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Introduction CSCI102 - Introduction to Information Technology B ITCS905 - Fundamentals of Information Technology.

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1 Introduction CSCI102 - Introduction to Information Technology B ITCS905 - Fundamentals of Information Technology

2 Contacting Gene Preferred Method: via webCT forum Room: 3.205 Phone: 4221 4090 Email:

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9 WebCT

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11 General Overview of Content CSCI102 examines a range of information and communications technology to increase the understanding of how the technology is, or can be applied Examination of the convergence of these technologies and the impact of the convergence The impact of IT is discussed in relationship to ethical, privacy and legal issues for IT professionals

12 General Overview of Content Built into this subject will be case studies and group work The subject is designed to develop the student’s communication skills and understanding of group dynamics Progressive assessment will involve writing technical reports and involve group tasks

13 Topics WeekTopicComments 1a. Administration/Orientation b. Mind Mapping, Group Work, Report Writing and Standards NO LABORATORIES 2a. Foundations of human-computer interaction b. Software project management Section 1: Technology 3a. Introduction to net-centric computing b. Introduction to net-centric computing 4a. Communication and networking b. Risks and liabilities of computer-based systems 5a. Building a Simple Graphical Interface b. Section Review Section 2: Software 6a. Overview of operating systems b. File systems Section 1 Exam 7a. Information models and systems b. Database systems 8a. Software Design b. Software processes Group Project Handout 9a. Software validation b. Section Review R e c e s s Section 3: Society 10a. Social context of computing b. Methods and tools of analysis in ethical computing Section 2 Exam 11a. Professional and ethical responsibilities b. Intellectual property 12a. Privacy and civil liberties b. Section Review 13Guest SpeakersSection 3 Exam Study Recess5 - 11 November

14 Assessment Assessment ItemsPercentage of Final Mark Week Due Details Tutorial/Lab Participation202-13Continual Assessment. 5 - on-line participation 5 - participation, sheets of questions 10 - weekly online quiz Group Project2512Details of the Group Assignment will be announced in week 8 tutorials Essay/Report Quiz103,8Assorted Topics Examinations456,10,13During Tutorial/Lab Time. (Note 1)

15 Notes on Assessment Examinations will be held at the conclusion of each strand of lectures The structure of the exam will be multiple choice and fill in the blank questions All assessment items must be submitted Please note that marks may be scaled General assessment information including scaling formula can be obtained at In this subject the csci scaling formula will be used

16 Notes on Assessment Assignments are to be submitted during your tutorial Penalties will apply to all late work except in the case of protracted (and certified) illness You will be penalised at the rate of 10% of the original, maximum score for each working day overdue Assignments will be returned to students in tutorials

17 Notes on Assessment Assignments must be submitted with the school’s cover sheet attached and correctly filled in No assessment work will be accepted in electronic form except via the WebCT submission process

18 Important Notes All assessment items are to be submitted in the week that they are due All assessment items must be completed Failure to comply may result in a fail grade being recorded

19 Important Notes At the end of session the final marks may be scaled The scaling formula is as follows: Total Marks/ Exam Y Marks student/ Exam = E Marks from Assessment = A If Total = E + A *E/(Y/2) Else Total = E + A

20 Important Notes Students seeking an extension past the due date for the submission assessment items should consult the guide for students document, which also specifies the penalties imposed for the late submission of assessment items, as well as those for copying and plagiarism

21 Important Notes Penalties will apply to all late work, except in the case certified illness. One mark will be deducted from the allocated mark for each day the work is overdue excluding public holidays. Work more than 7 days late may be awarded a mark of zero

22 Important Notes Students should check the subject's web site regularly as important information, including details of unavoidable changes in assessment requirements will be posted from time to time. Any information posted to the web site is deemed to have been notified to all students

23 Important Notes As part of their tutorial activities, students will be required to participate in the specified group activities and group project Students failing to attend tutorials and labs will NOT be given an alternative assignment to the group project

24 Important Notes All written work will be graded with the following criteria in mind: 1. The extent to which the question has been correctly interpreted and answered 2. Originality 3. Demonstrated understanding of the main concepts of the course 4. Awareness of the literature 5. Clarity and structure of written work and oral presentations 6. The level of communications skills demonstrated

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