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Increasingly Active, Healthy and Successful Communities Mark Thornewill, Director Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Meeting : Lecture Date :

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1 Increasingly Active, Healthy and Successful Communities Mark Thornewill, Director Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Meeting : Lecture Date : 29 February 2008 Location : Staffordshire University

2 Context 1.Partnership approach to provision of Sport and Active Recreation – Delivery System for Sport & Active Recreation 2.The Delivery System’s outcomes 3.The key components of the Delivery System 4.Who the key partners are 5.Role of a CSP with case studies

3 National Perspective Other Influencing Strategies 2002 Government published Game Plan - strategy for delivering the Government’s sport and physical activity objectives 2004 Sport England published The Framework for Sport in England - Making England become “the most active & successful sporting nation in the world” Initiated two important planning processes 1.Regional Plans for Sport 2.National Governing Body of Sport - Whole Sport Plans

4 Two further national reports produced that provided a context for the Delivery System 1.The Review of National Sport, Effort and Resources (Lord Carter of Coles, 2005) – Develop an efficient and joined up system 2.Delivering Efficiently: Strengthening the links in public service delivery chains (The Audit Commission and National Audit Office, 2006) Emphasised the importance of delivery chains in achieving public service agreement targets Expectation by Government that local authorities and other public sector agencies and their partners will work together to ensure public services meet the needs of local communities Increased emphasis on involving members of the community in the planning, decision making and performance of public sector agencies

5 Delivery System Outcomes Community Sport 1.Increasing participation - To increase the number of people taking part in sport and active recreation, especially amongst the hard to reach. Target: 1.Women and girls 2.People with disabilities 3.Black and Ethnic Minorities 4.Low income groups 2.Sustaining participation - To build clear pathways for people with sporting talent to enable them to reach their potential and to sustain higher levels of participation.

6 School Sport Enhance the take-up of sporting opportunities by 5-19 year olds Minimum 2 hours high quality PE and 3 hours sport/active recreation beyond the curriculum Community sport, particularly challenging, relies on a complex set of relationships between national and local government, and agencies and bodies from voluntary, and private sectors

7 Creating an active nation through sport & active recreation Key components of the Delivery System for Sport & Active Recreation

8 National Partners Sport England – advise, invest in and promote community sport. Coordinate the work of national partners eg: government agencies, National Governing Bodies of Sport Youth Sport Trust – responsible for delivering the School Sport Public Service Agreement

9 Regional Partners Regional Sports Boards – interpreting policy to provide a strategic regional context for sport and active recreation. Advise and support other regional partners in health education, regeneration and spatial planning Regional Sports Boards – accountable for Sport England’s Lottery and Exchequer funding investment in their region. Priority towards projects developed and delivered through the Delivery System, Sport England’s regional teams – Advocacy role: Generating additional resources for sport in the region Guidance and expertise to partners delivering sport Effective partnership working at a regional level eg. NGBs, CSPs and CSNs

10 Formation of CSPs One of 49 across the Country One of 6 across the West Midlands

11 Partners Cannock Chase District Council East Staffordshire Borough Council Lichfield District Council Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council South Staffordshire Council Stafford Borough Council Staffordshire Moorlands District Stoke-on-Trent City Council Tamworth Borough Council Staffordshire County Council Staffordshire University Sport England National Governing Bodies Youth Sport Trust Primary Care Trusts Voluntary Sector Private Sector Higher Education School Sport Partnerships Learning & Skills Council Skills Active Sports Coach UK Youth Offending Service Initiative Funding Other Key Partners Core (Funding)

12 County Sports Partnership County Sports Partnership 3 Core Functions 1.Strategic co-ordination and planning 2.Marketing and Communication 3.Performance Measurement


14 CSP Core Functions 1.Strategic co-ordination and planning Implementing the delivery system sub regionally through: - Partnership working – CSNs 2.Marketing and Communication One stop shop for information 3.Performance Measurement Collation from a range of Partners Analysis Intelligence based decision making

15 Key Work Areas Workforce Development Strategy Research into capacity issues, training and development needs Secure resources to deliver strategy Research Programme Child Protection Policy Widening Access Equality Policy

16 Key Work Areas Club Development Increasing networks of safe, successful clubs through supporting volunteers, Clubmark & FA Charter Standard Funding advice Education and training PE School Sports & Club Links Step into Sport Community Sports Coaches Scheme

17 Strategic Coordination & Planning Simplifying the local sporting landscape Establishment of Community Sports Networks Raising the sporting profile – advocacy and influence Relationship building Making the case for increased investment into the sub- region Linkages with NGB’s, Sport England, Youth Sport Trust at a sub-regional level Development of sub-regional facilities strategy and links with Building Schools for the Future Co-ordinated sub-regional approach to 2012

18 Strategic Coordination & Planning Workforce Development Education & Training Coaching Conference Coach Database Co-ordination of Community Sports Coach Scheme Safeguarding Young People – National Standards PE & School Sport Links (PESSCL) CSP/School Sport Partnership forum/interface group Engagement of NGB’s and Voluntary Sector School to Club links Step-Into-Sport - Stage 5 Community Volunteering Developing player pathways

19 Strategic Coordination & Planning NGB Engagement NGB forum co-ordinating activity in the sub-region Club & Coach and other funding Hosting NGB staff Service Level Agreements with NGB’s Marketing, publicity and business support Advocacy of NGB work with partners Support of club accreditation programmes e.g. Clubmark

20 Strategic Coordination & Planning Funding Advice & Support Advice and guidance on funding streams CSP’s role within Sport England’s Community Investment Fund process Sport England West Midlands CIF Portfolio approach co- ordinated by the CSPs Equity & Diversity Development of Equity Plans to widen access Support of Equity-based projects e.g. Access Across Staffordshire Disability Research Achievement of National Standards

21 Marketing & Communications One-stop-shop for information Web provision and centralised information hub e-newsletter events publicity and PR research –Disability, Year 6 contact library Sports Coaches Clubs Events Celebrate success

22 Performance Measurement Active People Survey – registered gatekeepers for provision of detailed support Collation of performance indicators for Local Area Agreements Links with NGBs regarding the emerging National Performance Framework club accreditation volunteers coaches participants

23 Mark Thornewill, Director Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent For more information go to and (see Delivery System for sport and active recreation & partnerships working in action under resources for a copy of this presentation) Meeting : Lecture Date : 29 February 2008 Location : Staffordshire University

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