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March 2012 Michael Murray London Development Manager Heritage Lottery Fund Graeme McKirdy Development Officer South East England.

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2 March 2012 Michael Murray London Development Manager Heritage Lottery Fund Graeme McKirdy Development Officer South East England

3 Who We Are A National Lottery Good Cause Since 1994 HLF has made more than 35,000 grants worth £5.4billion HLF has awarded over £281m to over 1050 archive and library projects All money raise through ticket sales A Magnificent Town and Its Flying Machines Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre, Grant Award - £50,000

4 Total UK wide grant budget for 2013/14 of £402 million £17,628,000 for South East England region HLF Budgets 2013/14 for regions & countries

5 Priority Development Areas

6 Who can apply? Public and not-for-profit organisations such as: Community or voluntary groups Youth clubs or organisations Charities or trusts Faith organisations Parish councils or local authorities Also: Private owners of heritage assets in cases of clear public benefit

7 ‘A lasting difference for heritage and people’ We will achieve this through our projects delivering a broad range of 14 Outcomes. These come under 3 headings: What difference will your project make for - Heritage People Communities

8 Depending on the programme you apply for, there will be a different mix of the 14. Some may address them all, some will only achieve a few Programmes have different ‘weighted’ outcomes

9 Sharing Heritage Grant requests of £3,000 to £10,000 First World War: then and now Grant requests of £3,000 to £10,000 Our Heritage Grant requests of £10,000 to £100,000 Young Roots Grant requests of £10,000 to £50,000 Open Single Round programmes

10 Targeted & 2 round funding programmes Townscape Heritage Landscapes Partnerships Parks for People Grants for Places of Worship Skills for the Future Collecting Cultures *New* Start-up Grants Heritage Enterprise Heritage Grants (Grant requests £100,000+)

11 Collecting Cultures programme Grants of Between £50,000 - £500,000 Museums, Libraries & Archives * 5% Contribution for grants over £100,000 50% of Grant used for collection purchase –Support development of collection –Enhance professional knowledge –Increase resilience of organisation Project enquiries received by 3 rd March Deadline for full applications 12 noon 2 nd May 2014

12 Collecting Cultures Information & Advice Sessions Wed 5 th February, 1 - 4pm V&A Museum, London RSVP to Mon 10 th February, 1 – 3.30pm Museum of the Great Western Railway, Swindon RSVP to

13 2 round process Detailed application form Supporting documents requests 12 weeks to assess each round Partnership funding required; 5% £1million SE committee make decisions on awards between £100,000 and £2 million Deadlines Heritage Grants Grants request £100,000 +

14 Rambert Dance Company: Rambert Moves Dance Archive project Grant Award: £378,200 Fit out of archive space in new Southbank building Cataloguing the complete collection Costume conservation Learning programme Training volunteers Digitisation of VHS tapes

15 1 st Round Application 3 months assessment Development Phase & Review Upto 18 months 2 nd Round Application 3 months assessment Two Round Application Process Lifecycle of a project Project ideas Design briefs Outline proposals Detailed proposals Final proposals Project Enquiry Form 10 days to respond

16 Our Heritage Grants of £10,000 to £100,000 No application deadline Can fund up to 100% of project costs Decision in 8 weeks One short application Applications meet 2 outcomes (one for heritage and one for people) The Huntleys Biography Project, Krik Krak £49,500

17 John Tweed - The Empire Sculptor, Rodin’s Friend Reading Museum Grant award £22,900 A learning project with associated conservation An exhibition Programme of activities and events for specific audiences including master classes and study days. An artist led community project Digital outputs Conservation: 5 at risk sculptures 2 oil paintings 20 archival works relating to Tweed

18 Conservation and preservation work on the manuscripts and collection specimens, including re-housing materials Catalogue and digitise the Jones Collection, including specimens, and bound manuscript Creation of a website featuring digital images of his work, his archive and butterfly specimen collection. Pages geared to different age groups and with differing levels of research experience and needs. Exhibition Workshops geared to various audiences Williams Jones Lecture and publication. Flying Icons: The Collection of W. Jones (1745-1818) Oxford University Museum of Natural History Grant award £38,400

19 Transition Funding – Grants of £10,000 - £100,000 Available to HLF funded organisations in the UK who want to achieve significant strategic change Become more resilient and sustain improved management of heritage for the long term New skills or knowledge New governance models Develop new leadership Business or income generation structure Single Round, decisions in 8 weeks.

20 Young Roots Grants of £10,000 to £50,000 Projects must be led by young people and require a heritage partner Aims to get 11 – 25 year olds involved in heritage for the first time Decision within 8 weeks Projects up to 2 years No application deadlines Can fund up to 100% Can apply for mentor support as part of grant

21 Re-animating Dreamland Animate & Create CIC Grant award £22,800 Researching cultural and social significance Twenty-four young people explored the diverse and changing history of the Dreamland amusement park and cinema. Their findings were captured and brought to life through ‘stop-motion’ animation. The film premiered at the Carlton Cinema, Westgate, and was shown at the South East's annual animation festival, Canterbury Anifest. It will also be screened at Dreamland when it reopens as part of their interpretation and learning strategy.

22 New small grants programme No application deadline Decision in 8 weeks Short application form For not-for-profit groups wishing to explore, share and celebrate their heritage Must meet one outcome for people Sharing Heritage Grants of £3,000 to £10,000

23 Funding for Archives Got an idea for a project; what next?

24 HLF does not have any specific archive criteria however, here are some areas for you to consider: Archives, digitisation and cataloguing can all be funded. We won’t fund projects to catalogue or digitise an entire collection. We cannot fund the conservation or cataloguing of private collections unless enhanced public access outweighs private gain. How will the original source material be conserved after the project? Can you demonstrate that the original material is at risk of degradation or loss? Is your archive PD5454 compatible? If not, can you demonstrate that the environmental conditions are suitable for the long term care of your collection? Training and volunteers are important; we can support skills development (e.g. object handling, digitisation, conservation, exhibition design, cataloguing )

25 How will you select items for digitisation and what kind of digitised material will most help you to meet the aims of your project? Have you considered themes, subject and formats that will suit or target your project audience? How will your archive material be accessible in the long term and how will you preserve it? Your staffing for the project – is it compatible with HLF guidance, and does it represent value for money? Lots of guidance is available on our website at: Thinking_about_Archives_people_and_communities.pdf Think about…

26 We can help you to buy heritage items however, purchase alone is not enough – all projects must meet our criteria We will not support purchase that is above market value; independent valuation is required Urgent acquisitions are possible within a single HG round, but you need to demonstrate how the item will be integrated into existing learning programmes Acquisition of heritage items Murdoch Foot letter run Kingston University, £107,300

27 Get advice – speak to the Development Team Be clear – don’t use jargon Check your application, especially the finance section Read the guidance carefully, use help notes and application checklist Think carefully about your 200 word project summary Don’t start your project before we have assessed it Crayford Town Archives, £39,500 William White Autograph Book Some tips…

28 How can the development team help? Provide advice and support before you apply Project Enquiry Form available on our website 020 7591 6048


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