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Test 3: Agon Extract A 2005: Bdelycleon [making a further note]: No, you’re not held to account, and that’s the first [top of pg 59] …finished, I’ll tell.

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1 Test 3: Agon Extract A 2005: Bdelycleon [making a further note]: No, you’re not held to account, and that’s the first [top of pg 59] …finished, I’ll tell you where you can put your precious power. [midway down pg 59]

2 a) (i) Give the Greek term for the part of the play that this extract is taken from. (ii) What is the purpose of this part of the play? Ques tion EvidenceAchievementMerExc (a) (i) agon (ii) It is a debate / contest / dispute between two opposing views (which one side wins). OR It is a contest in which Bdelycleon shows that Philocleon is not as powerful as he thinks. BOTH answers are required.

3 b) (i) What has Bdelycleon stopped Philocleon from doing at the start of the play? (ii) What reason did Bdelycleon give for his decision to act in this way? QuEvidenceAchMerExc (b)(i) He has stopped him undertaking jury service / going out of the house. (ii) Bdelycleon was concerned about Philocleon’s litigious mania / his obsession with jury service / As a juryman, Philocleon was merely a slave for Cleon. (Or similar.) BOTH answer s are require d.

4 (c)Describe THREE actions taken by Philocleon to avoid being ‘shut away’.(1) (2) (3) QuEvidenceAchMerExc (c) slipping out through the water outlets hopping on pegs over the courtyard wall climbing out the chimney coming out through the roof tiles pushing through the front door hiding underneath the donkey gnawing through the net climbing out the window Any THREE actions.

5 QuEvidenceAchMerExc (d) (i) He was a demagogue / a violent and abusive speaker in the Assembly. (ii) He raised their pay to 3 obols / provided regular ‘employment’ by prosecuting his political rivals. BOTH anss are required. (d)(i)Why was Cleon called “ the Great Roarer ” (line 9)? (ii)Explain ONE reason, not mentioned by Philocleon in this extract, for the gratitude of the jurymen towards Cleon.

6 QuEvidenceAchMerExc (e) Eg His tunic and tattered brown cloak show that he is poor / not interested in modern fashion / determined not to change / patriotic or democratic / his fondness for being a juryman. His artificial phallus shows that he has vitality / sexual drive or shows that he is a juryman with a sting. His tights and felt shoes show that he is not interested in the latest foreign fashions / is patriotic. (Other answers are possible.) Note: No credit for “he wears the mask of an old man”. Any ONE example. (e)Explain ONE feature of Philocleon’s costume that might help the audience to understand his character.

7 QuEvidenceAchMerExc (f) Defendants who have held official positions plead for pity and offer bribes. Philocleon can promise supplicants anything and then forget about it. Defendants entertain jury with funny stories and jokes in order to put them in a good mood. Jurymen are offered sexual favours from the defendant’s children. Grateful flute players and actors perform for their pleasure. The jurors get to see boys in the nude when they come up for inspection. Jury pay makes the jurors popular with their womenfolk, as Philocleon’s daughter and wife tend to him to get the money. Any 2 pts. Any 3 pts. (f) What additional arguments are advanced by Philocleon to justify his belief in the supreme power of the jurymen? Explain in detail THREE points not made in this extract. Provide evidence from the play to illustrate your answers. (1) (2) (3)

8 QuEvidenceAchMerExc (g) Philocleon is not wealthy as jurymen get only a fraction / less than 10% of the total state income. He is deceived by the politicians who pretend to care for him when they are really keeping most of the tribute money. Bribes offered by individuals on trial, or by subject states are not shared with the poor / old / jurymen of Athens. They are ordered around by unmanly young prosecutors who have contr-buted nothing to Athens’ greatness. They are threatened with losing their jury pay if they don’t do as they are told. Any 2 pts. Any 3 pts. (g) Explain in detail THREE arguments advanced by Bdelycleon to persuade Philocleon that he does not have real power. Provide evidence from the play to illustrate your answers. (1) (2) (3)

9 QuEvidenceAchMerExc (h) (i) (i)Relationship in this extract: Eg Bdelycleon speaks to his father as if he himself was the master of the household, reproving Philocleon for “tampering with the lady’s seals”. He is dismissive of his father’s claim to power: “I’ll tell you where you can put your precious power”. Philocleon criticises his son for not caring for him by keeping the flies off – part of the humour but still a criticism. (Other points are possible.) Any ONE detailed point about the relation- ship in this extract or else- where in the play. Any 2 detailed pts. Four detailed points are needed for Exc. Explicit refer- ence must be made to the text of the play. (h) (i) Philocleon and Bdelycleon, the main characters of Wasps, are father and son. What does this extract reveal about their relationship? Provide evidence from the extract to support your answer.

10 (h) (ii) Analyse the relationship between Philocleon and Bdelycleon as it is revealed in the rest of the play. You must refer to at least THREE other episodes and provide evidence from the play to illustrate your answers. RELATIONSHIP IN THE REST OF THE PLAY At the start of the play, before the parodos, Bdelycleon is a domineering, authoritarian son. He has confined his father to the house and posted slaves to guard the exits. He has taken charge so Philocleon cannot leave at dawn for jury service and will not be swayed from what he thinks is his duty: “But if only you’d keep quiet and listen … I could convince you that you’re quite wrong”. In the mock trial following the agon, Bdelycleon tries to please his father by providing an alternative form of jury service at home, which also helps to entertain Philocleon. He is cunning in the way he tricks his father into putting his voting pebble in the ‘not guilty’ urn, when Philocleon wanted to vote for conviction. In the comic episode following the parabasis, Bdelycleon is well-meaning, but very assertive and controlling. He attempts to reeducate his father so that he is socially acceptable at fashionable dinner parties. He wants to strip Philocleon of his juryman’s cloak and replace it with a Persian “fullwaister”, to teach the old man how to recline “with supple athletic grace”, and to make complimentary remarks on the rugs and bronzes of his host. In the episode before the second parabasis, Bdelycleon acts in a staid manner, reproving his father for kidnapping a flute girl. He acts like a responsible adult when faced by an exuberant Philocleon. He shows a certain amount of vitality and strength by carrying his father indoors, but he does not see the funny side of Philocleon’s drunken actions. He takes life seriously. “More troubles, more fines to pay, all because you’ve been drinking.” (Other answers are possible – eg analysis of the time and effort he devotes to curing his father’s litigious mania.)

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