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2 Overview of NSAA Voluntary, nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization Association established in 1910 312 member high schools for 2010-11 Sanctions 19 athletic & 5 non-athletic Provides level playing field for activities

3 Governance of NSAA Six geographic, legislative Districts Each District elects Board of Control member District Managing Committee District Managing Committee runs District meetings Administers Music Contest Board meets monthly NSAA Staff

4 NSAA Legislative Process District meetingsNovember and January Member schools introduce legislative proposals electronically by November 1 Each school has one vote Proposals passing in a November District Meeting advances to January Districts for vote

5 NSAA Constitution and Bylaws Body of rules by which member schools vote to be governed NSAA Board and staff interpret rules Member schools adopt Constitution and Bylaws; Board adopts Approved Rulings


7 Eligibility Rules 2.2.1 Student must be an undergraduate 2.2.2 Eight semesters beginning with enrollment in grade nine 2.3 Ineligible if 19 before August 1 2.4.1 Must be enrolled on or before the 11 th day of the current semester

8 Eligibility Rules 2.5.1 Enrolled in 20 hours per week 2.5.2 Twenty hours previous semester Guardianship does not fulfill the definition of a parent. 2.6.3 Student entering grade nine for first makes initial choice

9 Eligibility Rules Change of domicile during the school year, student may remain at the school. Parents move summer prior to senior year and student has attended the school for two or more years, student may remain eligible Student eligible in high school located in school district where parents established domicile.

10 Eligibility Rules 2.6.10 Parents change domicile, student immediately eligible school located at new domicile 2.7.7 Transfer students who have Enrollment Option applications signed and filed prior to March 15 shall be immediately eligible in the fall.

11 Eligibility Rules 2.7.8 Non-enrollment option transfer students must finalize enrollment prior to March 15. 3.1/3.5 Once the season begins, a student, a student shall participate in practices and compete in that sport which are scheduled by their school.

12 Eligibility Rules 3.6 A student shall not participate on an all-star team while a high school undergraduate. A student must maintain their amateur status.

13 Cooperative Sponsorships 2 or more schools can jointly sponsor activity; maximum of 4 schools Schools enrollments are combined for classification in that activity. Coops for 2 years June 1 deadline for fall activities; Sept. 1 for winter; January 1 for spring

14 NSAA Finances Membership; registration; gate receipts Ticket prices District--$4 and $5 State--$5 and $7 Entry Fees NSAA Reimbursement to Schools Catastrophic Insurance

15 December Moratorium 5 days in December December 22-26, 2010 No use of school facilities for in-season activities No practices or competition Non-school facilities requirements

16 Rules Meetings Required! Head coaches required to attend Rules Meetings annually! Online Rules Meetings for 2010-11 Penalties for missing Rules Meetings

17 Coaches Certification NDE certification required Certification of layperson coaches Coaches Aides

18 Foreign Exchange Students Eligibility may be waived for 2 semesters Member of recognized Foreign Exchange Program; J-1 Visa Appropriate age; not a graduate APPLICATION REQUIRED!!!

19 Home School Eligibility Must be bona fide student, enrolled in member school for 20 credit hours Cannot participate if not a bona fide student Previous semester academic rule - schools must enforce!

20 Sportsmanship Expectations Sportsmanship ejections, suspensions Crowd control expectations Administrators or other designates in attendance at all contests Handling game officials

21 Article 9 – Middle Level Activities 9.2.3 Membership of schools involving grades seven and/or eight shall be termed associate memberships. 9.8 Contest Limits Governed by NDE Rule 10


23 Questions? Thank you for your attendance!

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