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The International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) The International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)

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1 The International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) The International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)

2 What is ITC? The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint technical cooperation agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) for business aspects of trade development.

3 ITCs vision The Development Partner For Export Success

4 ITCs Mission ITC enables small business export success in developing and transition countries by providing, with partners, inclusive and sustainable trade development solutions to the private sector, trade support institutions and policy-makers

5 ITCs Three Strategic Objectives 1.Support Policy Makers in integrating the business sector into the global economy 2.Develop the capacity of Trade Support Institutions to provide effective services to businesses 3.Strengthen the international competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

6 Strategic Objective 1: Policy Makers 1.Support policy makers in integrating the business sector into the global economy Decision makers enabled to develop effective trade development programmes and policies Decision makers enabled to understand business needs and create conducive environment for business Decision makers enable to integrate the business dimension into trade negotiations

7 Strategic Objective 2: TSIs 2. Develop the capacity of trade service providers to support businesses TSIs enabled to provide efficient services that meet the needs of client enterprises TSIs enabled to represent their clients effectively in shaping the business environment

8 Strategic Objective 3: SMEs 3. Strengthen the international competitiveness of enterprises Enterprises enabled to formulate sound international business strategies Enterprises enabled to become export-ready Enterprises enabled to convert commercial opportunities into actual business

9 ITCs Business Process Mission and Vision ITC: The Development Partner for Export Success Three Strategic Objectives Eight Sub-Objectives and indicators Regular budget resources 5 Business Lines (Competencies) Extra-budgetary resources Country Programmes Regional Programmes Global Programmes Result: Sustainable economic development

10 ITCs Five Lines of Business


12 Trade Intelligence Goal: Better export decisions Objectives: TSIs, policy makers, enterprises make informed decisions TSIs deliver more effective information and market analysis services

13 ITC produces & disseminates trade intelligence that meets client needs Develop training materials and deliver innovatively (physical, virtual) Build capacity of information managers, market analysts to deliver services Advise TSIs on developing effective information services Trade Intelligence: Activities

14 Market Analysis Tools and Services I. Analytical Databases II. Tailored Market Studies III. Capacity Building Trade Map Market Access Map Product Map Investment Map Trade Comp. Assessment Export Potential Assessment Export Opportunity Scan Sector Competitiveness Brief Customised Studies Introduction to Market Analysis Preparation of Market Profiles Training-of-Trainers Business Clinics Mentoring for Export Potential Assessments Customised Training Country Map

15 Trade intelligence provided in an integrated system Trade information services and products evolving to meet changing needs TSIs better capable of delivering appropriate trade information and market analysis services Networking between trade intelligence providers Trade Intelligence: Results

16 Business in Trade Policy Goal: Business Priorities integrated in National Trade Promotion Policies Objective: Enable policy makers to integrate business priorities in national trade policies and negotiations, and to achieve effective collaboration between the public and private sectors, and civil society

17 Business in Trade Policy: activities Establish platform for informed debates Advanced tailored analysis of market access data, trade negotiations, non-tariff barriers, and legal aspects of trade agreements Support set up of formal mechanisms for public- private dialogue: –Formulation of trade policies –Participation in trade negotiations –Design of export strategies (at national and sector levels)

18 Business in trade policy: results Public-private dialogue mechanisms established at national level Policy makers and business community empowered to effectively reflect the business dimension in trade policy and negotiations fora Support the establishment of conducive environment for public-private cooperation in implementation of trade development policies and programmes

19 Export Strategy Objective: –Capacities created to design and implement competitive Export Development Strategies that meet the national development objectives Outcome indicators: –Representation –Design –Ownership –Implementation

20 Export Strategy Results: –Formalized strategy process agreed upon by stakeholders –Comprehensive needs assessment undertaken & scope of strategy defined for design stage –Strategy designed to address the priorities of the needs assessment –Strategy implemented and monitored according to the specified plan of action

21 Trade Support Institutions Strengthening Goal: Sustainable and effective exporter support Objective: Export service delivery channels enabled

22 Assess TSI needs Benchmark TSIs Build TSI management capacity Build TSI capacity to assess enterprise needs and market potentials Support development of TSI services Foster creation of TSI networks TSI Strengthening: Activities

23 Support growth of a global TPO network Support development of knowledge networks Foster exchange of best practice Host flagship events to promote knowledge exchange TSI Strengthening: Activities

24 TSI service capacities enhanced National & Regional TSI Networks created or strengthened International TSI knowledge networks created or supported TSI Strengthening: Results

25 Exporter Competitiveness Goal: internationally competitive entreprise Objective: Potentially competitive new enterprises created and the competitiveness of existing enterprises strengthened

26 Exporter Competitiveness: activities Training, advisory and information services to improve SMEs competitiveness: –export management –Quality managment and conformity assessment –Export packaging –Supply chain management –Marketing mix Participation in trade policy process Formulation of export strategies

27 Exporter Competitiveness: Results Exporters capactiy to strategize and efficiently acquire, and allocate resources strengthened Exporters capacity to design, produce and supply competitive products & services enhanced; Exporters capacity to market and sell products and services improved Certified national experts to provide training and counselling services to build exporter competiteveness

28 Thank you for your attention Daniel Ivarsson, Senior Adviser Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia International Trade Centre Palais des Nations CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland Tel.: +41 22 730 03 90 E-mail: Website:

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