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NEW Sport & Physical Activity Strategy 2008-2016 Michelle Adams Sport & Leisure Services Manager Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

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1 NEW Sport & Physical Activity Strategy Michelle Adams Sport & Leisure Services Manager Stoke-on-Trent City Council

2 Strategy Objectives & Targets  Improve sport & physical activity levels of people in Stoke-on-Trent – FTAP Targets  Makes clear the role that sport & physical activity can play in the wider agendas  Makes clear the scope of ‘sport & physical activity’ – Not just ‘traditional sport’  Sets out overall direction & priorities for the next period with a few long term priorities until 2016  Targets: LAA, Sport England, CPA  Fulfils PPG17 requirements for local assessment of sports facilities  A strategy for all partners & the community; it is not a strategy for the City Council  Strategic justification to unlock external investment

3 Two Phase Approach  Completed in December 2007  Based on:  Extensive audit of sports facilities & greenspaces  Consultation with stakeholders, politicians, sports clubs, focus groups & households & households  Provides headlines for the supply and demand of sports facilities & greenspaces with some attention to sports/physical activity programmes & sports development priorities  Assessment of key City data/strategies and national/regional sport & physical activity strategic priorities  Defines emerging priorities Phase 1: Vision to 2016

4 People:  Working with partners to maximise opportunities & marketing – Olympics  Set up outreach work in parks/greenspaces & co-ordinate programmes across the range of providers  Develop the opportunities for health & physical activity partners working with key partners such as Stoke PCT  Significantly increase levels of support for sports clubs to develop participation levels, support performance & build resource (volunteers & coaches) Places:  Maximise the opportunities to co-locate facilties & services – e.g. fitness gyms with health  Encourage & work with private and voluntary sector to enable facility developments at neighbourhood level  Undertake feasibility studies & confirm potential locations for new facilities identified through regional/sub regional facility frameworks  Ensure facilities & spaces are planned into regeneration Priorities to 2016

5 People:  Strengthen the emerging cross sector partnership of agencies to provide a co-ordinated prioritised outreach programme aligned with sports development work  Support increased use of parks/open spaces through introduction of Ranger Service/Recreation Leader role  Strengthen sports clubs and activities across the City  Improve marketing message to people about the needs to become more active – ‘Sport’ as a tool to raise City profile Places:  Develop a hierarchy of sports/recreation facility provision for the City  Seek to develop a range of sports facilities in partnership with BSF & further & higher education sector  Identify sports with particular attraction to those least active  Plan facilities – Inner Urban Area Action Plan etc Priorities to 2012

6 Phase 2 work  Detailed development of high level issues & strategic priorities enabling translation into local level area action plans  Extend facilities considered through to neighbourhood level & include playing pitches  Expand on phase 1 facilities audit  Extend consultation – additional stakeholders, focus groups & schools  Stoke Sports Summit consultation  Build on work carried out with planning teams and relevant bodies to establish realistic and achievable standards of provision  Completion of detailed Sport England facilities planning model assessments for pools and sports halls  Completed Sport & Physical Activity Strategy in September 2008 Next Steps – 2008

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