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WORD MATCH A B unemployed between jobs retarded mentally challenged

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1 WORD MATCH A B unemployed between jobs retarded mentally challenged
old senior citizen drug addict substance abuser prison correctional facility

2 What is it? use of a pale or pleasant expression instead of an unpleasant, harsh or depressing one Why is it used? to soften the reality of what is communicated What is it not? express taboos not just synonyms EUPHEMISM elevate the status of something What are some examples?

3 What are some examples? WORD: false teeth EUPHEMISM: dentures
WORD: police officer EUPHEMISM: peace officer WORD: ugly EUPHEMISM: unattractive, modest, plain WORD: disaster EUPHEMISM: incident WORD: crippled EUPHEMISM: disabled, physically challenged

4 What are some examples? WORD: death penalty
EUPHEMISM: capital punishment WORD: illegal worker EUPHEMISM: undocumented worker WORD: secretary EUPHEMISM: administrative assistant WORD: poor EUPHEMISM: low income, underprivileged WORD: drunk EUPHEMISM: intoxicated, inebriated, tipsy

5 Let’s Practice! His grandfather passed away.
Translate each sentence into clear, straightforward English: His grandfather passed away. My father is between jobs but has two interviews today. The peace officer apprehended the sanitation man for speeding. The sales associate answered in the affirmative when the judge asked him if he had ever been incarcerated. died. unemployed police officer garbage collector imprisoned.

6 Work on the activity to be given.
Comprehension Check Break into 4 groups. Work on the activity to be given.

7 Goal: Your task is to revise a report on a fugitive who had recently escaped from prison.
Role: You are a TV reporter about to go on air. You have just been given a skeleton of facts about the fugitive and a short update on the situation based on a released police bulletin. Audience: You need to inform millions of television viewers of important details about the fugitive and advise them on the situation without causing unnecessary panic among the public. Situation: The challenge involves rewriting the police bulletin into a more newsworthy piece using euphemisms to soften the language used by the police. Performance: You need to come up with a revised copy of the report that uses euphemisms correctly so that the sensitivity of your viewers are protected. The news report to be read on air should remain informative without being offensive.

8 Police Report Police officers are searching for a fugitive with the following characteristics: The suspect is male, fat and ugly. He is old. He is 65 years old. He is a drug addict. He is an illegal worker. He is poor. He worked as a secretary. He is now unemployed. He is slightly retarded. He is wanted for homicide and may face the death penalty. He escaped from prison last night. He has false teeth. He is always drunk.

9 Assessment ORAL PRESENTATION Rubrics:
- Outstanding Moderately Satisfactory - Very Satisfactory Needs Improvement 3 - Satisfactory Poor Content ………………………………….. 5 pts. Purpose of presentation accomplished Introduction, supporting points, and conclusion clearly expressed Euphemisms used correctly and appropriately Delivery ………………………………….. 5 pts. Used gestures and body language well Language was natural and fluent Volume and rate of speech were appropriate Pronunciation was clear and comprehensible Grammar was correct and didn’t prevent understanding Showed enthusiasm and interest

10 Homework Find a news article that used at least 5 euphemisms. Highlight them and convert them to clear, straightforward English.

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