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Ray holloway house project

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1 Ray holloway house project

2 The Ray Holloway House Project
The American Legion and Legion Family Involvement Post Home/Veteran Housing Benefits Returning Veterans Benefits Veterans Families Benefits Community Benefits County Benefits Organizations Self Sustainable

3 General Overview Mission Vision 9 Core Values
The purpose of the Ray Holloway House in Romeoville is to serve Veterans who are homeless with respect and dignity. By providing housing, advocacy, therapeutic and supportive services, the Ray Holloway House in Romeoville fosters integrity, duty and commitment to equate individual growth and independence. Mission The Ray Holloway House staff is made up of professionals and volunteers who will work together as a team to provide each resident with the treatment and skills needed for successful independent living. The Ray Holloway House provides a structured, safe and caring environment, in which a sense of dignity, belonging and achievement enhance the opportunity to succeed. Vision The Ray Holloway House is dedicated to assisting homeless veterans to overcome any and all obstacles they may struggle with in order to prepare them to enter into and sustain permanent self-sufficient independent living. We will accomplish this by giving the veterans the tools and knowledge to succeed by partnering with the various organizations that specialize in the industry. 9 Core Values Loyalty, Duty, Honor, Respect, Selfless Service, Integrity, Personal Courage, Commitment, Excellence

4 Facility Details Maximum occupancy of The Ray Holloway House in Romeoville is 10 individuals and 1 family of 5. The facility is wheelchair assessable, and provides residential housing for eligible male and female Veterans. It offers a community environment within one building, one of structure, interdependence and care and concern. Volunteer work, employment and treatment compliance is correlated to the vision of total independence. Staff is proficient in addressing a multitude of challenges including but not limited to, homelessness, PTSD, sobriety, self esteem, and hopelessness.

5 Established in 2011, The Ray Holloway House is a nonprofit organization with the mission of ending homelessness among veterans in the greater Will County area by creating public acceptance, promoting community, and building a team of service providers. The American Legion/Ray Holloway House is the only institution of it’s kind to combine two service organizations to create a multi-faceted entity dedicated to helping end and prevent homelessness among veterans in the greater Will County area. The Ray Holloway House was founded by a group of American Legion members who had a larger vision on what kind of impact could transpire if they created a community-based establishment to provide housing and services to our veterans. Its members provide housing, access to health care services, employment training and placement, legal aid and case management to homeless veterans and their families each year.

6 Thank you for all of the support from the following organizations:
Village of Romeoville American Legion ( Post; County; Department; National) Cornerstone Services Continuum of Care National Coalition of Homeless Veterans Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Will County Veterans Assistance Commission VA at Hines Hospital Warrior Watch Riders Local Organizations within Romeoville

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