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H.J. Gregg Eagle Candidate Seminar. H.J. Gregg Seminar Objectives  To review the requirements for Eagle rank  To discuss the Eagle Scout Service Project.

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1 H.J. Gregg Eagle Candidate Seminar

2 H.J. Gregg Seminar Objectives  To review the requirements for Eagle rank  To discuss the Eagle Scout Service Project  To review Eagle application process  To discuss the Eagle Court of Honor  To answer any questions from Scouts & parents  To understand time commitment To Avoid Any Surprises!

3 H.J. Gregg The Trail to Eagle At the End of the Day Can I, as a Scout, Answer……… -How do I integrated scouting into my everyday life? -How did I demonstrated leadership the execution of my project?

4 H.J. Gregg Eagle Requirements  Merit Badges *21 minimum  Leadership Position * 6 mo. active  Active as Life Scout * 6 mo. minimum  Eagle Service Project *  Demonstrate live by Scout Oath & Law *  Scoutmaster Conference  Complete Eagle Board of Review * All requirements, except Scoutmaster’s Conference and BOR, must be completed prior to 18th birthday!

5 H.J. Gregg Eagle rank is more than just 21 merit badges & a project! The primary emphasis is LEADERSHIP! Remember!

6 H.J. Gregg 12 Required Merit Badges  Environmental Science  Family Life  Communications  Camping  First Aid  Personal Fitness  Citizenship in the Community  Citizenship in the Nation  Citizenship in the World  Personal Management  Swimming or Hiking or Cycling  Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving

7 H.J. Gregg Warning: Several merit badges require specific, extended periods of time to complete.  If the requirement says:  Meet with your counselor …  Keep records for three months …  You must meet with your counselor AT LEAST three months prior to your 18th birthday or you cannot complete the merit badge in time!  You cannot keep a record of your budget and spending for three months in only three weeks.  To ask anyone to backdate merit badge requirements because of poor planning would violate the principles of the BSA and should invalidate the Eagle rank as a result of that action. This would be a terrible example to set for other Scouts.

8 H.J. Gregg Leadership Position  Scoutmaster assigned or elected  Minimum of 6 months  (one or more positions)  Must do the job - Not just wear the patch  Approved positions are:  Sr. Patrol Leader  Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader  Patrol Leader  Troop Guide  Instructor  Den Chief  Troop Historian  Troop Scribe  Troop Librarian  Troop Quartermaster  Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster  Chaplain aide  Troop OA Representative (troop may only have 1 OA rep at a time, must be approved by chapter / lodge) Note: Patrol QM, Asst Patrol Leader, Patrol Scribe do not satisfy requirement

9 H.J. Gregg Eagle Service Project – Meeting Eagle Scout Req 5  Project Purpose  Choosing a Project  Restrictions The BSA site where an electronic Copy of the Service Project Handbook and the Eagle Scout Application can be download from:

10 H.J. Gregg Eagle Service Project – Project Purpose  Providing Service and fulfilling the part of the Scout Oath, “to help other people at all times”  Demonstrate, Hone, Learn or Develop Leadership skills including:  Important lessons in Project Management  Taking Responsibility for a Significant Accomplishment

11 H.J. Gregg Eagle Service Project – Choosing a Project  Project must be for any religious institution, any school, or your community.  Project must present an Opportunity for Planning, Development, and Leadership.  Restrictions:  No Required Minimum Hours.  Routine Labor is Not Normally Appropriate.  Projects May Not Be of a Commercial Nature or for a Business*.  No More Than One Eagle Scout Candidate May Receive Credit for a Project.  Projects May Not be Performed for BSA, its Councils, Districts, Units or Properties.

12 H.J. Gregg Eagle Service Project – The Project Workbook  Workbook is Divided in to 4 Sections: 1. Preparing the Project Proposal 2. Final Plan 3. Fundraising Application 4. Project Report

13 H.J. Gregg Eagle Scout Service Project – Preparing the Project Proposal For Your Proposal to be Approved, it Must Show the Following:  Sufficient Opportunity to Meet the Eagle Scout Service Project Requirement.  Planning, Development, and Leadership  How These 3 Factors Will Benefit a Religious Institution, a School, or your Community  Appears to be Feasible.  You Must Show the Project is Realistic for You to Complete.  Safety Issues will be Addressed.  How to Safeguard against Possible Injuries  What to do if Someone Gets Hurt  Action Steps for Further Detailed Planning are Included.  List of Keys Steps, Detail Planning Starts Here  You are on the Right Track with a Reasonable Chance for a Positive Experience.  Fundraising Application.  If Your Contributions are from the Beneficiary, You, or Your Parents Mark as “Not Applicable”  Submit with Proposal with Signitures Important Lessons in Project Management

14 H.J. Gregg Eagle Scout Service Project – Preparing the Project Proposal How to Get Your Proposal to be Approved: 1)Neatly Organize the Proposal and the Fundraising Application in a binder. 2)Present to Eagle Advisor for Approval. 3)Get Scoutmaster Signature. 4)Get Committee Chair Signature. 5)Drop off at Council Office for Approval. 6)Wait for Call from Council for pick up. Detail Planning Will Afford you the a Positive Experience

15 H.J. Gregg Eagle Scout Service Project –The Final Plan  Complete the Final Plan After your Proposal is Approved.  It is a Tool for You to Use That will Allow you to Demonstrate.  Planning and Development  The Final Plan will Keep You in Charge of Your Project.  Leadership and Responsibility  You are Strongly to Share Plan with a Project Coach.  Not to Change Your Plan, To Give You Feedback  No Approval Step Take Responsibility for a Significant Accomplishment

16 H.J. Gregg Eagle Leadership Service Project - Project Report  Complete After the Project is Finished  Keep A Log of Volunteer Hours.  Keep All Receipts for Materials Purchased Donations  You Must Turn in Copies with Project Workbook and Eagle Scout Application  Take “Before”, “During”, and “After” Photos  Complete as soon as Possible  It Will be Fresh in Your Mind. Reflect on Your Accomplishment

17 H.J. Gregg Eagle Application Process  Complete all requirements  Write project final report  Complete Eagle Scout Application  Submit Application & Project Final Report to: Troop Committee & Scoutmaster  Council verifies Scouts records  Returned to District for Board of Review  Conduct Board of Review  Council approval  National approval  Conduct Court of Honor

18 H.J. Gregg Board of Review  Scheduled after all requirements complete and Council verifies records.  Eagle date of rank is date Board of Review is passed.  Important if earning Eagle Palms  Scout should be in full Scout uniform  It is not a retest of knowledge or skills  However, should know the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan and be ready to discuss how you live by them.

19 H.J. Gregg Eagle Court of Honor  Special ceremony to recognize only Eagle Scout(s)  Conducted only after National approval  ~4-6 weeks after Board of Review  Planned and carried out by Troop and Parents  There is no required format  Some items to consider:  Who to invite - up to the family  Date and time to accommodate schedule of special guests  Reserve church or other location  Reception decorations & refreshments - family responsibility  Letters from public officials - family’s choice  Photo album of Scouting career at reception

20 H.J. Gregg Discussion & Questions

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