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BIL497 Senior Design Project-I Res. Asst. Arzum Karataş Computer Engineering Department Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

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1 BIL497 Senior Design Project-I Res. Asst. Arzum Karataş Computer Engineering Department Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2  Aim  Course Logistics  Senior Design Commitee  Projects  Teams  Process  Grading  Time table  Competitions  Other Information  Q&A 2

3 Aim of this assembly is to inform you that  how to assign projects  who Senior Design Projects Committee members are & what their responsibilities are  who supervisors are  how Senior Design Project-I course will be carried out  how to grade projects. 3

4  (0 + 4) 2 credits ECTS : 4 credits  Must  Fall semester course  Course is conducted according to consent of the supervisor.  ‘The main goal is to provide student involvement about an independent research project realized as a member of a team. [1] 4

5  Students are expected to do literature survey, make problem definition/formulation, and to prepare a detailed design of the solution of a computer engineering problem.  Each student and the whole team members are expected to present their project studies, outputs and conclusions in both oral form and in written report format.’ [1] 5

6  Coordinator - Prof.Dr. Haluk Gümüşkaya  Assistant - Res. Asst. Arzum Karataş – Does communication activities between you, supervisors and the coordinator. – Makes announcements on the offical website, – Keeps that the website is updated. – Can give lab sessions for teaching some tools,languages etc., if it is needed. – etc. How to reach her ?  Her office: D-212  By email: 6

7 Supervisors : The following Faculty Members can supervise your design projects for this year. Prof. Dr. Haluk Gümüşkaya Asst. Prof. Dr. Hürevren Kılıç Asst. Prof. Dr. Md. Haidar Sharif Asst. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Kusetoğulları Inst. Yavuz İnce Inst. Gökhan Akyol 7

8 Supervisor :  is your customer,but not a team member  defines projects for you  creates project proposal for the projects created.  checks your progress regularly  makes grading of your works  gives feedback along the way  just gives a supervision in the selection of language, technology, methodology, and tools, etc, however ; he does not take part in the project development directly. 8

9  Project language is English.  Projects are proposed by only supervisors and the projects proposed will be announced on the course website.  It is not consented that student propose a project.  All Project topics will be announced on the course website in the second week.  Course website : 9

10  Projects can be  Science Projects  Engineering Projects ( Hardware / Software)  In both case, you are supposed to produce an engineering product as an outcome. 10

11  2-3 people for engineering projects  One person for science projects and approval of the Commitee and Supervisor who gives the project is a must.  ‘Nobody can switch from one team to other team after team formation.  If any student withdrawn from the course the rest of the project should be completed by remaining team members.’ [2] 11

12  ‘Late commers cannot join any existing team.  If they are late then they have to form a new team (not attached to the existing teams ) or to do by own.’ [2] 12

13  First, supervisors propose projects with the proposal form on the next slide.  Those proposals are announced on the course website.  ‘Students should fill Project Topic Preference Sheet individually’ [2]  Submit to the assistant up to the deadline announced on the website.  Student / Team matching with projects will be announced on the website. 13

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15 15

16  Whole teams have to check the course website regularly not to miss any announcement or update.  Every team must have their own project web-site.  Project and artifacts will be reached from the project website. Thus, your project website must be updated in any time during the projects.  Using a version control tool is a must. Details will be announced on the course website.  ‘In addition to web site, students must submit a Hard copy of documents to the assistant.’ [2] 16

17  For each project a supervisor (and two jury members for presentation ) grading will be assigned.  Design/code reviews can be done during the year with your supervisor.  ‘ A prototype software should be developed.  The prototype presentation and project presentation should be done in two weeks before the end of the semester.’ [2]  Some invited speakers may come to inform you about the business world. Details will be announced on the course website. 17

18 ‘The list of required basic project documentation 1.Software Project Management Plan (SPMP) 2.Sytem Requirements Specification (SRS), 3.Software Design Description (SDD) 4.Software Test Documentation (STD) 5.If any other type of document needed (you will be informed via the course website) ‘ [2] 18

19  To be announced at course website. 19

20  Both individual and team grade will given by supervisors.  Grading criteria 20 Project Management Document Requirement Specification Document Design Document Test Document Web Page Presentation Prototype and Demonstration Attendance  Percentages will be announced at the course website  Late submissions of any material will be penalized. Penalization calculation will be announced on the website.

21  Departmental contest at the end of the year  METU Contest  Other contest will be announced on the course website. 21 TUBITAK Software Project Competition

22 ‘ Any output produced by project team during PROJECT DEVELOPMENT (e.g. documentation, software codes, presentations, prototypes etc.) is the property of the Computer Engineering department and required to submit to the supervision team.’ [2] 22

23 23

24 24

25  [1] Gümüşkaya Haluk, COM497 learning outcomes  [2] Kılıç Hürevren, ‘ Compe 491 ’ 25

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