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Life to Eagle (L2E).

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1 Life to Eagle (L2E)

2 Troop 1145 Eagle Advisor SM Hanford
What: The final path from Life Scout to Eagle Scout Why: To explain what is required and how to complete requirements for Eagle Scout When: The day you become a Life Scout

3 Eagle Scout Requirements
Active in the Troop for six months after making Life Scout Scout Oath / Scout Spirit Earn 21 Merit Badges Six months in a Leadership Position Eagle Project Scoutmaster Conference Eagle Board of Review

4 Active in the Troop for six months after making Life Scout
Scout Oath / Scout Spirit (Completed at SM Conference) Earn 21 Merit Badges (13 required and 8 elective) Required: First Aid Citizenship in the Community Citizenship in the Nation Citizenship in the World Communication Cooking Personal Fitness Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving Environmental Science OR Sustainability Personal Management Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling Camping Family Life

5 4. Leadership Positions Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Patrol Leader Venture Patrol Leader Troop Guide Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Den Chief Scribe Librarian Historian Quartermaster Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Chaplain Aide Instructor Webmaster Leave No Trace Trainer * Blue text positions are not currently available in Troop 1145 NOTE: The Asst Patrol Leader position does NOT count for Eagle Leadership

There are no required minimum hours for a project. No one may tell you how many hours must be spent on it Routine labor is not normally appropriate for a project. This might be defined as a job or service you may provide as part of your daily life, or a routine maintenance job normally done by the beneficiary (for example, pulling weeds on the football field at your school) While projects may not be of a commercial nature or for a business, this is not meant to disallow work for community. Institutions, such as museums and service agencies (like homes for the elderly, for example), that would otherwise be acceptable. Some aspect of a business operation provided as a community service may also be considered; for example, a park open to the public that happens to be owned by a business, but primarily benefits the community A project may not be a fundraiser. In other words, it may not be an effort that primarily collects money, even for a worthy charity. Fundraising is permitted only for securing materials and facilitating a project, and it may need to be approved by your council. See “Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application” in the Eagle Project workbook No more than one Eagle Scout candidate may receive credit for working on the same Eagle Scout service project Projects must not be performed for the Boy Scouts of America, or its councils, districts, units, or properties REVIEW THE EAGLE PROJECT WORKBOOK

7 5. The Eagle Project Approval Process
Where do you find projects? Church School Parks Non-BSA camps Community organizations Face to Face conversation Search the Internet Approval Process Beneficiary Get an idea what they need (take notes) Scoutmaster Be prepared to discuss notes Looking for legacy, planning , leadership Get approval before you promise anything to beneficiary or start workbook After your project is well defined to the Beneficiary and Scoutmaster… you are now ready for signatures District List on website Beneficiary Scoutmaster Committee Chair

8 The Eagle Project Workbook
Read the entire workbook Part 1: Project Proposal Beneficiary / SM / Committee Chair / District Supplement: Fundraising Form $500 Part 2: Final Plan Part 3: Final Project Report Beneficiary / SM The workbook is a “fillable” PDF. Please type and save your information into the PDF. It makes correcting any errors easier. Do not have your beneficiary sign Part 1 until the Scoutmaster has edited your plan.

9 6. Scoutmaster Conference
Must be completed prior to 18th birthday Scoutmaster conducts all Eagle Scoutmaster Conferences and Eagle Palm SM Conferences Conducted on a Campout Must complete Requirements 1, 3, 4 and 5 first Request in advance of a Campout Have Advancement Chair verify #3 merit badges and #4 leadership Show Eagle Scout Book to Scoutmaster Have all Required Merit Badge Blue Cards and Eagle Project Workbook in book Bring Scout Book Full uniform (minus sash) and Scout Book

10 Can the Scoutmaster attend your EBOR? Yes, but only at your request.
7. Eagle Board of Review (EBOR) Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA) Use latest form Request printout of Member Survey and Internet Advancement Record from the Advancement Chair Have all Required Merit Badge Blue Cards and Eagle Project Workbook in book Bring Scout Book Full uniform, including sash, and Scout Book The Eagle Board of Review is requested from the Troop Committee Chair. A District Representative will also be in attendance. Three Letters of Recommendation (Template on website) and Personal Statement to Scoutmaster before EBOR Can the Scoutmaster attend your EBOR? Yes, but only at your request.

11 Eagle Scout Resources Troop 1145 L2E Link:
BSA Guide to advancement link: District level L2E functions: Check the NCAC Website or Old Rag publication for District Life to Eagle presentations.

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