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1815-1840 Ch. 11 Expanding the Republic. Andrew Jackson Scotts Irish descent Mother, father and brothers died, homeless at age 14 Becomes lawyer in Nashville,

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1 1815-1840 Ch. 11 Expanding the Republic

2 Andrew Jackson Scotts Irish descent Mother, father and brothers died, homeless at age 14 Becomes lawyer in Nashville, marries rich and becomes a Tennessee Congressman, then general of militia. Wins Battle of New Orleans in 1815. Confident and even reckless, he brought a swagger to the presidency and country. Jacksonian times- Banks and business failed, Indians die and pushed west, slavery expanded.

3 Market Revolution Not and industrial revolution like Britain, this was based off water, wood, and human muscle. Transportation- networks of roads, canals, steamboats and railroads raised the speed of transportation. How does transportation change the landscape of the country? Private companies built roads and started monopolies. Robert Fulton’s Steam ship. What were the problems with steam ships? What was a canal, and how was it used? Baltimore and Ohio first railroad- 13 miles long, went 15-20 mph, not enough track to be sufficient. How does transportation change the country Culturally and economically?

4 Factories Textiles and shoes become two main areas of production. Women became major player in the workforce. Samuel Slater factory in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Lowell Massachusetts factory town, how did it work? 1830’s Speed up production and lower wages, what did the women do? In the 1840’s immigrant families start to replace women in the factories. Shoe binders felt the same pinch in wages as textile mills.

5 Bankers and lawyers Banks started popping up all over the place. Banks loaned out notes or loans, used for everything since Govt did not print money. “ specie payment” bank note traded in for hard money. Value depends on bank that issued the note. Banks had all the power in the economy, could loan to anyone they wanted, no watchdog on them. Eminent Domain- what does this mean? Lawyers made laws that would benefit ambitious individuals to become wealthy.

6 Booms and Bust 1815-1818- Boom years created a panic or downturn in economy through inflation of goods. 1819 the panic hit, the rich became poor overnight, same panic happened in Europe which killed the price of goods we sold in Europe. The fallout in Europe sent American farmers in debt to banks and no way to pay them back. Took a few years to get back on track, and it all happens again in the 1830s.

7 Spread of Democracy Jackson coined the term “ Democracy not aristocracy” Election of 1828 had more than a million voters. In the 1830’s property qualifications disappeared in all but 3 states. National republicans- favored federal action to promote commercial development, called the Whigs. Democratic Republicans- promised to be responsive to the will of the majority, called the democrats. Election of 1828. Vilified Adams as a elitist almost being a monarch. Adams called Jackson “ the bastard son of a prostitute, and an adulterer. Jackson’s nickname was “ Old Hickory” and he won by a landslide. Election of 1828 solidified 2 distinct political parties.

8 Jackson’s Democratic Agenda Rachel Jackson died before his inauguration, he slipped into a depressed state and lost a tine of weight. He had the spoils system, where his cabinet was only loyalist, not the best man for the job. Believed in limited federal Government, like Jefferson. He opposed federal support of transportation and monopolies and charters. He vetoed congress 12 times, that had only been done 9 times in the past.

9 Jackson defines the Democratic party Read that section Indian policy and trail of tears and stop before cultural shifts, religion and reform. Answer the questions on the next slide.

10 Quiz questions 1. Indian removal Act of 1830 was a peaceful way to remove Indians from land east of the Mississippi river. T/F 2. Black Hawk wars were fought in Georgia and about 400 Indians were massacred. T/F 3. Worcester vs Georgia is a supreme court case giving the Cherokee rights to their land as an independent community. T/F 4. The “ Trail of Tears” was a forced Indian march to newly formed Indian Lands in Oklahoma. T/F 5. Nearly ¼ of the Cherokee dies en route to their new land. T/F 6. Nullification is the process of a state voiding congress for overstepping its boundaries. T/F 7. The nullification in South Carolina on high tariffs brought out the thought of secession from the union. T/F 8. Jackson approved the National Bank charter renewal. T/F

11 The Second Great Awakening Evangelical Protestantism- The new wealthy merchant class sought to have perfection so they went after Alcohol consumption, Non marital sex, and slavery. Separate Spheres- men work, that is their life, women take care of the home front, Feminine home, masculine workplace…. Mainly only white middle class. Public education is offered to age 14. then more colleges pop up in the 1830’s. Camping revival at Cane Ridge. Christian churchgoers doubled in size. Charles Grandison Finney- leader of 2 nd awakening. Temperance movement and Moral reform. Slavery- sent free slaves to Liberia and Canada. William Lloyd Garrison- The Liberator” paper on Abolition.

12 Martin Van Buren Known as the “little magician” or the “red Fox” ran for president in 1836. Gag Rule- not put into record, Mail Censorship. Whigs had a three nominee strategy, but did not wok Buren won. Panic of 1837. Bad crops, Bank of England failed and called in loans, cotton price plunged and farmers could not pay back banks in new York. Stocks and real estate market collapsed. 1838 was better, but again it crashed in1839. Van Buren called for a govt treasury system and got it in 1840. William Henry Harrison part of the Whig party won the election of 1840.

13 Quiz Questions Short answer questions. 9. How was slavery an issue in the election of 1836? 10. How does the failure of the bank of England directly effect the American Economy?

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