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Extract A 2004: [Reference: Aristophanes, The Wasps, the Poet and the Women, The Frogs, Penguin, 1964. ANTICLEON: All jurors to take their places in the.

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1 Extract A 2004: [Reference: Aristophanes, The Wasps, the Poet and the Women, The Frogs, Penguin, 1964. ANTICLEON: All jurors to take their places in the courtroom! No admittance after the proceedings have begun. …(top of pg 70…………FIRST DOG: On being asked by me for a share, he refused. I put it to you, gentlemen, how can any one claim to be serving your interests if I, The Dog, am not given my proper share? (top of pg 71)] TEST 4: Episodes after the Agon

2 BDELYCLEON If there be any judge near at hand, let him enter; once the proceedings have opened, we shall admit him no more. PHILOCLEON Who is the defendant? BDELYCLEON This one. PHILOCLEON aside He does not stand a chance. BDELYCLEON Listen to the indictment. A dog of Cydathenaea doth hereby charge Labes of Aexonia with having devoured a Sicilian cheese by himself without accomplices. Penalty demanded, a collar of fig-tree wood. PHILOCLEON Nay, a dog's death, if convicted. BDELYCLEON This is Labes, the defendant. PHILOCLEON Oh! what a wretched brute! how entirely he looks the rogue! He thinks to deceive me by keeping his jaws closed. Where is the plaintiff, the dog of Cydathenaea? DOG Bow wow! bow wow! BDELYCLEON Here he is. PHILOCLEON Why, he's another Labes, a great barker and a licker of dishes. BDELYCLEON as Herald Silence! Keep your seats! To the Cydathenaean dog. And you, up on your feet and accuse him. PHILOCLEON Go on, and I will help myself and eat these lentils. DOG Gentlemen of the jury, listen to this indictment I have drawn up. He has committed the blackest of crimes, against both me and the seamen. He sought refuge in a dark corner to glutton on a big Sicilian cheese, with which he sated his hunger. PHILOCLEON Why, the crime is clear; the filthy brute this very moment belched forth a horrible odour of cheese right under my nose. DOG And he refused to share with me. And yet can anyone style himself your benefactor, when he does not cast a morsel to your poor dog?

3 a) At what point in the play do the events in this extract take place? Ques tion EvidenceAchievementMerExc (a) (Comic episode) following the agon / debate about the merits of jury service OR Anticleon has just succeeded in persuading his father against jury service OR Give details immediately following. Other similar alternatives possible.

4 b) Why has the courtroom been set up at Anticleon’s house? Ques tion EvidenceAchievementMerExc (b) Anticleon is staging a domestic trial to wean his father from jury service / to give his father a chance to administer justice outside the orbit of Cleon.

5 c) Explain the political significance of the reference to Cydathenaeum (line 13). Ques tion EvidenceAchievementMerExc (c) Cydathenaeum was the deme / ward / district from which Cleon came. OR It identifies the Dog (kuôn) as (the demagogue) Cleon (Kleôn).

6 (d)The Second Dog, Labes, does not speak during the trial. Suggest a reason why. Ques tion EvidenceAchievementMerExc (d) By convention in Attic Old Comedy there were only three speaking actors on stage. Procleon, Anticleon and the Dog fill these roles. Other similar alternatives possible.

7 (e)Labes is acquitted at the end of this trial. Why? Ques tion EvidenceAchievementMerExc (e) Anticleon tricks his father over which urn is for guilty votes and which is for innocent votes. Other similar alternatives possible.

8 (f) The charge against Labes (lines 22–27) is that he ‘sicilicated a large quantity of cheese and stuffed himself with it in the dark’. Explain the historical background of this charge, with particular reference to: (i)Labes: (ii) ‘sicilicated’: (iii) ‘a large quantity of cheese’: Ques tion EvidenceAchMerExc (f) (i) (ii) (iii) Labes represents the politician / General Laches. He had been sent on campaign to Sicily (at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War). (Aristophanes suggests that) he had been charged with accepting bribes from the Sicilians. 2 points.3 pts.

9 (g) What does this extract show about Procleon’s attitude to jury service? You must make TWO points. Quest ion EvidenceAchMer E xc (g) Eg Procleon is not interested in listening to the evidence before making his judgement. As soon as he identifies the defendant he says: “… wait until he hears his sentence” is keen to impose harsh penalties. The sentence upon conviction will be “a dog’s death” judges by appearance and assumes the worst. Labes has “a furtive look” and a conniving grin makes hasty decisions and is easily influenced by circumstantial evidence: when Labes belches, the First Dog is convinced that he smells the stolen cheese. 1 pt. Textual evidence must be provided. 2 pts Textual evidenc e must be provide d.

10 (h) (i) Discuss TWO aspects of the First Dog’s character revealed in this extract. (ii) How does Anticleon defend the character and / or behaviour of Labes in this trial scene? You must explain in detail TWO of his claims. QuEvidenceAchMerExc (h) (i) (ii) Eg The Dog is shown as selfish and greedy: he prosecutes Labes because he, the Dog, has not been given “his proper share” is very emotional and uses the language of the demagogue: Labes is charged with “the most atrocious offences” is manipulative, suggesting that society at large has suffered because of this theft – “every single rating in the fleet” is Labes’ victim. Eg Anticleon claims that Labes is a hardworking dog, always on “active service”, guarding the house / chasing away the wolves may filch a bit of cheese, but that is because he has not had the advantages of a good education – he was not taught to play the harp is needed by his large family, his puppies will suffer if he is ruined. TWO PTS. THREE PTS. For Excellence there must be FOUR points and BOTH parts of the question must be covered.

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