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Henry Lee Lucas Serial Killer

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1 Henry Lee Lucas Serial Killer

2 What is a serial killer? The definition of a serial killer could not be found in any normal dictionaries. Therefore proving there is no real definition. The only definition of a serial killer can be found on the internet. It says a serial killer is a person who murders three or more people.

3 Childhood life for Henry
He described his mother to be an abusive prostitute, and his father was an alcoholic railroad worker. His mother beat him on several occasions for no reason. Once was in a coma for 3 days, after his mother smacked a plank of wood across his head

4 His mother would force him to watch whenever she would have sex with men
Mom bought him a mule one time, just so he can se her shoot and kill it

5 Birth/Jobs/ hobbies Henry was born august 23, 1936, in Blacksburg, Virginia He moved to Stoneberg, Texas where he held a roofing job Henry held only a couple short term jobs in Florida

6 Henry’s killing procedure
He only killed women He didn’t kill on a small range of age, he killed from age 20 to 82. He didn’t have a specific signature or any thing, but he said he killed prostitutes mostly

7 Number of killings Henry Lucas said he killed over 600 people, this is not true. Police think its possible he killed up to 215 women His first murder was his mother on January 12, 1960, because of an argument they had His second murder was an 82 year old lady named Kate rich, then his third a lady named Powell On august 10, 1977 he killed a women named Curby Reeves Another murder was on march 20, 1979 on a lady named Elaine Tollet Police and investigators only convicted him 11 homisides

8 Evidence used to convict
A bone fragment was found from a wood burning stove of the Powell and Kate Rich case The skeleton matched Powells age and size, and helped finally get the truth from Henry They only found evidence for those two people, any other people he claimed to murder, they couldn’t find.

9 Trial He was pleaded guilty for the murder of Powell and Rich, but later in the trial, he blurted that he killed over one hundreds other women Police and investigators only convicted him 11 homicides Police flew him all over the county to different courts, but he was put on the death penalty but then got taken off. He died from natural death

10 Is he still alive? No. Henry died of heart failure in the year of 2001, on march 13.

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