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By Taylor Shrout. The Childhood of Aileen Carol Pittman  Born on February 29 th, 1956 in Rochester, MI.  One sibling: Keith Pittman (born in 1955).

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Presentation on theme: "By Taylor Shrout. The Childhood of Aileen Carol Pittman  Born on February 29 th, 1956 in Rochester, MI.  One sibling: Keith Pittman (born in 1955)."— Presentation transcript:

1 By Taylor Shrout

2 The Childhood of Aileen Carol Pittman  Born on February 29 th, 1956 in Rochester, MI.  One sibling: Keith Pittman (born in 1955).  To characterize that Aileen and Keith’s start in life as a poor beginning is truly an understatement.

3 Father: Leo Dale Pittman  Described as a psychopathic child molester.  Abused his grandparents when he was only a child.  Sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and rapping a 7 year old girl.  Later hung himself in prison (1969).

4 Mother: Diane Wuoros  Only 14 when she married the children’s father and gave birth to Keith. Gave birth to Aileen at the young age of 15.  After less than two years of marriage she feared for her life because of Leo and left him.  She found being a single mother to be unbearable and abandoned the children in 1960.

5 Caretakers  After the children were abandoned, their maternal grandparents, Lauri and Britta Wuornos, raised them as their own at their home in Troy, MI.

6 Aileen as a teenager: The beginning  Sue Russell in Lethal Intent writes that Aileen severely beaten by Lauri, her grandfather.  Aileen’s grandparents said that her and Keith enjoyed playing with fire and that Aileen was severely burned on her face at 6 years old.

7 Teenage Years  Aileen’s grandparents described her as being promiscuous at a very young age.  Michael Newton states in “Bad Girls Do It” that she even had sex with her brother as teenagers.  Following in her mother’s foot steps, Aileen became pregnant at the age of 14. She was sent to an unwed mother’s home.  She gave birth to a boy who was put up for abortion directly after birth. (1971)

8  Britta Wuoros died in 1971. According to, Lauri killed her. The book, “Women Criminals” states that Britta died from Liver failure though.  Keith died at the age of 21 from throat cancer. Adding to the Trauma

9  After the death of Britta, Aileen turned to a life of prostitution, crime, and traveled by hitchhiking.  69 year old yacht club president, Lewis Fell picked her up in in 1976 and instantly fell in love with her. The couple soon got married but divorced only a month afterwards because of Aileen’s behavior.

10 The Next Decade  Aileen spent her time going from one failed relationship to another. During this time she engaged in prostitution and armed robbery.  Aileen met her future long-term lover, Tyria Moore at Daytona (1986).  The couple financially struggled, something had to change—

11 Aileen’s Resolution  Richard Mallory, middle-aged electronics shop owner from Clearwater, Florida. Known to be a sex addict and alcoholic. Found dead (1989) on the side of the road. Cause of death: three shots to the head from a.22. Found naked, wrapped in carpet.  The following June: David Spear, 43, of Sarasota was found naked, dead in his truck on the side of the interstate. Cause of death: Several shots to the head by a.22. Used condom was found in truck.

12 More Victims  6 days later in Pasco County, Charles Carskanddon’s naked body was found a couple of miles away from Interstate 75. Cause of death: 9 bullets to the head from a.22 caliber weapon.  Aileen committed several crimes similar to these.. Her and Tyria had a car accident in Orange Springs. Their car was identified as stolen and belonged to one of her victims. The couple got away but not without raising suspicion.

13 They’re careers ranged from anywhere to police chiefs and protective investigators to truck drivers.  All middle-aged men  Prostitution before the murder  Victims shot in head by 22 caliber firearm  Licenses plate taken  Naked bodies found a couple of miles away from car Patterns in her Crimes

14 Marion County's Criminal Investigation Division, Captain Steve Binegar noticed Aileen’s pattern.. He gathered sketches of the two women from witnesses and reported to media. Leads started pouring in… The hunt began in January 1991!

15  Lori Grody, Susan Blahovec and Cammie Marsh Greene were all aliases for Aileen Carol Wuornos.  Aileen was shortly approached by police at a bar for fighting.. Then let go!

16  January 9th, 1991 Aileen was arrested by two under- cover policemen who posed as being interested in her. [Citrus County, Florida]  The next day Tyria Moore was taken into custody, not arrested but interviewed.  Aileen confessed on the 16 th of January.

17 Aileen’s Confession  Tyria had no part in the murder nor did she know about them  She claimed all of the killings were out of self- defense.. All the victims had assaulted, raped, or abused her.  Aileen’s defense asked her several times during trial to stop speaking.  Aileen had no desire to lie in court. In fact, she poured her story out to anyone who listened hoping she would get rich off of her story.

18  On November 1992 Aileen was given her fifth death penality after confessing to all of the murders (7 total but only 6 were proved to be her).

19  Aileen Wuornos was executed by lethal injection at 9:47 am, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2002, more than a decade after she murdered six men along central Florida highways while working as a prostitute.  Aileen was 46 years old when she was executed and was the 10 th woman to be executed in the US.

20 Last Words  "I'd just like to say I'm sailing with the Rock and I'll be back like Independence Day with Jesus, June 6, like the movie, big mothership and all. I'll be back,"

21 Contradictions  According to, Aileen slept with 25,000 men which seems to be physically impossible. says that is a common told myth, Aileen confessed in an interview that she estimated maybe 200 men.  Away from all of my sources, states that Aileen was not guilty of Richard Mallory’s  states that Aileen attempted to press charges against the FL State Prison because the staff and inmates beat her up physical and emotionally. I didn’t find any other sources the recollected this data.  says Aileen was impregnated at 14 by her boyfriend but along with several other sources says that she was raped by a pedophile while trying to prostitute herself on the streets.

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