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The Court System  Juvenile Court  Coroner’s Court  Magistrate’s Court  Supreme Court  Court of Appeals  Privy Counsel.

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2 The Court System

3  Juvenile Court  Coroner’s Court  Magistrate’s Court  Supreme Court  Court of Appeals  Privy Counsel

4 Privy Counsel Supreme CourtCoroner’s Court Magistrate’s Court Court of Appeal Juvenile Court

5  It is a closed court  Meets twice a month  Does not try the following cases: -murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, & infanticide.  Deals with children under the age of 16 years of age.  Convicted persons may receive one of the following sentences: -probation, a period of correction, a fine, or a combination of the above.

6  This court is held to determine the cause of a death or ship wreck in Bermuda’s waters.  Magistrates and Registrars act as Coroners at the inquest.

7  Consists of a Senior Magistrate and two other magistrates.  They try summary cases such as traffic offences.  Misdemeanor cases such as: - theft, bodily harm & assault may elect to be heard in this court.  Settle family disputes  Serve on tribunals/ Liquor Licensing Authority

8  Highest regular Court in Bermuda.  Consists of a Chief Justice and Three Puisne Judges.  Hear cases such as: -murder, manslaughter, robbery, divorce, and civil matters. (most are felonies)  All cases have juries except civil cases.  Hear appeals from Magistrate’s Court.

9  It sits in Bermuda only three times a year.  It consists of a President, three Justices of Appeal, and a Registrar. (This is the Registrar of Supreme Court)  Hears appeals from decisions made in the Supreme court.

10 MMeets in England HHears cases that are being appealed from the Court of Appeals

11  Judge  Jury  Lawyers (Defense and Crown a.k.a. Prosecutions)  Plaintiff  Defendant  Bailiff  Attorney General  The Court Recorder  Witnesses

12  Maintains order during the trial  Secures a fair trial  Instructs the jury as necessary  Determines the sentence

13  The jury only sits in the Supreme Court.  Represents a system called, “Trial by Peers.”  Consists of 12 men or women.  Jurors are randomly selected from the parliamentary register.  Can only serve once every two years.

14  18-65 years old, registered voter, literate in English & of good standing character.  36 jurors are selected at a time to be available for two months duty.  The 12 are randomly selected from the original 36.  The Defense may ask up to 3 individuals to “stand aside”  The Prosecution may ask up to 5 jurors to “stand aside”

15  This is the person or agent who files the charge(s) against an individual(s), company, or the crown.

16  This is the person who is being charged with a particular crime by a plaintiff or the crown.

17  This is the lawyer working for the accused or the defendant.  The role of the defense counsel is to maintain the rights and interests of the accused.  If the defendant can not afford an attorney, the Crown will appoint one.

18  They are the attorney or team of lawyers, who have been chosen to represent the Attorney General and the Crown.  They are responsible for providing evidence and witnesses that will prove the defendant guilty of his charges.

19  The AG is responsible for deciding whether or not there is a charge to answer.  The AG selects the Solicitor General, Crown Counsel, or another attorney to represent the Crown when he himself does not handle the case.

20  Judges, Magistrates, and Court Officials are appointed by the Governor based on advice from the Chief Justice.  The attorney General is appointed directly by the Governor.

21  The sentence is imposed by the judge.  The sentence issued must follow guidelines set down by statutes which give a minimum and maximum sentence.

22 Felonies- are major crimes such as… murder, manslaughter, robbery, and civil matters Misdemeanors- are minor crimes such as… theft, bodily harm, and assault

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