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Life to Eagle Seminar Doug Cook Horseshoe Trail District Advancement Chairman Rich Coster Eagle Board Chairman.

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1 Life to Eagle Seminar Doug Cook Horseshoe Trail District Advancement Chairman Rich Coster Eagle Board Chairman

2 Seminar Objectives  To review the requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout  To discuss the Eagle Scout Service Project  To review the Eagle Scout Application process  To answer any questions from Scouts & parents To Give YOU the Answers to the “Test” And Avoid Any Surprises!

3 Eagle Requirements  Active as Life Scout*6 Months Minimum  Demonstrate Live by Scout Oath & Law*  Earn Merit Badges*21 Minimum  Leadership Position*6 Months Active  Eagle Scout Service Project*  Scoutmaster Conference*  Eagle Scout Board of Review * All requirements, except Board of Review must be completed prior to 18th birthday!

4 The Eagle rank is more than just 21 Merit badges & a project! Remember! The primary emphasis is LEADERSHIP!

5 13 Required Merit Badges  Environmental Science or Sustainability Family Life  Family Life  Communication  Camping  Cooking  First Aid Personal Fitness  Personal Fitness  Citizenship in the Community  Citizenship in the Nation  Citizenship in the World Personal Management  Personal Management  Swimming or Hiking or Cycling  Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving

6 Warning: Three merit badges require periods of time to complete. Warning: Three merit badges require specific extended periods of time to complete.  If the requirement says:  Meet with your counselor …  Keep records for three months … That meeting with your counselor must take place AT LEAST three months prior to your 18th birthday or you cannot complete the merit badge in time!

7 Leadership Position  Scoutmaster assigned or elected by the Scouts  Minimum of 6 months AFTER earning Life  (one or more positions)  Must do the job - Not just wear the patch  Sr. Patrol Leader  Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader  Patrol Leader  Troop Guide  Instructor  Den Chief  Troop Historian  Web Master  Troop Scribe  Troop Librarian  Troop Quartermaster  Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster  Chaplain Aide  Leave No Trace Instructor  Troop OA Representative  (Troop may only have 1 OA rep at a time and must be approved by the Lodge) Note: Patrol QM, Asst Patrol Leader or Patrol Scribe do not satisfy requirement Approved positions are:

8 Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project  Project Ideas  Proposal  Approvals  Planning  The Project  Final Report Overview

9 Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Overview  Primary Purpose is to Demonstrate Leadership  Must significantly benefit a community organization  (School, Church, Township, etc)  May NOT benefit a commercial business, an individual or the Boy Scouts  May NOT be routine labor or a fund raiser  Must be planned and led by one Scout  Could take 6 months or longer to complete - so plan ahead!  You may begin immediately after passing Life Board of Review  (not necessary to earn all 21 merit badges first.)

10 Only the Official Workbook may be used

11 Where to find the Official Project Workbook


13 Selecting a Project Places to go for project ideas:  Local Township  Civic Organization  Troop or Crew Sponsor  Church  School  Project must present an opportunity for: Planning Development Leadership  This is YOUR opportunity to give back to your community! Pick a project that is right for you

14 Sample Eagle Projects  Build church sign / Landscape church grounds  Build and install nesting boxes, bat houses, etc  Repair and landscape church playground  Build picnic tables and benches for Township  Make ‘Whisper Phones’ for Elementary School  Create a nature trail / Build bridge on trail  Purchase and distribute home smoke detectors  Build sign board for park, VFW, Firehouse, etc  Make and fill ‘Welcome Bags’ for Domestic Violence Ctr.  Build bull-pens at baseball field  Build cabinets for Sunday School rooms  Conduct food drive and donate to Food Cupboard  Construct outdoor classroom for school, church or park  Inventory / Plot Headstone Locations / Repair Stones at cemetery or church

15 Selecting Project (cont) The First Step: Preparing the Project Proposal (Pages 7-10) Overview of your project (also the start of your planning) Approval is based on: 1.Showing that the project will meet the requirements of an Eagle Scout Project 2.The project is feasible 3.The project can be completed safely 4.Understanding what additional planning will be required to complete the plan successfully 5.There is a reasonable chance for success

16 Parts  Description and Benefit  Giving Leadership  Materials  Supplies  Tools  Permits and Permissions  Preliminary Cost Estimate  Project Phases  Logistics  Safety Issues  Further Planning

17 Signatures Yours Unit Leader Unit Committee Beneficiary District All approvals REQUIRED before starting fundraising or project

18 Fundraising Application Required for any fundraising unless funds come only from: –You –Your parents or relatives –Your unit or its Chartered Organization –Parents or members of your unit –The beneficiary Any left over money goes to the beneficiary Application must be approved by District Advancement Representative BEFORE you start any fundraising

19 Your Final Plan  Tool for your use  “A Scout who is prepared will complete the final plan and ask (his) project coach to review it with him”  Captures suggestions offered during approval  Complete detailed plans should include: Project drawings or construction plans Steps necessary to complete project Full material list with costs Tool and supplies needed (and sources) Logistics Safety

20 The Project  Starting your project  Things to remember…….  This is YOUR project. Not the organization’s, not your parents, not your coach or Scoutmaster’s. YOURS  Your role: Project MANAGER  Some work, lots of direction.  Decisions about the project are yours to make.  Listen to advice but you make the final call  Keep good notes  Take lots of pictures  Keep track of all the time you spent on the project  Keep track of all the time spent by others helping you  Have fun!!!!!

21 The Eagle rank is more than just 21 Merit badges & a project! Remember! The primary emphasis is LEADERSHIP!

22 The Project Report Comprehensive summary of your entire project  Use the form provided in the Workbook  Add as many additional pages as necessary  Show how YOU led the project  Document all the hours spent  Don’t forget to include your planning time  Include time spent fundraising

23 The Project Report (Continued)  Detail fundraising and how money was used for the project  Include all your plans, announcements, pictures, etc.  Get project completion approvals (signature or letter)  Yourself  Beneficiary  Unit Leader

24 Your project workbook, in its entirety, will be used by the Eagle Scout Board of Review to judge if YOU should become an Eagle Scout. An approved project can be turned down by the Board if they do not feel it has demonstrated significant community impact or the Scout has not demonstrated leadership. There must also be evidence of project planning and development. Thus the critical nature and impact of the Project Workbook.

25 Confidential Reference Letters  Copy (or print) double sided  Need at least six (6) References  Your parent(s)  Educational Reference  Religious Reference (If not affiliated with a religious organization then a parent may write this letter)  Employer (If not employed, you MAY use a neighbor or family friend who you have done work for ex. Cut grass, walk dogs etc.)  Two other Adults  Include SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)  Reference letters are sent directly to your Scoutmaster or other designated person by the individual reference  Mark outside of envelope “Confidential Reference for ______________”  Consider including a cover letter with reference request  The UNOPENED Confidential Reference Letters will be given to the Board Chairman of the Eagle Board of Review.

26 Eagle Application Process Once you have completed all of the requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout (with the exception of your SM conference and Board of Review - Requirements 6 & 7), you should request a SM Conference. Bring the following to the Conference:  COMPLETED Project Workbook  Ambition and Life Purpose Statement  Completed Eagle Scout Application All requirements up to and including the Scoutmaster Conference MUST BE DONE BEFORE A SCOUT’S 18 TH BIRTHDAY

27 Eagle Application Process  After completing the Scoutmaster Conference and getting the signatures on the Eagle Scout Application (SM and Committee) the following needs to be presented to the Council Registrar:  Completed and signed Eagle Scout Application  Proof of Merit Badges Earned  Individual History / Transfer Report from TroopMaster  Eagle Application Assistance Report from TroopMaster  Copies of all your merit badge blue cards  Ambitions and Life Purpose Statement  Completed Eagle Project Summary and Yearbook Information  Council will  Verify information on the Eagle Scout Application  Keep copy of Project Summary and Yearbook Information  Keep copy of Ambitions and Life Purpose statement  Return Verified Application to Scout or Scoutmaster

28 Board of Review  Once the application is completed and turned into Council, we will start the scheduling process for the Scouts Eagle Board of Review  Before a Review can be scheduled  The COMPLETED Project Book, Ambitions and Life Purpose Statement and Verified Application need to be given to the District Advancement Chair.  Scoutmaster gets Reference letters to the District Advancement Chair.  Board of Review Basics  Generally Boards are conducted twice per month  Maximum of 3 scouts per evening  Scoutmasters are notified of date and time of Board, usually via email.  Scoutmasters are asked to verify attendance  Parents and family are invited to attend Board

29 Other Points  Time Extensions to complete requirements after a Scout’s 18 th birthday  Must be approved by National Council before Scout’s 18 th birthday  Will only be approved for “Extenuating Circumstances”  There is an established appeal process for scouts who are not recommended for the Eagle Rank, either by their Troop or the Eagle Board of Review

30 Discussion & Questions

31 Contact Information Doug Cook Horseshoe Trail District Advancement Chairman 850-259-0761


33 Your Eagle Ceremony  Most Troops let you develop your own Eagle ceremony  Invite anyone and everyone  Look at planning the Eagle Ceremony like it was a wedding reception  The Ceremony  The Reception

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