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Seminario Formativo materie Europee Regione Lombardia – Bruxelles 24 Giugno 2015.

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1 Seminario Formativo materie Europee Regione Lombardia – Bruxelles 24 Giugno 2015

2 EASME Policy Framework for SME Support Horizon 2020 support to SME COSME Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Content of presentation


4 One of the 6 Executive Agencies of the EU Established in December 2003 as the Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA) 2007-2013: remit extended to the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and Marco Polo On 1st January 2014: EACI became EASME History


6 Organigramme

7 SME support - Policy Framework

8 StrategyInstrument Europe 2020 (A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth) Innovation Union (to improve the market update of research results) An industrial policy for the globalisation era (to support creation and growth of SMEs) A Budget for Europe 2020 (Proposal for MFF 2014-2020) Horizon 2020 (successor to FP7 & innovation part of CIP & European Institute of Innovation and Technology) COSME (successor to the competitiveness part of CIP)

9 SMEs - driving force of economic growth and job creation in Europe: 20.7 Million SMEs in the non-financial business economy (~99% EU enterprises) 85 % of new jobs in the private sector created by SMEs that provide more than two thirds of jobs (more than 87M) SMEs account for more than 58% of the total gross- value added

10 SME support - H2020

11 SME support: integrated approach SME instrument 7% Collaborative projects 13% Eurostars II Enhancing Innovation Capacity Market-driven Innovation Access to Risk Finance 20 % budgetary target in LEITs & SC 'Innovation in SMEs'

12 SME Instrument

13  5 cut-offs  8.181 proposals received ~25% of whole Horizon 2020  822 companies funded  258,5 M€ budget allocated Results 2014

14 SME support - COSME

15 Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs Strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of the Union’s enterprises, particularly SMEs Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture and promoting the creation and growth of SMEs Main target audience: SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Business Support Organisations, regional and national Administrations €2,3 billion for 2014 – 2020 4 Specific Objectives

16 16 Equity instrument for SMEs’ growth and R&I  Equity Facility for R&I (H2020) – focus: early stage VC  Equity Facility for Growth (COSME) – focus: growth-stage VC Debt instrument for SMEs’ growth and R&I  Loan Guarantee Facility (COSME) Guarantees for loans to SMEs Securisation of SME debt finance portfolios  SMEs & Small Midcaps R&I Loans Service (H2020) Guarantees for loans for R&I activities See Objective 1 : Improving access to finance

17 Objective 2: Improving access to markets Access to EU market and outside the EU Concrete services provided to SMEs Examples: Enterprise Europe Network On-line portals (e.g. Your Europe Business portal, SME internationalisation portal, IPR helpdesks) Awareness raising campaigns, trainings

18 Objective 3: Improving framework conditions for businesses Reducing administrative burden, supporting smart regulation & SME policy Stimulate development of certain markets/sectors Example: Exchanges of best practices for policy makers Clusters Tourism industry Digital economy

19 Objective 4: Promoting entrepreneurship Developing of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, especially among new entrepreneurs, young people and women, creating mentoring schemes, promoting social entrepreneurship Examples: European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs Promotion / awareness raising activities Erasmus for Entrepreneurs See

20 COSME - Enterprise Europe Network

21 Present in 54 countries More than 600 organisations Operating all regions in the countries EU28 and 26 outside Europe The largest business support network EEN Italia: http://www.enterprise-europe-network-italia.eu EEN in Veneto: EEN in Lombardia:


23 Commercial, Tech Transfer, R&D partnerships Commercial and Technology Database: Find partners for cooperation on manufacturing, distribution, franchising, suppliers, etc. Find the latest innovative technologies, license own innovations, enter into joint development

24 Access to Funding

25 Access to Finance The Enterprise Europe Network experts can help SMEs to understand requirements and get the finance it needs to grow Mainly High Tech – High Growth Start-up Stage Mature Stage Seed Capital Operational Capital Expansion/Growth Capital

26 Innovation support Two new services (2015) Enhancing of Innovation Management Capacity Regional service targeted at innovative and ambitious local high potential SMEs to support growth Key Account Manager for SME Instrument beneficiaries Regional service for SME Instrument beneficiaries: support to enhance their chances of success and access to coaching

27 Grazie della vostra attenzione Marco Cortopassi Project Adviser

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