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2016. Why Are We Meeting Today? Make sure you know who your counselor is and how he or she can help. Share resources. Answer questions.

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1 2016

2 Why Are We Meeting Today? Make sure you know who your counselor is and how he or she can help. Share resources. Answer questions.

3 Counselors Who Are We? Todd Friesen: A – Co Kim Morrow: Cp – G Jill Mark: H – Lo Geoff LaPlant: Lp – O Susan Hunt: P – Si Alexis Park: Sj – Z How Can We Help? We’re here to support you! – Academic Concerns – Personal Issues – Social Concerns – Career Exploration – Future Planning

4 Who Are You? Raise your hand if you participate in: – IB – Athletics – Band/Choir – Clubs What are your plans for after high school? – 2 or 4 year college/university – Vocational or technical school – Military – Employment – Don’t know yet

5 Agenda Graduation Requirements Improving Grades Study Skills College Information Job/Career Information

6 Graduation Requirements How many credits required to graduate? Do you need a world language to graduate? Can you participate in graduation if you get 22.5 credits? What happens if you fail a core class? 23 No—but many 4 year colleges require it No—you must meet all credit requirements to get your diploma and go through the ceremony See your counselor—you may need credit recovery

7 How Can You Recover Credit? Night School Summer School—in some areas No district wide summer school Online credit recovery: BYU, Jeffco Virtual In school credit recovery

8 Three Ingredients for Being a Successful Student… Go to class Do your homework Ask for help

9 Who/What Can Help? Teachers Study Deck: – Computers – Study Deck Teacher: Ms. Wallis – Subject Teachers: English on Monday/Tuesday Math on Weds./Thursday CO School of Mines math/science tutors on Saturday morning: – (Feb 22 nd, March 1 st, April 12 th, 19 th, 26 th ) Peer Tutors (Limited this semester) Counselors Private Tutors

10 What else can help? Good study habits and study skills!

11 Good Study Habits Create a study space that helps you focus on your work: – Quiet – Comfortable—but not TOO comfortable – Well-lit Minimize distractions – Turn off cell phones, ipods, television and computer (if you’re not using it to study)

12 Good Study Skills Focus on the class that’s hardest for you first…when you have the most energy. Spend the most time on your most difficult class. Divide your work into small, attainable goals: – Instead of “I’m going to study ALL day on Saturday” how about “I’m going to finish reading 3 sections of Chapter 7 in History.”

13 Good Study Skills Study actively—don’t just read through your notes or materials. – Ask yourself questions. – Make flash cards. – Discuss key concepts with peers or your teacher. – Use a note-taking method that helps you study like the Cornell system. Study and review your notes everyday— don’t wait until the night before the test!

14 College Information Many of you are probably already thinking about life after Lakewood. If you’re thinking about college keep these things in mind….

15 HEAR Higher Education Admission Requirements English Math Science Social Sciences World Language Electives 4 credits 3 credits 1 credit 2 credits

16 How Can You Prepare for College? Take the most challenging classes for you Maintain strong grades Get involved in activities that interest or motivate you: – Clubs – Athletics – Community Service – Work

17 How Can You Prepare for College? Sophomore Year Summer Enrichment Programs College Research Consider attending the DU college fair in April Junior Year Take the PSAT Visit with College Representatives Practice for the ACT Continue College Research Attend College Planning Night for Juniors Case Studies Program

18 How Can You Prepare for College? Naviance – “College Search” Tool – Scattergrams – Comparison Charts – “College I’m Thinking About” Counselors use this tool to identify students interested in particular schools for awards or opportunities! So…list your schools of interest!

19 Career Information Naviance: – Career Interest Profiler – Personality Type – Explore Careers & Clusters Occupational Outlook Handbook: –

20 Employment Worker’s Permits: Not required in Colorado Age Certificates: – An employer may request proof of age – Available in the Counseling Office Jeffco Youthworks: Important to balance school and work!

21 Counseling Website Counselor Contact Information Announcements: Upcoming events and opportunities Resources: – Info for Athletes – Important Info Sheets – Student Success Sheets – College Forms/Resources College Career Personal Social

22 We Want to Hear from You! “Sophomore Survey 2014” Task on Naviance Complete by March 21st – How has your experience at Lakewood been so far? – How are we doing? – What do you need help with?

23 Questions?

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