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R. C. Smith Mr. Gilliam Eagle Coach, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 354 Mr. Wagnon Scoutmaster Troop 354 Eagle Candidate Seminar.

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1 R. C. Smith Mr. Gilliam Eagle Coach, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 354 Mr. Wagnon Scoutmaster Troop 354 Eagle Candidate Seminar

2 R. C. Smith Seminar Objectives  To review the requirements for Eagle rank  To discuss the Eagle Leadership Service Project  To review Eagle application process  To discuss the Eagle Court of Honor  To answer any questions from Scouts & parents  To understand time commitment To Avoid Any Surprises!

3 R. C. Smith Troop 354 Eagle Scouts 20132009200419941973 John Jamison Britton, Jr.Gregory SnyderJames EilersSpencer C. S. AndersonMathew B. Campbell Harry Worthley Burke IIIMatthew OrrRyan JewettJustin M. Campbell IV Steven D. Gullion Joe Wilson CozbyThomas Keller Towns Jr.Will GoodyearMatthew Jordan Chambers1971 Collin Joseph LeiszEdward Banner IIIRandy BlairGrayson Leggett Parrish Fitch Thomas M. Waldman, Jr. John Mason Mings VICameron LeiszTim GaribaldiTheodore Albert Wu1968 William Davis PfeifferDaniel TepperClayton Kaul, Jr.Matthew Gardiner Oliver George Laigle Robert McGown RoyceWalter Mayfield2003Ryan Vineyard1967 George Zachary Saville2008Ben Lemming1993 Dale Gardner Britt Phillip Turner SmithDaniel HarrisonChris LemmingCasey Brown1966 William James TaussigMarc BodzyMike LemmingDaniel Jackson ChambersStephen Caldwell Andrew Buck TowerJeffrey ZuspanJustin LamCharles Ashley Ragsdale FitchDavid Campbell Welcome Wade Wilson IIIMichael Kumpas IIPhillip EdmundsonAlexander GonzalesJohn Foddick 2012William BuckwalterJ. W. LodgeBrian Scott O’RearJoseph R. Schifiett Ryan Miller CleggW. Taylor BaycroftRobert McAshanMatthew E. QuadeMichael M. Stary Carter Rebstock DeWalchNicholas LeyhGrant Teaney Timothy Grant Taft 1965 Thomas Patrick McAuleyWilliam JewettBlake Davis 1992Judson H. Burchfield James August Mentz20072002 Jeremy Jones Roy R. Teinert 2011Thomas DeskinFrederick John Duncan Jr.19901964 Scot FreysingerLloyd RudeJohn Coleman BarrerePaul Neely AllisonKyle Britt Roman GalmicheRoss HillJohn Brian Flickinger Damian Edward Simmons 1963 Kyle JudahSidharth Bembalkar20001989Taylor S. Boone Conner LeiszScott ElderLogan Ray GremillionThadd Palmer1962 2010William PayneMario Alberto Juarez Keith Easley Taber Murl E. Smith Mike MayfieldRobert Goodyear19991988Don Barker Henry MentzDaniel SharpWilliam Clay EllisonPreston Eugene Cusachs1961 Christian Kelley2006Charles Marcus Ellis Carl Lawrence Scherrieb Henry Sebastian Alex NunuLeopold Oakes199819871960 Alex Shulyak2005Guy Travis Clifton Brad W. Thompson Billy Black Ryan SmithMatthew BladesEmery Earl Koch-Cookston1986Steve Caddy Edward TaussigWilliam BladesStephen Allen Blum Thomas Y. Taber Rusty Hortenstine Ryan BlackwellPeter FluorDaniel Juarez1983Stewart Perry Peter KeinzTaylor DeWalch1997 Reed L. Froebel Charles Reese Ken BarnumChristopher NunuHoward Leon Haddock1975Roger Yokubaitis James RoycePaul David GerechtWilliam Grinstead1959 Hayner RudeEdward Harris Hauser Michael Hall Tom Noyes John Trier1958 Ted Link Philip W. Liston Thomas McConnell 1957 Lawrence L. Stewart

4 R. C. Smith Eagle Requirements  Merit Badges *21 minimum  Leadership Position * 6 mo. 1 or more  Active as Life Scout * 6 mo. minimum  Eagle Service Project *  Demonstrate live by Scout Oath & Law *  Scoutmaster Conference  Complete Eagle Board of Review * All requirements, except BOR, must be completed prior to 18th birthday!

5 R. C. Smith Eagle rank is more than just 21 merit badges & a project! The primary emphasis is LEADERSHIP! Remember!

6 R. C. Smith 13 Required Merit Badges  Environmental Science  Family Life  Communications  Camping  Cooking  First Aid  Personal Fitness  Citizenship in the Community  Citizenship in the Nation  Citizenship in the World  Personal Management  Swimming or Hiking or Cycling  Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving

7 R. C. Smith Warning: Several merit badges require specific, extended periods of time to complete.  If the requirement says:  Meet with your counselor …  Keep records for three months …  You must meet with your counselor AT LEAST three months prior to your 18th birthday or you cannot complete the merit badge in time!  You cannot keep a record of your budget and spending for three months in only three weeks.  To ask anyone to backdate merit badge requirements because of poor planning would violate the principles of the BSA and should invalidate the Eagle rank presented as a result of that action. This would be a terrible example to set for other Scouts.

8 R. C. Smith Leadership Position  Scoutmaster assigned or elected  Minimum of 6 months  (one or more positions)  Must do the job - Not just wear the patch  Approved positions are:  Sr. Patrol Leader  Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader  Patrol Leader  Troop Guide  Instructor  Den Chief  Troop Historian  Troop Scribe  Troop Librarian  Troop Quartermaster  Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster  Chaplain aide  Troop OA Representative (troop may only have 1 OA rep at a time, must be approved by chapter / lodge)  Instructor  Webmaster  Leave No Trace trainer Note: Asst Patrol Leader does not satisfy requirement

9 R. C. Smith Eagle Leadership Service Project  Project Ideas  Plan / Proposal  Approval Signatures  Working Project  Final Report

10 R. C. Smith Eagle Leadership Service Project  Purpose is to “Demonstrate Leadership of Others”  Must benefit community organization  other than Boy Scouts  May NOT benefit a commercial business  May NOT be a “collection”  May NOT be a “fund raiser”  Must be planned and carried out by one Scout  no joint projects  Will take up to 6 months to complete - plan ahead!  May begin planning project immediately after passing Life Board of Review  (not necessary to earn all 22 Merit badges first.)

11 R. C. Smith Sample Eagle Projects  Landscaped church grounds  Repaired church playground  Built church janitor closet  Repaired & cleaned out storage shed  Built tool storage shed for school  Built chuck boxes for Girl Scout troop  Repaired church home for aged & sponsored social event for residents  Built newspaper re-cycling bins for Elemetary School  Re-landscaped and fixed up church sign  Built bull-pens for High School baseball field  Built cabinets for Sunday School rooms  Repaired, re-roofed, landscaped church gazebo

12 R. C. Smith Eagle Leadership Service Project Plan  Meet with Eagle Coach before doing much planning.  Preliminary approval from Eagle Coach, Scoutmaster, and Troop Chairman  Troop Committee Presentation and approval  The project plan write up (see handout)  Must use official BSA Workbook to submit plan and final report (electronic version OK – Download from National BSA website)  Approval Signatures:  Scoutmaster  Troop Committee Chariman  Organization served  District Advancement Chair Must have District approval BEFORE starting work! (To begin earlier will invalidate the entire project)

13 R. C. Smith Eagle Application Process  Complete all requirements  Write project final report in Project Workbook  Complete Eagle Scout Application  Submit Application & Project Final Report to: Eagle Advisor  Eagle Advisor solicits letters of reference  Scoutmaster Conference  Eagle Coach verifies Scouts records with Council  Conduct Board of Review  Council approval  National approval  Conduct Court of Honor

14 R. C. Smith Board of Review  Scheduled after all requirements complete and Council verifies records.  Conducted by Chairman of Troop Committee  Organized by Eagle Coach  Troop Committee Members and District Representative Participate  Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmaster may not participate, except to introduce the Scout  Eagle date of rank is date Board of Review is passed.  Important if earning Eagle Palms  Scout should be in full Scout uniform (we have pants and Belts to loan)  It is not a retest of knowledge or skills  However, should know the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Outdoor Code, Slogan and be ready to discuss how you live by them.

15 R. C. Smith Eagle Court of Honor  Special ceremony to recognize only Eagle Scout(s)  Conducted only after National approval  ~4-6 weeks after Board of Review  Planned and carried out by Troop and Parents  There is no required format -- tailor to please Scouts and parents. We do have examples available.  Some items to consider:  Who to invite - up to the family  Date and time to accommodate schedule of special guests  Reserve church  Reception decorations & refreshments - family responsibility  Photo album of Scouting career at reception

16 R. C. Smith Discussion & Questions

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