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2 AGENDA FYP, what is it all about? Regulations Assessment
Submission of reports Presentation

3 The Coordinators CIE: Prof. Aisha COMM: Dr. Rosminazuin
FYP 1 Coordinators FYP 2 Coordinators CIE: Prof. Aisha COMM: Dr. Suriza Zabidi COMM: Dr. Rosminazuin CIE: Dr. Nor Farahidah E E E E

4 What is it all about? Credit hours: 3. So, you are expected to work on your FYP at least 6 hours/week. Development of research culture/attitude among students

5 Where is the FYP Proposals?
The FYP proposals can be downloaded at: It is a PDF file with a password. The password is: PASSWORD: FYPS21415

6 Can I Submit My Own Proposals?
You need to find potential supervisor and discuss your proposals. Please follow the proposal template that can be downloaded from the website Your proposal must be ready and approved by the potential supervisor by Monday 9th February 2015 – just the proposal to the coordinators

7 FYP Title Registration
Start: Tuesday, 10 February 2015 Note: you need to talk with the supervisor first, confirm, and obtain the password to register from your supervisor. End: Friday, 13 February 2015 How to submit? Online at You, your supervisor, and FYP coordinators will receive confirmation . Please keep this as a prove of registration.



10 Once you have review the titles and have an agreement with the supervisor, he/she will give you the password and you will be able to fill in the registration form

11 Can I Register? You can use either Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail account Based on the list of titles, you must discuss and get approval/consent from your ‘future’ supervisor Reminder: If you have committed to one project, please notify your other choice of supervisors if you want to change to other project Do not register twice or more. Please have the approval from your supervisor first.

12 Regulation Final Year Project FYP 2 is a continuation of FYP 1
must be carried out by the student as a partial fulfillment for the award of degree in Engineering EAC (Engineering Accreditation Council) required that FYP should be conducted individually. FYP 2 is a continuation of FYP 1 The student has to maintain the same topic with the same objectives.

13 Logbook – FYP 1 Each student should purchase a log book to record his/her meetings with the supervisor. This log book can be purchased from the office of Student Affairs. Before the event of Project I presentation, the project coordinator will check the frequency of attendance /meeting with supervisor (from the log book) to decide whether the student is eligible to proceed with his/her presentation. An attendance of at least 80% is required to proceed with the presentation. Please bring your logbook whenever you meet your supervisor so that they can give their signatures and stamps

14 Budget – FYP The student should finalized selection of components, and get their purchase order signed from the head of department prior to buy any components. Each title will be allocated a budget of maximum RM500 From the budget allocation: FYP Students cannot claim for printing The claim is for materials only

15 Assessment Scheme FYP1: FYP2: Supervisor (Report): 30%
Examiner (Report): 35% Examiner (Presentation): 30% Timeliness: 5% FYP2: Supervisor (Report): 25% Examiner (Report): 30% Examiner (Presentation): 25% Poster: 15%

16 FYP 2 By the end of Project II, the student should prepare his/her poster for poster presentation (size A1) where the Industrial Advisors will assign their grade out of the 15% assigned for excellent projects. If the Industrial Advisor is unavailable to attend the Poster Day event, the senior staff of the respective department will then perform an ad-hoc committee to judge and decide on the marks to be given to the students out of the allocated 15%. Approval for publishing the project or complete prototype in working conditions is required for competition purposes.

17 Log Book and Online Progress Report
You must own a log book to keep track of your progress Online progress report (with logbook on the specific dates) MUST BE SUBMITTED at the following dates: Monday, 23 February 2015 Monday, 16 March 2015 (+logbook submission) Monday, 13 April 2015 Monday, 27 April 2015 Monday, 11 May 2015 (+logbook submission)

18 Online Progress Report
FYP1 and FYP2 progress report: Your progress report will be forwarded to your supervisor and respective FYP coordinator The reports are individual reports


20 Online Progress Report

21 Presentation Barring from presentation
In this semester, the coordinators will introduce a form for the supervisor to sign A confirmation that the student is ready for presentation Based on frequent meetings The form must be submitted to the coordinators on the 11 May 2015 onwards until your presentation date Hence, if you are not allowed to present by the supervisors, you will lose the presentation marks.

22 Presentation FYP1 FYP2 10 minutes each student 5 minutes Q & A

23 Submission of Report FYP1 FYP2
Three copies of the report (coil bind) must be submitted per student FYP2 Three copies of report (coil bind) must be submitted (coil bind) After poster presentation, three hardbound copies PLUS one CD per student Department Supervisor Resource Center

24 Submission of Report Do not wait to write your report in the last week (even last day) of submission. It will not work and it will produce unacceptable (and mostly plagiarized) report. The details on how to submit to Turnitin will be discussed in the FYP second briefing.

25 Where to Submit Reports?
At the Department Office (please print in small paper, your supervisor name and your examiners name)

26 Extension Extension is not applicable for FYP1
The result will be either Pass (A-C) or Fail Extension for FYP2 is considered only for genuine cases/reasons (not encouraged to do the extension) Unavailability of equipment/facilities Maximum 2 months (automatically fail if more than 2 months) and maximum grade is B.

27 FYP Briefing 2 The second FYP Briefing will be on the 5th March 2015

28 Please remember, that all information or forms can be found in the website or in the briefing slides



31 Give salam Introduce yourself Use formal sentences and languages.

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