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Eagle Candidate Seminar

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1 Eagle Candidate Seminar
Presenter note: You should include your name and position. Explain your responsibilities and authority in your troop’s Eagle process.

2 Remember! Eagle rank is more than just 21 merit badges & a project! The primary emphasis is LEADERSHIP! Presenter notes: So many Scouts and parents think that if the Scout just earns the 21 merit badges and completes a project, the rest is just a given. This is just a reminder that there are other requirements and a boy can be denied Eagle if he does not satisfy all of them. The most common problem is the leadership position – they either assume a position will count, when it is not on the approved list, or they just hold the title, but don’t do any of the required work. Then they are mad when the SM will not sign their Eagle application.

3 Eagle Requirements Merit Badges * 21 minimum
Leadership Position * mo. active Active as Life Scout * mo. Minimum You are considered a Life Scout the day you complete your Board of Review Eagle Service Project * Demonstrate live by Scout Oath & Law * Scoutmaster Conference Complete Troop Eagle Board of Review Complete District Eagle Board of Review Presenter notes: This is a overview, each topic shown here will be discussed in detail in later slides. The key point here is that the requirements must be completed before the 18th birthday. It is possible (but very unlikely) to get an extension from National BSA in very special circumstances. Don’t count on this. * All requirements except the District Board of Review must be completed prior to 18th birthday!

4 12 Required Merit Badges Environmental Science Family Life
Communications Camping First Aid Personal Fitness Citizenship in the Community Citizenship in the Nation Citizenship in the World Personal Management Swimming or Hiking or Cycling Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving Presenter notes: Review the list of current required merit badges. Since these change from time to time, please verify this list before making this presentation (every time). Carefully explain that only one of the options (example: Swimming or Hiking or Cycling) will satisfy this required merit badge. If the Scout has more than one of these, the others may count as non-required merit badges.

5 Warning: Several merit badges require specific, extended periods of time to complete.
If the requirement says: Meet with your counselor … Keep records for three months … You must meet with your counselor AT LEAST three months prior to your 18th birthday or you cannot complete the merit badge in time! You cannot keep a record of your budget and spending for three months in only three weeks. To ask anyone to backdate merit badge requirements because of poor planning would violate the principles of the BSA and should invalidate the Eagle rank presented as a result of that action. This would be a terrible example to set for other Scouts. Presenter notes: This is a serious pitfall that has often caught Scouts after it is too late to recover (without cheating – which should never be tolerated under any circumstances)

6 Leadership Position Scoutmaster assigned or elected
Minimum of 6 months (one or more positions) Must do the job - Not just wear the patch Approved positions are: Sr. Patrol Leader Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader Patrol Leader Troop Guide Instructor Den Chief Troop Historian Troop Scribe Troop Librarian Troop Quartermaster Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster Chaplain aide Troop OA Representative (troop may only have 1 OA rep at a time, must be approved by chapter / lodge) Note: Patrol QM, Asst Patrol Leader, Patrol Scribe do not satisfy requirement

7 Outline of Steps for Eagle Rank
Idea – discussion with Advisor & Benefitting organization Written Project Proposal (pages 6-10) Fundraising Application(page 17) Safety Guidelines Financial Application if needed Approvals, Signatures & Boards of Review (page 10) Project Final Plan (pages 11-16) More details/attach more pages Work with your Advisor Carrying out your project Project Report (page 19-20) Signature of Advisor/Scoutmaster Signature of Beneficiary Eagle Application Finish All Eagle Requirments Troop Advancement will assist with dates Attach 5 letters of recommendations Candidate’s Statement Review of Application, Project Proposal, Final Plan & Project Report Unit Leader Troop Committee Council Certification District Eagle Board Return to Troop Advancement for registration with National

8 Eagle Leadership Service Project
Purpose is to “Demonstrate Leadership of Others” Should be a challenge to the Scout Must benefit community organization other than Boy Scouts May NOT benefit a commercial business or an Individual No Routine Labor/Maintenance like cutting grass or picking up trash; something that is relatively permanent. May NOT be a “fund raiser” Fund-raising is permitted only for securing materials need to carry out the project. Donors to projects must be made aware of what entity if benefiting from the project, and that it is not BSA directly Any funds not used for the purchase of project materials must be returned. Fundraising Application is necessary for contributions (money or materials) other than the scout, his relatives, troop, troop members/parents, church, or beneficiary. Must be planned and carried out by one Scout, no joint project Will take up to 6 months to complete - plan ahead!

9 Approval Criteria BEFORE YOU START !
Discuss informally your idea with your Scout advisors to insure that it is a valid idea. Meet with the Organization Benefiting (you may ask Scoutmaster or other Troop Leaders to go with you) to discuss your ideas. Organization must want your project. Get a copy of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Download from Complete Project Proposal including new Safety Planning Guides Use the computer version of the workbook for easy corrections Be Neat Have your advisor Review your written Proposal Fundraising Application is necessary if money or materials will be needed from sources other than scout, parents, troop, church, or benefiting organization. Form must be approved by Council BEFORE going to Troop Committee. Make corrections to project plan as noted by your advisor 2nd and maybe 3rd Review by your Advisor/Scoutmaster will likely be necessary Obtain Signature from Benefiting Organization Obtain Approval from Scoutmaster or Advisor Board of Review by Troop Committee Board of Review by District Committee BEFORE starting work on the final plan.

10 Project Proposal Pages 6-10 Safety & Financial Application
Present Condition Describe the current condition you are going to change Take pictures of the area before your project Giving Leadership Manpower needed & from where Most difficult about leading Material/Supplies/Tools Needed What materials will you need – things that become part of the finished project i.e. lumber, nails What Supplies will your need - things that you use up i.e. trash bags, paper, poster, tape, food for volunteers, first aid kit, thank you notes Postage What tools will you need to secure. Permits/Safety Special access requirements Zoning laws, building permits, trash disposal requirements Complete new “Project Safety Guidelines” attached to project plan Consider - Adult Supervision; Transportation of people and materials; Seat Belts required; special training Cost Estimate Suggest attaching a page listing each item from Material/Supplies/ Tools above Estimate Cost for each item listed List Total Cost Where will you get the money? Parents, donations (see Fundraising Application) Project Phases Attach Plans or Drawings with dimensions Outline of the steps for your project If educational or entertaining program include outline activities Logistics Further Planning Determine when it needs to be done, List in sequence Preparation of site, securing materials Clean-up and Walk-through with benefited group Include general task like making phone calls, gathering materials, securing funds, project approval dates Break down Group Tasks into smaller Tasks Finishing task--- clean-up, final write up, thank you notes.

11 Approval of Proposal Have your advisor review your written PROPOSAL.
Be Neat Fundraising Application is necessary if money or materials will be needed from sources other than scout, parents, troop, church, or benefiting organization. Form must be approved by Council BEFORE going to Troop Committee. Make corrections to project plan as noted by your advisor 2nd and maybe 3rd Review by your Advisor/Scoutmaster will likely be necessary Obtain Signature from Benefiting Organization Obtain Approval from Scoutmaster or Advisor Board of Review by Troop Committee Board of Review by District Committee BEFORE starting on your FINAL PLANNING

12 Final Planning Pages 11-16 The plan should include all details needed to carry out the plan. Use extra pages as needed. You are now ready to begin PLANNING YOUR PROJECT IN DETAIL Note any suggestions made at your Review Meet with you Advisor regularly as you make final plans Changes – Changes are normal Present Conditions – “before pictures” Project Phases – look at your plan proposal. What would you change? Work Processes Will need extra pages for this List Step by Step you will take to carry out your plan including securing funds/donations Meet with your Advisor foe help with this Permits and Permission Materials & Supplies – list in detail what, how many, cost, Source (name/phone). Don’t forget food & drinks If you are planning on a donation other than from yourself, relatives, troop, church, or benefiting organization for materials or supplies you will need to complete the Financial Application to Council Tools – Check Safety Guidelines Expenses – totals from list of Materials, Supplies & Tools above. Revenue - How much money will you need & how will you get it i.e. donations from parents, church, etc. Your Expenses & Revenue (in/out) must match. Giving Leadership What jobs need to be done and Who How will you communicate with workers Logistics – Transportation, food, restrooms, schedule date (check troop calendar) Safety Contingency Plans – rain date, materials not available Have Advisor approve of final plan & make comments CARRY OUT YOU PROJECT PLAN TO THE SATIFICATION OF THE BENEFICIARY ORGANATION

13 Completing the Project – Final Project Report
Man hours worked Use log/sign-in sheet at the project to ensure information is complete Hours you spent on project Planning Carrying out Project Total List names, dates and hours of ALL other volunteers Grand total of hours Ask Troop Committee to report these hours to Good Turn for America Give Scoutmaster list of those who worked so they can get credit for service hours Summary Changes – Changes are expected Leadership – Hope you learned something Materials Discuss if you had all the materials/supplies needed or if you had a lot left over How did you resolve any material/supplies problems Funding Fundraising efforts Collected/spent Donors thanked Photographs Take pictures during each phase of the project Photos helps the Eagle Board of Review understand you r project Securely mounted and labeled, not just thrown in an envelope Scouts Signature Unit leader reviews & signs once he approves Have Beneficiary Sign Once all Eagle Rank Requirements are completed, next step is Eagle Application

14 Eagle Scout Application
Complete Eagle Scout Application Attach statement of your ambitions and life purpose Include statement on your Personal Growth and Scouting Include a list of positions held that demonstrated leadership skills Communication Using Resources Understanding the Characteristics & Needs of the Group Planning Teaching Delegation Controlling the Group Performance Setting the Example Representing the Group Evaluating Group and Self Counseling List other honors and awards received including religious emblems or citizenship awards Provide 5 letters of recommendation. Troop will assist in providing necessary dates.

15 Eagle Application Process
Submit Application & Project Report (Proposal, Final Plan & Final Report) to Scoutmaster/Advisor Troop Eagle Board of Review Council verifies Scouts records District Board of Review Conduct Board of Review Council approval National approval Conduct Court of Honor

16 Eagle Court of Honor Special ceremony to recognize only Eagle Scout(s)
Conducted only after National approval ~4-6 weeks after Board of Review Planned and carried out by Troop and Parents There is no required format -- tailor to please Scouts and parents Some items to consider: Who to invite - up to the family Date and time to accommodate schedule of special guests Reserve church or other location Reception decorations & refreshments - family responsibility Letters from public officials - family’s choice Photo album of Scouting career at reception

17 Eagle Palms After becoming an Eagle Scout, you may earn Palms by completing the following requirements: Be active in your troop and patrol for at least 3 months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after the award of last Palm. Eagle Palms must be earned in sequence (Bronze, Gold Silver), and the three-month tenure requirement must be observed for each Palm. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life. Make a satisfactory effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability. Is not necessary to hold official position in troop, but to demonstrate leadership in Scouting and other areas Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm.**. Merit Badges earned any time since becoming a Boy Scout (before age 18) may be used to meet this requirements Take Part in a Scoutmaster conference. Complete your board of review. You may wear only the proper combination of Palms for the number of merit badges you earned beyond the rank of Eagle. The Bronze Palm represents 5 merit badges, the Gold Palm 10, and the Silver Palm 15.

18 Helpful Websites Eagle Scout Application Eagle Scout Palm Application Eagle Scout Leadership Book Project Ideas Eagle Scout Letters of Commendation Eagle Scout.Org National Eagle Scout Association Eagle Scout Scholarships Eagle Scout Court of Honor

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