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1 Project 0787R2 DISTRICT + “Disseminating Innovative STRategIes for Capitalization of Targeted Good Practice ” Subproject “EAST_INNO_TRANSFER– Supporting.

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1 1 Project 0787R2 DISTRICT + “Disseminating Innovative STRategIes for Capitalization of Targeted Good Practice ” Subproject “EAST_INNO_TRANSFER– Supporting Innovation and Fostering Knowledge Transfer in the New EU Member States”

2 2 General background  Most of the operational programs for the management of structural funds in these countries pay a special attention to innovation;  Priorities in the development strategies in the Brasov County: to create a Scientific park and a technological transfer centre which foster the relations between public research centres and the companies; to support the creation of academic spin-offs and innovative incubators for the young researchers.  In Brasov County there are a lot of Initiatives to improve the policy and the governance of innovation of the local level  Difficulties in the implementation of concrete measures to stimulate innovatives process due to the lack of experience and to the lack of a culture of cooperation between the local actors in this field

3 3 “EAST_INNO_TRANSFER - Supporting Innovation and Fostering Knowledge Transfer in the New EU Member States” The main results of the subproject will be the strengthening of the policy capacities of the Romanian and Polish partners and the improvement of the specific competencies and skills of their staff and other categories of stakeholders on:  business innovation services (innovation support programs; start-up mechanisms and services for the creation of SMEs for young researchers; spin-off and spin out governance);  creation, management and development of academic incubators and R&D transfer centres and technological parks. Outputs and the Expected results of the subproject 1 methodological handbook of transferability; 6 good practices identified; 6 case studies analyses; 1 final report including the policy recommendations for Romanian and Polish partners; 4 regional/local policies and instruments improved; 4 methodological workshops; 2 good practices successfully transferred; 4 training sessions, 4 study visits; 4 brochures created; 1200 brochures disseminated.


5 5 EAST_INNO_TRANSFER – ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT Definition, approval and signing by the partners of the Partnership Agreement ; 2-4 November 2011 – Kick-off meeting, Open conference and The first Steering Committee Meeting in Brasov; Establishment of Steering Committee and Executive Committee members; Definition, approval of the plan of activities of the sub-project ; December 2011 - Partners established the Committee of Experts (CExp) to define the transferability methodology and to design and monitor the activities ; December 2011 – The first methodological workshop of CExp in Pisa – on line; December 2011 – The first Brochure was published and disseminated; January 2012 - The partners identified good practices to be analysed in the case studies and shared with partners; 9-13 January 2012 – First Training Session in Pisa (IT)+ study visits; March 2012 - The Second Brochure was published and disseminated; 14-18 May 2012- Second Training Session in Stafford (UK)+ study visits; 17-21 September 2012 – Third Training Session + study visits in Wroclaw (Poland) ; 17-21 September 2012– The third workshop of the CExp in Wroclaw; October 2012 – The Third Bruchure was published and disseminated; 11-15th February 2013 - Fourth training session in Brasov (Romania).

6 6 EAST_INNO_TRANSFER budget expenditures (30 th november 2012) Budget lines Approved Budget Expenditures - until 30.11.2012 Validated costs Percent (expenditures) Preparation costs 0,00 € 0,00% Staff 173.053,00 € 122.589,43 € 122.588,33 € 70,84% Administration 25.324,00 € 5.074,73 € 20,04% Travel and accomm. 82.459,00 € 51.909,33 € 51.890,33 € 62,95% Ext. expert. Services 85.400,00 € 32.721,12 € 38,32% Equipment 8.160,00 € 6.723,70 € 5.321,05 € 82,40% Total374.396,00 € 219.018,31 € 217.595,56 € 58,11%

7 7 EXPERIENCES IN THE FIELD OF INNOVATION IN TUSCANY REGION, ITALY (9-13 th January 2012) 1. SANT’ANNA SCHOOL OF ADVANCED STUDIES PISA is part of the Pisa University System together with University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. At present, 800 students selected from the best ones study at SSSA. SSSA’s activities are impressive in terms of number of projects implemented and research activities. IDENTIFIED GOOD PRACTICES IN TUSCANY REGION 2. PONT-TECH (PONTEDERA) Pont Tech is a consortium for Industrial Research and Technology Transfer resulting from a joint initiative of public and private entitites. It was established in 1996. Pont-Tech is located in Pontedera, 25 km away from Pisa and 65 km from Florence. Pontedera is one of the most important areas from the economic and industrial development viewpoint in Tuscany Region. In Pontedera are located the headquarters and the Production Plants of Piaggio Co, as are the main plants of Companies belonging to its supply chain; The mission of Pont-Tech is to foster industrial research and technology transfer through technological and management services to firms and co-operation with Universities and Research Centers

8 8 3. TECHNOLOGY POLE (NAVACCHIO)- favours the setting up and growth of newly established companies and supports the development of those already established prevailingly for the following sectors: ICT, micro electronics, robotics, energy and environment, services, biomedical. The Pole offers qualified services for the technological development of Small and Medium Enterprises using a model of integrated participation of experts from companies, universities, as well as finance and technology experts. 4. POLO SAN CATALDO (PISA)- is a research institute of SSSA. The main objectives of Institute are as follows: promotes research, including interdisciplinary, scientific and technological research of the highest quality, by attracting new resources and by increasingly asserting their role and identity both within Italy and international; offers innovative educational programs for postgraduates, PhD and Master students, and those attending first and second level standard courses in fields related to the activity of the institute.

9 9 EXPERIENCES IN THE FIELD OF INNOVATION IN WEST MIDLANDS REGION (UK) (14-18 th May 2012) 1. STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY, CREATIVE VILLAGE AND BUSINESS VILAGES Staffordshire University’s mission is to support local businesses and to help local communities survive and be better equipped for future challenges. The University currently has 10 applied research centres which are the main vehicles for delivering research and knowledge transfer activities. Staffordshire University has 3 Business Villages located in Stoke-on-Trent (30 units), Stafford (42 units) and Lichfield (29 units), supporting the creation and growth of small businesses. 2. BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTRE, STOKE-ON-TRENT The centre’s mission is to mobilize local innovative potential and renew the vitality of entrepreneurship and enterprise creation. The main activities are as follows: provides incubation facilities (23 units located in Stafford, Lymedale and Longton and 120 virtual incubation places); provides business support regarding grants accessing and business advice; organizes interactive workshops covering management, marketing, intellectual property rights, funding; facilitates networking events in conjunction with partner organizations; works with Staffordshire University and clients for the development of new products and processes.

10 10 3. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, STOKE-ON-TRENT North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry has about 950 members covering sectors of industry and commerce. It provides a comprehensive range of quality services and represents members’ interests on a wide range of business issues. The Chamber personnel encourages businesses to get involved in the process of social and economic development in North Staffordshire. 4. STOKE-ON-TRENT CITY COUNCIL INCUBATION AND BUSINESS VILLAGE, ST. JAMES HOUSE Stoke-on-Trent City Council Incubation and Business Village - St. James House offers 23 offices for start-ups or expanding businesses. Types of business include: multimedia, light engineering, ceramic design. Business advice is provided too in order to help businesses grow.

11 11 1. WROCŁAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND ACADEMIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP INCUBATOR The high level of research within the university is due as well with the well-equipped laboratories result in a wide co-operation with important Polish and international companies. As part of these agreements, joint research projects are carried out. Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator of Wrocław University of Technology is an important actor in supporting spin-off creation and start-up mechanism, entrepreneurship, enhancing competitiveness and innovativeness of SMEs in Lower Silesia Region. EXPERIENCES IN THE FIELD OF INNOVATION IN LOWER SILESIA (POLAND) (17- 21th September 2012)

12 12 2. CENTRE FOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER WROCŁAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Wrocław Centre for Technology Transfer is a Regional Contact Point for EU Research Programmes as well as a member of the following networks:  Enterprise Europe Network, the world's largest network for business support, set up by the European Commission;  part of the National Service System, a network set up by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The Centre actively participates in the development of Wrocław, Lower Silesia Regions and the western Poland. 3. WROCŁAW TECHNOLOGY PARK Wrocław Technology Park, whose majority shareholder is the municipality of Wrocław, collects the biggest number of technology companies in Poland. 4. WROCŁAW INDUSTRIAL PARK At the end of 2006, the managing entity of the Park suceeded in procuring over 21 milion PLN from EU within European Regional Development Fund, in order to develop Wrocław Industrial Park’s infrastructure. Investments activities covered 77 hectares.

13 13 EXPERIENCES IN THE FIELD OF INNOVATION IN BRASOV COUNTY (ROMANIA) (11- 15th FEBRUARY 2013) 1. BRASOV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (CCIBV) 2. REGIONAL ELECTRO TECHNICAL CLUSTER - ETREC, SACELE The strategic development areas are as follows: motors, generators and electric drives; renewable energy; automotive electrical and electronic equipment; logistics and support services. 3.SFANTU GHEORGHE BUSINESS INCUBATOR In the incubator, there are several operating companies in various are such as: green energy, web design, media, clothing and textile industry, design, services etc., as well as associations - Association of Incubators and Business Centers in Romania, Small and Medium Enterprises Association for Covasna County, and clusters for several domains: wood processing, green energy, agriculture and food industry, eco-tourism, textiles and garments, packaging/printing/design.

14 14 4. PREJMER INDUSTRIAL PARK Prejmer Industrial Park, developed on an area of 839,000 square meters, is currently among the largest and most developed industrial parks in Romania, with a total estimated value of over 300 million euros. The park is located near Brasov, which is an industrial area with a strong industrial tradition in Romania that provides qualified workers. It also offers a wide range of products and services with a potential of over 10,000 jobs. The park covers an industrial area structured as it follows: Small industrial area located in the hall for small workshops helping large companies located in the park; The medium industry comprising companies in the metalworking, light industry, chemical industry; The major industry including metallurgical sector heavy industries, smelter. 5. ICCO INDUSTRIAL PARK The park has a significant socio-economic impact in the area considering the fact that at the beginning of 2013, the number of employees was 1850 and further increases are expected for the next period. In the park, major companies in electronics, printing, automotive etc. are functioning. With an area of 39 hectares, the park provides the group of companies a technical basis for the transfer of new technologies associated predominantly to energy, but also experimenting with innovative ideas of business and management.

15 15  Local government involvement and awareness of the importance role of R&D&I;  Close cooperation, partnerships between universities, local authorities, companies, development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, etc.;  The importance of the various instruments of innovation - preincubation programs, academic incubators, incubators and technology centers, technology transfer and so on;  Effective examples for various financing schemes dedicated to innovation, access to grants and funding (refundable / non-refundable) - funding for the development of spin-offs, start-ups, existing regional funds dedicated to them as well as those created in partnership between universities;  Extremely important role of universities in the R&D&I field;  The universities support network for potential partners interested in implementing research, technology and service level; 3 study visits … WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED ?

16 16  The importance of tax incentives in the R&D&I;  Advanced training programs in universities in the areas of management and technology mentoring programs;  The role of intellectual property protection and commercialization of technology; effective partnerships between universities and businesses;  The relationship between local authorities, universities and multinational companies that invest and support R&D&I ;  Increased social responsibility of large companies in various fields investing in the region for local business development;  Close link between education - research - innovation that ultimately lead to jobs and increased productivity. 3 study visits … WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED ?

17 17 Sub-project activities 2013  March 2013 : Fourth brochure will be published and disseminated;  March 2013 : Each partner will organise independently a dissemination event in their territory;  April 2013: The methodological handbook of transferability will be published and disseminated;  April 2013 : A final report including a comparative analysis of the case studies and 4 thematic guidelines for policy makers will be published and disseminated;  8-9 th of April 2013 : Fourth CExp workshop and Fourth SC meeting + FINAL CONFERENCE in Brasov.

18 18 Dissemination events 18–19 October 2012 - Innovation Forum – Bucharest; 24 th October 2012 – The Enterprise Exchange – Staffordshire University; 16 November 2012 – “Improving Public Policies in the area of Research & Development in Brasov County” – Brasov; 17 th November 2012 – Forum Toscana 2012 - Cecina (Livorno); 30 th January 2013 – Wroclaw University dissemination event.

19 19 Analysis of the Questionnaires - dissemination event - “Improving the Public Policies in the Area of Research & Development & Innovation in the County of Brasov” Respondents to the questionnaire: 20 The main fields of activity represented by the respondents: 25% SME’s, 20% NGO’s, 20% public authorities, 10% associations and the rest of 25% are represented of research institutes and other agencies. Assessment of the state of R&D&I – “the situation” in Brasov County  The involvement of universities, research institutes, research in enterprises is considered by almost all the respondents as being low, insufficient in most cases;  For most respondents, the institutions they represent do not develop R&D&I activities;  It is considered that the existing workforce is well or sufficiently qualified, but the workforce is insufficient, in a context in which people need to be qualified;  The cooperation with the suppliers is considered as being insufficient;  It is considered that the involvement and cooperation with public organizations is insufficient ;  The impact of the represented organizations on the R&D&I in the area is rather modest.

20 20 The respondents have the following proposals for developing R&D&I  Stimulating the development of innovative projects as an instrument of industrial policy ;  The stability in time of the funds for research;  Attracting renowned and experienced researchers;  Involving young graduates in research projects;  To allocate larger budgets for research;  Lower taxes for research activities;  Simplification of procedures;  Access to new financial grant schemes ;  More flexible and coherent legislative framework. The main expectations regarding the public organizations  Stimulating cooperation between business environment and research institutions by reducing taxes;  Increased cooperation and involvement between public organizations and companies ;  Quarterly meetings between public organizations, businesses and research institutes;  Public organizations should have the role of mediator between the businesses environment and research institutes;  Transparency in methodologies and actions;  Support and guidance.

21 21 EAST_INNO_TRANSFER OUTPUTS OutputsOutputs fulfilledTo do according to Activities Plan Steering Comitee Meetings organised 44 Experts Comitee Meetings organised 44 Communication and Dissemination Plan 11 Good Practices identified 336 Case Studies elaborated 166 Web site Operations (nr visits) 13.528300 per month First Brochures dissemination 1.766300 Second Brochure dissemination 1.498300 Third Brochure dissemination 965300 Fourth Brochure dissemination 0300 Training Sessions organised 34 Number participants at interregional events 7048 Press releases 2311 Dissemination events organised 2412 Number of interregional events 33 Number of staff members with capacity increased 5320 Methodology handbook of transferability 01


23 23 Thank you for attention ! Radu Borza Project manager team Lead Partner - Territorial Office for SME’s and Cooperation from Brasov Tel: +40 268 548018 Fax: +40 268 548017 E-mail:;

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