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Introduction to SEG 5010 Hong Cheng 2009/10 Second Term.

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1 Introduction to SEG 5010 Hong Cheng 2009/10 Second Term

2 Course Information Website: Meet at 8:45am every Wednesday at ERB408 Class is canceled on 20/01/2010

3 Assessment Presentation (30%) –Everyone chooses a topic and prepares a 45 minutes presentation –Please make an appointment with me two weeks before your presentation to discuss the content –Please send me your slides one day before the class for upload

4 Survey report (30%) –Write a survey report on the topic you present –The report should be no less than 4 pages double-column –Deadline will be announced later

5 Project (40%) –Form a group of size one or two for a project –Work on a project related to graph

6 Project Timeline 1.Proposal 20% (by 11:59pm, 01/03/2010) –Form a team, select a topic and write a proposal –Proposal should include: problem definition, datasets, tasks and working plan –You are encouraged to make an appointment with me to discuss your proposal before your submission

7 Project Timeline 2. Midway report 20% (by 11:59pm, 31/03/10) –Report should include: What has been done, and Plan for the rest of the project

8 Project Timeline 3. Project presentation/demo 30% (21/04/10 and 28/04/10 in class) –Each group presents for 25 minutes + 3 minutes Q&A –The presentation will be graded by me and all other students –Your presentation should include: Problem and motivation Background and related work Proposed solution Results What you have learned from the project

9 Project Timeline 4. Project report 30% (by 11:59pm, 5/5/2010) –Format: follow the format of normal conference papers –Length: no less than 5 pages double-column and no more than 15 pages double-column –Content: like a normal conference paper, include introduction, problem definition, solution, experimental study, related works and conclusions. –Contribution: describe the contribution of each group member in this project

10 Submission Submit your reports and slides by email to

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