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2 Matthew Pearman, Sr.Athletic Director (434) 244-3130 Tracy SealeAthletics Admin. Asst. (434) 244-3130 Jon McDanielAsst. Athletic Director Mike ParsonsAsst. Athletic Director Shonda RiddickAsst. Athletic Director Erin BrooksAthletic Trainer ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT STAFF

3  Basketball - GirlsJosh McElheny  Basketball - BoysRobert Shelton  WrestlingDonnell Hopkins  SwimGreg Remaly  Indoor TrackSteve Ivory  Cheer Veronica Price-Thomas  Scholastic BowlBarry Keith WINTER VARSITY COACHING STAFF

4 SuperintendentDr. Pamela Moran PrincipalDr. Jesse Turner, Jr. Associate PrincipalMr. Darah Bonham Assistant PrincipalMr. Henry Atkins Dr. Beth Costa Director of GuidanceMr. Irvin Johnson Athletic DirectorMr. Matthew Pearman, Sr. MONTICELLO H.S. ADMINISTRATION

5 - To provide information about the athletic department for the winter athletic season and the 2014-15 school year. - To communicate expectations for our student athletes – both the school and team level. - To provide information that may help avoid conflicts, problems, or questions that may arise during the upcoming season. PURPOSE OF PARENTS MEETING

6 JEFFERSON DISTRICT SchoolEnrollment Albemarle High School (Patriots) 1700 Charlottesville High School (Black Knights) 1140 Fluvanna County High School (Flucos) 1070 Louisa County High School (Lions) 1300 Monticello High School (Mustangs) 1100 Orange County High School (Hornets) 1523 Powhatan High School (Indians) 1350 Western Albemarle High School (Warriors) 1046

7 SchoolEnrollment Broadway High School (Gobblers) 990 Fort Defiance High School (Indians) 801 Monticello High School (Mustangs) 1100 Spotswood High School (Trailblazers) 864 Stuarts Draft High School (Cougars) 710 Turner Ashby High School (Knights) 1058 Waynesboro High School (Little Giants) 840 Western Albemarle High School (Warriors) 1046 VHSL CONFERENCE 29

8 The primary mission of the Monticello High School Athletic Department is to is to help participants mature into productive citizens. Long after students have left Monticello High School and have become a part of everyday American life, the ideals exemplified in our athletic program should be carried on if this purpose is achieved. We aim to develop high competitive athletic and activities programs while emphasizing educational values such as sportsmanship, health and scholastic achievement.  Athletics are a part of the total educational program and should emphasize the “student first” philosophy.  We are not a win at all cost program but realize the importance that the expectation of success can play in creating a competitive environment.  Being an athlete at Monticello is a privilege and not a right.  Held to high academic standards.  Behavior on and off the field/court should be exemplary.  Athletes will face adversity, but that is okay.  We encourage multi-sport participation among our student-athletes and we emphasize working together to better the entire athletic program. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT MISSION

9 Monticello High School – Single Game Admission Adult and Students$6.00 Youth under 5FREE Senior CitizensFREE (w/ Albemarle Co. Gold Card) Season Passes Good for all home athletic events, not including postseason. Student $25 Adult $65 See Tracy Seale in the Athletic Office for season pass info. ADMISSION AND SEASON PASSES

10  Albemarle County Public Schools requires that each student pay a non- refundable athletic fee of $75 for each sport in which he or she is a confirmed member. Fees collected will contribute to the Albemarle County Public Schools budget to assist with coaching salaries, security, field maintenance, transportation costs, and VHSL membership fees. ACPS ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION FEE

11  The maximum athletic fee per family is $450. Athletes that tryout and become an official team member will be required to pay the athletic fee prior to the first official contest in order to be eligible to compete. There is no relationship between athletic fees and a guarantee of student playing time. Playing time for athletes is the sole discretion of the Head Coach and his/her staff. The athletic fee is non- refundable and will not be returned to an athlete who leaves his or her team for any reason.  The fee will be waived or reduced for students that qualify for the free or reduced price meals program. The free and reduced price meals application form must be completed by the parent to document eligibility. If you have questions, please contact Tracy Seale in the Athletic Office. ACPS ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION FEE

12  Athletic Physical Packet 2014-15 - Must be completed before the student athlete is allowed to participate. (after May 1 st each year)  VHSL physical signed by a doctor (all pages)  Concussion Acknowledgement  Insurance Acknowledgement  Student & Parent Code of Conduct  Emergency Medical Treatment Waiver  Travel Release Form ALL FORMS ARE (or soon will be) AVAILABLE IN THE FORMS SECTION OF THE ATHLETIC WEBSITE WWW.MONTICELLOSPORTS.ORG WWW.MONTICELLOSPORTS.ORG FORMS AND DOCUMENTS

13  Monticello Athletic Trainer – Erin Brooks, ATC  What does an Athletic Trainer do?  Determine an individual’s readiness to participate. Promote safe and appropriate practice and competition.  Advise the athletic administration and staff on the selection, fit, function and maintenance of athletic equipment.  Develop and implement a comprehensive emergency action plan.  Develop injury and illness prevention strategies.  Provide for on-site recognition, evaluation and immediate treatment of illnesses and injuries – both acute and catastrophic.  Facilitate and perform rehabilitation and reconditioning. ATHLETIC TRAINER

14  - All coaches are required to complete annual concussion training before their sport season.  - Symptoms of concussion – The athlete will be removed from contest/practice. Must get a release from an appropriate medical professional on the official release form.  - Albemarle County Public Schools’ Sports Concussion Management Plan is available under ‘forms’ on our athletics website at  CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT

15  Lightning strike – 30 minutes from last strike; time will restart with each new occurrence  Bleachers must also be exited and players/fans will be moved indoors to the field house or school building.  Severe weather or other Emergencies – Coaches will keep athletes and will only release to parents.  We want to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for.  School Cancelled –Contests may or may not be played  Depending on cooperation with the opposing school  Updates will be posted on  Updates also posted on Twitter & Facebook accounts.  Early Dismissal – Practices & Games will be cancelled EMERGENCY PROCEDURES

16 MONTICELLO ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB Contact: Laura Byrnes E-mail: The MABC is seeking officers and volunteers for the upcoming year. Monticello Athletic Booster Club is an independent non-profit organization that promotes and financially supports every MHS sports team and student athlete, assists teams with fundraising, builds school pride and advocates constructive, dedicated parental and community involvement. Please check the “Boosters” link at for Booster Club information, news, and events. MONTICELLO ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB

17 What does the MHS Athletic Booster Club do? · Raise money to defer costs of athletics and to provide additional opportunities for our student-athletes · Promote attendance and spirit at athletic events. · Promote awareness of the important relationship between success in athletics and academics. · Advocate for Monticello High School athletics in the community. Where does the money go? · 100% of money raised goes directly to support MHS athletics. · Money raised is used to pay for equipment and apparel not covered by the Athletic Department, post-season student transportation and hotels, and each team’s unique needs as requested. · MABC fundraises and contributes to large capital projects, such as the turf field, batting cages, track & field mats, etc.

18 - Students must pass 3 out of 4 classes (block scheduling) to be academically eligible the following semester. (Scholarship Rule) - Students shall not have reached the age of 19 on or before August 1 of the school year he/she wishes to compete. (Age Rule) - Students shall not have been enrolled in the last four years of high school for a period of more than eight consecutive semesters, beginning with the semester in which he/she was enrolled for the first time in the ninth grade. (Semester Rule) - Transfer Rule – contact the Athletic Director Please contact the Athletic Director for any eligibility questions!!! VHSL ELIGIBILITY

19  Eligibility 4X4:  For the upcoming 2014-2015 winter season, Albemarle County student eligibility must be based upon the 2014 spring semester when a regular schedule was utilized – students must have passed the equivalent of five courses offered for credit plus any courses for credit passed in summer school.  Course Equivalents for Eligibility Purposes:  Regular 7 period day - 1 = 1  4x4 (1 credit/semester) -1 = 2  A-B Alternating Day - 1 = 1  Semester half credit -1 = 1 VHSL ELIGIBILITY

20 Schedule B: Hybrid (4 x 4 and A-B alternate day block) Fall CourseGradeCreditCourse Equiv for Credit Math (4x4) A 1 2 Eng (4x4) A 1 2 Science (A-B)C 1 1 Soc. Studies (A-B) F 0 0 Foreign Lang (A-B) C 1 1 Total of 6 (eligible) Spring CourseGradeCreditCourse Equiv. for Credit Health/PE (4x4) A 1 2 Psychology (4x4) B 1 2 Elective (A-B) F 0 0 Total of 4 (ineligible) VHSL ELIGIBILITY

21  Athletes must be in attendance at least half of a regularly scheduled school day to practice or compete…  Exceptions are excused absences which include:  Medically documented appointments  Funeral visitation  Court appointment  College visits – scheduled through the guidance department  Military examinations  Religious holidays with administrative approval  School sponsored activities such as field trips, etc. Any student who receives a suspension of any type can not practice or play during the length of that suspension. Please contact the Athletics Office with any questions. STUDENT ATTENDANCE

22  If a student is removed from or quits a team without mutual release by the coach, he/she is ineligible to try-out for a team for the next two consecutive seasons, not including the current season.  In the event that the student is not mutually released, the coach must report these cases within 48 hours to the Athletic Director. This must be in writing/e-mail, stating the student has been removed or quit. ‘NO QUITTING’ POLICY

23  Should the student wish to appeal, they must notify the Athletic Director in writing within ten days of the last date of participation in team activities.  A grievance committee of three neutral coaches will be set up by the Athletic Director for the student to appeal the decision. The grievance committee’s decision will be final. ‘NO QUITTING’ POLICY

24  Hazing is the practice of rituals and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group. Hazing is seen in many different types of social groups, including sports teams, Hazing is often prohibited by law and may comprise either physical or psychological abuse.  No Monticello High School student is allowed to conduct or engage in any hazing activities of any kind. Failure to comply will result in suspension from all school activities, out of school suspension, and a possible recommendation for expulsion. HAZING

25 Athlete  Athlete should approach the coach first regarding an issue. Parent  Start with the coach by setting up an appointment.  Please do not confront a coach prior to, during, or after a practice or contest.  If not satisfied, set up an appointment with the Athletic Director  Will not discuss playing time  Misinformation and rumors… One of the biggest challenges.  PLEASE CONTACT THE ATHLETIC OFFICE WITH CONCERNS OR QUESTIONS… MOST ISSUES COME FROM MISCOMMUNICATION PARENT/COACH COMMUNICATION

26  Sportsmanship / Behavior  An exemplary level of behavior and sportsmanship should be displayed towards officials, school staff, student-athletes, fans, and opponents at all times.  Expected of both our student-athletes and their support group (i.e. Mustang Maniacs). Ejections - There is NO reason for a coach or student to be ejected from a high school game. Coaches – 1 game suspension. Students – 2 games suspension. VHSL requirements for coaches and student-athletes to take an online Sportsmanship class. SPORTSMANSHIP

27 Awards which are symbols of achievement, tradition, and school spirit shall be made to members of athletic teams, team managers, and cheerleaders. The final decision for postseason team awards shell be that of the team’s coach, who shall consider the following requirements in selecting student- athletes for an award:  Attendance and punctuality at practice.  Observance of training rules as formulated by the coach.  Cooperation in upholding group regulations.  Attitude in and out of the group.  Good school citizenship and team conduct.  Completion of regular and post-season play – unless injured.  Return of all school equipment, uniform, and materials. ATHLETIC AWARDS

28  - The varsity letter is issued the first time a student-athlete successfully completes the season in any varsity sport. Should the athlete earn a letter in another sport, only the emblem of that sport will be given to be placed on the same letter first earned. - The second year the athlete earns a letter in the same sport; he/she will receive a service bar. Captains will receive stars or Captain’s emblems.  - Manager’s awards are issued as the above, except that Manager’s insignias are given.  - Early in the season, coaches shall advise all team members of the award policies. At the end of the season, the coach will submit to the Athletic Director the list of recommended participants to receive awards. ATHLETIC AWARDS

29  End of Season Awards Reception  Letters/insignia awards are presented by respective coaches during the awards reception. The Athletic Department will announce the site, date, and time of this special program near the end of each sport season. Senior Awards – Presented at Senior Awards Night  Male Athlete of the Year * Criteria- Athlete must play two sports  Female Athlete of the Year * Criteria- Athlete must play two sports  Holly Nash leadership Award  Student must have an overall 3.0 G.PA and play at least 2 sports  The United States Marine Corps Scholar athlete Award  The United States Army Scholar Athlete Award  Monticello Tri-Athlete Award  Student must successfully complete three VHSL sports/activities during their senior year ATHLETIC AWARDS

30  We will help with the recruiting of student athletes, however, the initial process must begin with the athletes and parents.  Identify schools of interest.  Be realistic as to college level.  NCAA Clearinghouse: Division 1 & 2  NAIA Eligibility Center:  Academics are important starting freshman year for those that want to participate in college – DO NOT WAIT!!! NCAA RECRUITING

31  -  NCAA Recruiting Link on the  NCAA Calculator – FREE  New 2016 NCAA Eligibility Requirements  Plan developing for NCAA recruiting SAVE THE DATE – January 15, 2015 - NCAA Recruiting & Information Seminar -6:30 p.m. in MHS Auditorium -Academics, Athletics, Marketing, Recruiting NCAA RECRUITING

32 Visit Monticello Athletics on-line at  Schedules  Directions to Away Games  Cancellations / Postponements / Alerts  Twitter: @MonticelloAD  Facebook: WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA

33  Athletic Director Contact Information…  Matthew Pearman, Sr. – Athletic Director   (434) 244-3130  Twitter: @MonticelloAD  Facebook:  Website: THANKS FOR ATTENDING


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