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Creates Opportunities for Work and Live Independently The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services.

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1 Creates Opportunities for Work and Live Independently The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

2 What can BRS do? BRS can assist in career planning by: – – Help to explore one’s interests & strengths through vocational counseling – – Evaluate need for supports – – Provide job search, job training; job placement services – – Providing someone to help you learn a job (job coach) – – Identifying jobs where to apply for – – Providing other services needed to reach a career goal

3 Who does BRS help? An individual who has a significant physical or mental disability (other than blindness) that makes it hard to find or keep a job, may be eligible for BRS services!! Bureau of Education & Services for the Blind (BESB) for persons with legal blindness. (860) 602-4000 or 1-800-842-4510

4 How to Apply? Call the BRS office. Applicants will be asked to provide information about their disability and how it affects their ability to find/and or keep a job. All employment and educational history will be reviewed. The BRS Counselor will determine if the applicant is eligible.

5 Eligibility Criteria The applicant must have a disability that is a physical or mental condition which poses a substantial barrier to employment. AND The applicant must require BRS services to prepare for, find and succeed in employment, with a priority on a paid job in the competitive labor force.

6 Develop Employment Plan The BRS counselor and the job seeker will develop an Employment Plan which will assist the job seeker to find or keep a job: Job interests Skills and abilities Agree on the job goal and the services

7 Employment Supports BRS will provide services which a job seeker will need in order to reach a vocational goal. The Employment Plan is tailored to meet their unique needs; these services may vary from one person to another. – – Vocational counseling – – Job search assistance – – Skill training and career education – – On-the-job training in business and industry – – Assistive technology services – – Vehicle and home modifications – – Supported employment services – – Benefits counseling

8 Employment Plan Expectations Job seeker must demonstrate progress toward the employment goal agreed to in the Employment Plan Services are individualized to meet job seeker’s needs

9 BRS Services BRS may hire a Community Rehabilitation Provider for employment services: – – Job Evaluations – – Job search – – Job placement – – Job coaching – – Interview Preparedness Program

10 Employment When the job seeker is ready to apply for jobs, the BRS Counselor works together to find placement The job seeker will need to actively work with the BRS counselor during this process Once employed, the job seeker stays in touch with the BRS counselor to address and resolve job related problems that may develop.

11 BRS Closure After the job seeker is successfully employed for at least 90 days, BRS typically closes the case because the goal has been met. BRS may also close someone’s case if the job seeker and the counselor agree that the consumer’s disability or personal matters are keeping them from working or the consumer is no longer available for services

12 Post Employment Services Post employment services may be provided after a job seeker’s case has been closed – – Retain or advance in a current job – – Find another job in a related field – – Has a problem related to disability that affects work

13 To contact the nearest BRS office call: 1-800-537-2549 (voice only) or (860) 424-4839 (TDD/TTY)

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