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Mindy Tubra, Transitional Coordinator

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1 Mindy Tubra, Transitional Coordinator 1-800-550-6005
PRIDE Industries Foster Youth Program K.E.Y.S (Kaleidoscope for Employment Youth Success) Mindy Tubra, Transitional Coordinator

2 3 Fold Collaboration Placer County Office Of Education (PCOE)
California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) PRIDE Industries Foster Youth Services

3 Who Do We Serve? Together, we provide specialized employment services for youth ages that have lived in an out-of-home placement in order to prepare them for transitioning out of the foster care system.

4 Why Do Foster Youth Need Help?
Foster youth are at a high risk for homelessness, unemployment, academic failure, and a host of other challenges due to life situations which they had no control over. We help foster youth become independent, successful, and self-sufficient members of our community.

5 Community Involvement
The success of our program depends greatly on the community. It is important that each foster youth find employment in order to learn skills to make money in a legal way.

6 Why Is Employment Important?
Many of the youth that we work with are on probation and have been charged with selling and possession of illegal drugs, and many prostitute for drugs. So, it is important that they have a legal job where they are learning transferable skills. Therefore, aiding in the prevention of human trafficking in the Sacramento area.

7 Who Qualifies?

8 What Are The Individualized Services Provided?
An initial interview to determine career interests and work readiness. Review of vocational goals and creation of an individualized plan for employment. Individualized interview skills, resumes and cover letters, master job application and job search skills. Career Counseling, Personal, Counseling, and Academic Advising.

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