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Unit two Happy Family Life (II) Part I Warming up A Vocabulary Jealous:envious.

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2 Unit two Happy Family Life (II)

3 Part I Warming up A Vocabulary Jealous:envious

4 You are going to hear a man and woman talking about some relationships, such as parents, neighbors, boyfriends or girlfriends. What do you think which one is most important to you?

5 Key 3. Neighbors 4 4. 2 2 The other members of the family 3

6 B Vocabulary Treat:a source of special delight or pleasure

7 You are going to listen four people talk about their relationships with their parents How about your relationship with your parents?

8 Key Not remember very much about childhood/not very close/not talk very much Get on very well with mum/talk very openly

9 Fond memories of childhood/seemingly spoil us (mum) always tell me to do this and do that/(father) let me do what I want

10 C First just read the following difficult sentences Then listen Listen again without looking at these sentences

11 Part II Mothers and daughters

12 Vocabulary: Strain:pull, draw or stretch tight Nurture:nourish, feed Onset:a beginning, a start Puberty:a stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction

13 Maternal:relating to or characteristic of a mother or motherhood Diffuse:make less soften Impetus:an impelling force, an impulse

14 You are going to hear a report on the relationships between mothers and daughters.

15 Key Lynn : a mother’s premature death on children the most perfect/wonderful/loving

16 Roni Cohen-Sandler Clinical psychologist The daughter’s puberty

17 Victoria Secunda Sociologist and author Widespread Much before the daughter’s puberty When You and Your Mother Can’t Be Friends

18 Listen again and focus on what causes the conflicts between mothers and daughters. What is the advice given by experts?

19 Key Mother: Everything personally Her own experience Daughter: Listening to me wrong

20 According to Victoria In her footsteps Looks, clothes, behavior, etc. Betrayed Daughter: Different life Mother:

21 Let go A good impetus for healthy change mediator

22 Part III A Vocabulary: Polygamy:the practice of having more than one wife at the same time Intact: whole because no part has been touched, spoilt, or broken

23 Listen to the passage and complete the outline with the information you hear on the tape.

24 Key B. Offering affectional joys I. A. Providing necessities of life C. Giving children to adulthood

25 II. A. Extended family B. Nuclear family C. Polygamous household E. brothers and sisters and sisters’ children F. Communal living group

26 III. A. Economic conditions B. Industrialization and urbanization C. Inheritance customs

27 B. vocabulary Disintegrate: become reduced to components, fragments or particles Therapist: one who specializes in the provision of a particular therapy

28 Listening to a report on family changes in the U.S.A. Focus on the kinds of American households.

29 Key 75%(1960)—69%(1970) 60%(1980)—55%(1990) 52%(2000)

30 Married-with-children household 45%(1960)—25%(today)

31 One-person household

32 Single-parent household

33 Questions 1. Two and a half/the aging of the American population/ the growing number of people living alone

34 b. the number of single- parent families / growing 2. a. men and women / delaying marriage and having children

35 3. Increasing social isolation a sign of prosperity / an expression of American individualism

36 Part IV Listen and relax Diverge: separate and go on in different directions Quirk:a strange happening or accident

37 Your are going to hear a story of an identical twin. Listen and enjoy


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