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Atlanta Public Schools Department of Special Education Transition Program.

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1 Atlanta Public Schools Department of Special Education Transition Program


3 Commonly Used Acronyms for Transition IEP – Individualized Education Program CTI – Career Technical Instruction CBVI – Community Based Vocational Instruction CBI – Community Based Instruction CTAE – Career Technical and Agricultural Education GVRA – Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency VR – Vocational Rehabilitation

4 State Rule Transition Service Plan(as part of the IEP) will be completed beginning not later than the first IEP to be in effect when the student enters the ninth grade or sixteen years old or younger if determined to be appropriate by IEP Team. This must be updated annually.

5 State and Federal Law Transition Services: Coordinated set of activities Results oriented process Appropriate measurable post-secondary outcome goals based on age appropriate assessments.

6 Assessments  Gacollege411/GCIS/CareerCruising Formal Informal Checklists Previous Information Start with all “Bridge Bill” information

7 State and Federal Law These post secondary goals should be in the areas of: training/education; employment; and independent living, as appropriate There should be measurable IEP Transition goals, activities and services which will lead to attainment of post secondary goals in training and education, employment, related services, community experiences, post school and daily living if appropriate.





12 IDEA 2004 Student must attend or system must take steps to ensure student’s preferences and interests are considered when developing the transition plan. Parent should receive notice the student is invited and that this is a transition plan meeting. Also must be informed of any other agencies that are invited.


14 Roles of the CTIs Support students in CTAE Pathways Establish CBVI sites Work closely with partners to establish career and education opportunities for our students Develop activities that build relationships within the school community Play an important role in transition planning for students in the CTI program





19 CBVI Activities

20 College Tour

21 Industry Tour Mayfield Farms

22 KIA Motors Industry Tour

23 Kia Motors Industry Tour

24 Marta travel training activity

25 CTAE/CTI Working Together

26 Fall Leadership Conference Self-advocacy skills Career exploration skills Work-shop participation

27 CTI Fall Leadership Conference

28 CTI State Officer

29 CTI College Graduate-Atlanta Technical College

30 Spring State Leadership Conference

31 Bridges Program Develops Relationships with Employers –Provide employment for our students through these relationships.

32 Bridges Marriott “School to Work” Program  3 Employer Representatives  Provide Career Readiness Skills  Prepare students for job interviews  Work /closely with the CTIs to determine needs of students

33 Bridges Marriott Activities

34 Bridges Marriott Activity

35 Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (Voc. Rehab.) Dedicated Counselor for APS High Schools-Collaborative Agreement Funding Source Partnership with CTIs to establish needs of students requiring services

36 Additional Activities/Opportunities Warm Springs Bobby Dodd KSU Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth Georgia Tech Program Training Facility Tours for Day Habilitation Sites Parent to Parent Workshops Benefits Navigator Workshops for Parents COMP/NOW Waiver Benefits-Parent Mentors School-Based Vocational Opportunities North-Atlanta School Store Maynard Jackson –Print Shop Douglass High – Fluff and Fold


38 Resources Georgia Department of Education Atlanta Public Schools CTI Coordinators

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