait two to six months for decision

13 What are trusts and foundations? Non-profit organisations; similar to charities with board of unpaid trustees and sometimes staff to run them They don’t deliver charitable work – they give money to others to do the work: professional donors Most invest money, eg property, stocks and shares in perpetuity and ONLY distribute profit/interest. Some VERY old eg City Bridge Trust goes back to 1097 to repair London Bridge NB recession = less profits annually = less to distribute = more competition; so upturn = better chances

14 Types of trusts and foundations Family trusts like Sainsburys Company foundations: Santander, Shell – distribute proportion of company profits Community foundations: collect funds from community and set up endowment funds Private individuals (living - eg Bill Gates Foundation – or dead) Livery company funds Quangos eg Heritage Lottery Fund organisationally slightly different; tend to have aims aligned with government policy; but for applicants, same process AIMS will often depend on their type

15 Finding funding sources: foundations and grant making trusts 1. Give outline of your idea to the REDS team (location, theme, scale of budget) – they can search subscription databases 2. Look in RECENT directories: Directory of Grant Making Trusts (Charities Aid Foundation) and The guide to the major trusts, vol 1 and 2 these come out annually: latest copies are in the Docklands Library reference collection 361.7632 DIR 3. Use online databases: –Cabinet Office for Civil Society: (can search 4,000 funds/tenders for keywords and register for funding news/deadlines) –Directory of Social Change library – specialist fundraising reference library, including free access to,, - I just saved you £1,368! OK to drop in, open M-F 9 to 5pm, 24 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2DP (nr Kings X)

16 A typical grant making trust application form will ask for: Description of project Expected outcomes Your team’s experience/credibility to run the project How much you need Who else is funding you Timescale, start date, location Unlikely to require lengthy academic justification: focus on clearly stating the problem and how the project will address it

17 It’s not just a form: Drafting the budget – what will they cover? Matched funding? Volunteer hours? Getting estimates, signing it off May need job descriptions/specs – HR? Letters of support (MUST be specific and demonstrate need or key support) photographs Annual report, financial report, governance structure All this takes time beyond drafting the application

18 Heritage Lottery Fund Heritage Lottery funding has gone UP post Olympics plus good ticket sales – budget 2011-12 £255m; budget 2012-13 £375m – 47 per cent increase Chances of success are currently excellent – depending on the time of year, some months there is a 50 per cent chance some months assuming application meets key requirements. In comparison - Research Councils on average fund one in six applications (16 per cent chance) Usually a two stage process: pre-application (letter feedback or meeting for larger grants) If you proceed, officer can then only comment on budget only, but you can ask general questions on work for final application. Takes 8 weeks for decision.

19 HLF 2013: new open (rolling deadline) funding programmes Our Heritage The Our Heritage programme supports all types of heritage projects. For example, smaller parks and green spaces, community buildings, museum collections and archives as well as activity projects exploring languages, cultures and memories. Transition funding will be available to organisations who have previously received HLF investment, to review their strategies and business plans and, where necessary with mentor support, identify ways of achieving greater sustainability. Grants: £10,000 - £100,000 Apply from: Feb 2013 Deadline: None Decision: 8 weeks Rounds: 1

20 HLF: new open (rolling deadline) funding programmes Sharing Heritage Sharing Heritage is for any not-for-profit group wanting to explore, share and celebrate their community’s heritage. Activities we can support include events, exhibitions, festivals and celebrations, or producing local history publications, conservation of individual heritage items, volunteer training and support. Start-up grants will also be available to community groups taking responsibility for heritage, to create the right constitutional framework and assess options in arriving at a strategy for managing the heritage. They may then make a further application for a grant for a project focused on their heritage. Grants: £3,000 - £10,000 Apply from: Feb 2013 Deadline: None Decision: 8 weeks Rounds: 1

21 HLF: new open (rolling deadline) funding programmes Young Roots Young Roots is designed to engage young people aged 11-25 with their heritage. Young Roots projects stem directly from the interest and ideas of young people, who are supported by youth and heritage organisations to develop skills, build confidence, and connect with their local communities. Projects are able to run for up to two years. Grants: £10,000 to £50,000 Apply from: Feb 2013 Deadline: None Decision: 8 weeks Rounds: 1

22 HLF: new open (rolling deadline) funding programmes Places of Worship programme HLF will continue to support the urgent repair needs of faith buildings as before (including cathedrals in Scotland and Northern Ireland), but will also extend the scope of the programme to help make these buildings more sustainable in the future, by providing funding for engaging people and for facilities that will enable increased community use and involvement. Grants: £10,000 - £250,000 Apply from: Dec 2012 Deadline: Quarterly Decision: Quarterly Rounds: 2

23 Volunteering Support UEL Employability and Enterprise Volunteering Scheme: Local Volunteering Centres – – –

24 Contact Us Amy: Toby: Websites: (under construction) Facebook: Bethnal Green Disaster – Stairway to Heaven Memorial

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