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Welcome to… SHADDAN GROUP.  Shaddan’s Vision…  Shaddan in the UAE Market…  Major Divisions of Shaddan Group…  Mineral Life International … (Very New)

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome to… SHADDAN GROUP.  Shaddan’s Vision…  Shaddan in the UAE Market…  Major Divisions of Shaddan Group…  Mineral Life International … (Very New)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome to… SHADDAN GROUP

2  Shaddan’s Vision…  Shaddan in the UAE Market…  Major Divisions of Shaddan Group…  Mineral Life International … (Very New)  Mineral Life Int’l - products & its usage…. Outline SHADDAN GROUP

3 Shaddan’s Vision: SHADDAN GROUP  Customer Satisfaction  Qualitative Work  Highly Qualified Professionals  Relationship with our Clients, - “our Priceless Asset”. - “our Priceless Asset”.  Customer Satisfaction is our Ultimate Aim !!!!

4 Shaddan in the UAE Market:  Establishment  Extended our Division in Dubai & Al Ain – as a Pioneer  Continues to Serve in the Artistic Field, with New Techniques & Latest Trend.  Innovativeness on its Product.  Acts as a Bridge between the Reality & the Illusion through our Best Artistic Skills & with our Trained & Experienced Work Force  Our Customer support always enables us to achieve the Desired Performance.  Specialized – Exclusive Decorative Finishes – Elegant Interiors & New Exterior trends like Heritage Technique Finish  Always known to deliver Quality work on the desired schedule. SHADDAN GROUP

5 SHADDAN GROUP - Major Projects Major Projects: Conference Palace Private Places for Royal Family Extension of Abu Dhabi Airport (Etihad Interim Terminal) SHK Zayed Mosque Al Dhafra Air Base / Runway & Many more…

6 SHADDAN GROUP JOTUN PAINTS CAPAROL PAINTS FOSROC CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS BASF CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS BAUWERK HERITAGE MINERAL LIFE PATINA SOLUTIONS Approved & Certified Applicators for: More than 250 Employees Interior Designers Interior Designers Graphic Designers Graphic Designers Civil Engineers Civil Engineers Landscape Spec. Landscape Spec. Civil Engineers Civil Engineers Marketing Engineers Marketing Engineers Painters Painters

7 SHADDAN GROUP Major Divisions of our Group: Shaddan Contracting – Abu Dhabi Shaddan Inspiration Centre (Jotun)- Abu Dhabi Shaddan Paint Centre (Caparol) – Abu Dhabi Shaddan Application Division (Decorative, Industrial Painting & Finishing Works) – Abu Dhabi Shaddan Painting – Dubai Shaddan Painting Works – Al Ain

8 SHADDAN CONTRACTING Contracting Divisions Specialized with: VILLA CONSTRUCTION CONVENTIONAL BUILDING SYSTEM PRE-CAST AERATED CONCRETE SYSTEM STEEL ERECTION & FABRICATION PRE-FABRICATED FORCE 10 BUILDING SYSTEM ► This division is undertaking the construction and maintenance work of all types of residential and commercial structures. ► Our division is fully equipped with all the necessary manpower and machinery under the supervision of a well Experienced American Engineers who has been working in Middle East since last 36 years. ► Our division specializes in servicing our clients with the Highest Grade Materials. ► Always our commitment will be clear and absolute.

9 SHADDAN INSPIRATION CENTRE (JOTUN)  Largest Multicolor Centre in the UAE – Unlimited Choice of Unique Colors with Minolta Colour Reader.  Minolta Color Reader will Produce any Colour shade instantly as per the desire or sample.  Offers you a wide range of Interior and Exterior Products with New Designs, New Styles, New Colours and New Technology. Najda Street Between Ministry of Higher Education & Al Badad Tents. The Wonderful Creations of Our Artistic JOTUN

10 SHADDAN PAINT CENTRE (CAPAROL)  Have a Wide Selection of Products catering to the needs, ranging from Exterior paints to protect your Home, to textures that add style, to interior products that add beauty and decorative effects that will help you create your perfect Home. Bring Designer Colours, Effects & Textures into your Home CAPAROL Defence Road, Five Buildings from Lebanese Flower Restaurant.

11  Division is equipped with all required Manpower and Machinery  Handling all types of contracting and finishing works - under the supervision of well Experienced Civil Engineers, Supervisors and Interior Designers.  Application Division Offers the Following Services: SHADDAN APPLICATION DIVISION (Decorative, Industrial Painting & Finishing Work) Flooring Services Decorative Coating Gilding Works Mineral Life Finishes Marbleizing Works Ceilings Decoration Children Rooms Exterior Antique like Finish Art Work (Mural Painting) Galaxies and Skies like Finish Wood Painting and Wood like Finish Bauwerk Paint

12 SHADDAN CLIENTS’ Service Orientation Towards: Public Sectors Private Institutions Multinational Companies Star Hotels High Profile Nationals Always Shaddan Group’s Growth directly depends on “The LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE” “Often Our Group will be invited back to Quote for the New Projects with Our Old Clients”

13 Mineral Life Int’l are Architectural Finishing Products for Walls and Floors (Externally & Internally) I ntro: V ision: “Our vision of the symbiosis of the earth, its energy and man to produce building materials for architecture, landscape and sculpture, in harmony with our environment Creating the Surfaces for Natural Surfaces” MINERAL LIFE INT’L

14 Shaddan is the Only Approved Applicator for this unique product. Mineral Life are ARCHITECTURAL FINISHED PRODUCTS for Walls & Floors. Used Externally & Internally. Large Varieties of Mineral Life Products. Developed by Mr. David Shankman from USA, used world wide since Going GREEN is Fashionable…… Many British Scientists and Global Companies had decided to have Eco- Friendly Practice for New Generation. Practicing Many New Ways through Harmless Algae and Many natural Micro-Organisms. Shaddan Started using the Lime Paint, Silicate Paint, Micro Topping and the Patina Solutions. MINERAL LIFE INT’L

15  Enhances the integrity of architects design  Easy to use & maintain  Easy to change, can be over coated or carpeted or wooden panels  Excellent for areas with high temperature MINERAL LIFE INT’L

16 Different Products - Mineral Life Int’l  Lime Paint  Silicate Paint  Patina Solution  Modified Lime Plaster  Microtopping Admix  Iron Coating  Roof Tile Coating  Stucco Admix  Anti Corrosive Coating

17 Implementation of the Mineral Life Designs U.S.A. U.S.A. Jamaica Jamaica Barbados Barbados Trinidad Trinidad St. Lucia St. Lucia Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Cayman Island Cayman Island Bahamas Bahamas Costa Rica Costa Rica Nicaragua Nicaragua Honduras Honduras Colombia Colombia Venezuela Venezuela Mexico Mexico Germany Germany U.A.E. U.A.E. India India Philippines Philippines * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * { Shaddan in the UAE}

18  An Acrylic modified Composition - Tradition Coating.  Character - Natural Limestone  High resistance to Rain & High solar UV Radiation.  Natural Beauty with - Modern Admixture for Durability, Adhesion, Scrubbability & Colour Retention.  Application - many ways - Produce Different Effect.  Its Natural Colour - Earth Colours, Southwestern or any Colour of your Choice. LIME PAINT – Live Paint

19 LIME PAINT Uses: Mineral Life Int’l Lime Paint can be applied to the following vertical substrates:  Precast Concrete (after removal of release agent residue)  Exterior Stucco Plaster  Interior Drywall  Aluminum Window Frames  Steel Railings  Galvanized Flashing  Wooden Doors and Moldings  Coating for Clay Roof Tile  Reactive with Mineral Life Int’l Mineral Patina Solutions for Antique Finishes. ▼LIME on Exterior Walls

20 LIME PAINT High Strength Bonding High Abrasion Resistance Excellent Rain & Efflorescence Resistance Repels Water & Anti Mildew, Microbial without Chemical Fungicides Can be Applied over Latex Paint Elastomeric Bridging of Hairline Cracks Scrubbable “Living Wall” character like Limestone. Brightens in color when wet, while maintaining color integrity when dry May be applied as a Lime Wash by mixing 1:1 with water for more Variations of tone. Advantages :

21 Straw Dune Fennel Clay Fools-gold Palm Truck Seaform Seashell Sky LIME Based Sample Colours Horizon

22 Bronze Burntumber Cherokee Red Coconut Husk Bone Adobe Bamboo Yellow oxide Ochre Apple green LIME Based Sample Colours

23 Indiana Limestone Lotus Ironoxide Lt-Thistle Rosemary Green Red EarthOlive Bronze Stucco Gray Gray wood Grape Sunflower Red Oxide LIME Based Sample Colours

24 GEM STONE COLORS China-JadeFancy-Jasper Lapis Malachite Red-Jasper Ruby Blue-Lace Agate Yellow-Jade

25 LIME PAINT - G allery Lime Paint on Concrete Wall Mineral Lime Paint on Stucco Wall Architectural Finishes Architectural Finishes

26 Architectural Finishes LIME PAINT - G allery Lime Based Paint on Interior Wall

27 LIME PAINT - G allery Lime Paint on Ceiling Lime Wash on Stucco (Hialeah – FLORIDA)

28 SILICATE MINERAL PAINT  A Waterborne, single component inorganic coating material  Penetrates the substrate & irreversible chemical bonding - Forming a microcrystalline structure which cannot peel or blister.  Gives a Natural Live Look.

29 SILICATE MINERAL PAINT  Concrete Surfaces  Lime & Cement Mortar Stucco / Plaster  Brick Masonry  Metal surfaces, incl. aluminum and galvanized iron.  Old and new lime wash coatings  Cellular concrete Uses: W ater repellent As fire retardant Resistant - UV light, acid pollution With large - earthtone colors. With Patina - for antique finishes Anti-allergenic & Anti-microbial Excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces (chemical and physical bond) Advantages:

30 SILICATE PAINT- G allery Silicate Paint on Courtyard Silicate Paint Architectural Finishes

31 PATINA SOLUTIONS  Are mineral solutions - highly reactive with Lime containing materials such as: - Concrete, Limestone, Lime and Silicate Mineral Paints & Lime Plaster surfaces  Colorful and permanent results on walls, concrete slabs, and precast surfaces. ▼Patina Interior Concrete Sample  React chemically with these masonry surfaces - permanent part  Based - Natural Geological Processes

32 Uses: PATINA SOLUTIONS  To create natural and antique coloration to masonry substrate surfaces - walls, slabs, countertops and precast.  Concentrated form for concrete slab, or as a “wash” for wall surfaces. For Concrete Slabs:  Beautiful, natural finish, - unique, - like natural stone  Economical & customized with score cutting and multi chromatic designs.  Allows concrete slabs to be converted into a finished surface to complement many varieties of design.  Combined with diamond polishing and concrete densifiers For Wall Finishes:  - “antique” any pigmented masonry surface - as an accent “Wash”. Advantages:

33 Acid Stain for Floors  Designers have what they need to design concrete slab finishes with natural beauty and character.  Create gorgeous beautiful concrete floor.  Gives the designer all what he needs to perform and design a natural effects.  Delivers all types of decorative floors of your dreams.  We are the premier installers of decorative Acid Stain finishes of the Abu Dhabi area and all over the UAE More than  Wood  Carpets  Marble  Ceramic  Tiles  Coatings Turning Gray Concrete Slab into a Work of Art. Today’s Designers are waking up to the fact that there’s more than wood, carpet, marble, ceramic and tiles, it’s turning gray concrete slab into a work of Art.

34 Stained Concrete Floor Stained Concrete Colored Polished Concrete Polished Concrete

35 Stained Concrete Floor Architectural Finishes

36 Stained Concrete Floor

37 BEFORE & AFTER Before After

38 Before After BEFORE & AFTER

39 ACID STAIN - Sample Video

40 Architectural Finishes PATINA WASH ON LIME PAINT - G allery

41 PATINA WASH ON LIME PAINT - G allery Architectural Finishes Architectural Finishes

42 PATINA - Sample Colours BronzeIron Ebony Amber Malachite Mineralgreen Turquoise

43 Patina on Stucco Concrete PATINA on Stucco Concrete

44 Iron Patina on Concrete Slab Iron Patina on Pool Deck Iron Patina PATINA (Iron Patina)

45 Patina on Concrete Lime Paint on Wall PATINA On Concrete Slab LIME PAINT On Wall

46 BRASS PATINA on Concrete Architectural Finishes

47 Iron Patina Wash on Lime Paint

48 Patina on Concrete Mineral Life Patina on Concrete SLAB PATINA on Concrete

49 Architectural Finishes Patina on Concrete PATINA on Concrete

50 Lime Paint & Patina Solution LIME PAINT & PATINA

51 MICROTOPPING ADMIXURE  An Emulsion of the Highest Quality Acrylic Polymer, Inorganic Colorants and concentrated rheological agents  For use as thin, hard, durable Microtopping over concrete slab surfaces. ▼ Mineral Life Roof Coat ▼ Brass Patina on Wall ▼ Turquoise Patina on Lime Paint ▼ Tortoise Shell Patina on Columns

52 MICROTOPPING ADMIXURE Uses:  Over patio concrete surfaces - concrete driveways - pathways.  May be sanded and polished - for brilliant surfaces.  To resurface and beautify swimming pool decks - plaster surfaces & vertical wall surfaces - for ultra hard steel trowel finish  Over wood - concrete counter-tops - for superior wearable finish. Advantages: Choice of Classical Earthtone colors - with Patina Wash finishes Most cost effective topping system. For different surfaces. Customized with Score cutting - multi-chromatic designs. Over stencils for artistic designs. Sanded and polished to a high luster

53 MICROTOPPING Gallery Microtopping with Iron Patina

54 IRON COATING  A decorative finish for actual Iron resurfacing of Lime containing masonry surfaces.  Iron coating is a spreadable - which chemically bonds upon drying.  Iron coating - more stable than steel ▼Iron Coating

55 Uses: Applied on Concrete, Stucco, CBS Blocks, Int’l Lime & Materials primed with Lime Paint – Drywall, Durock, Wood, Plastic, etc.. IRON COATING Advantages : Unique metallic iron surface without fabrication Basic application equipment required Bonds permanently to masonry surfaces Stable for Exterior Use ▼Iron Coating

56 Mineral Life Iron Coating “Iron Patina on Concrete” Architectural Finishes

57  A unique product with attributes of Polymerized lime and gypsum  Creating hard, durable and water resistant wall finishes  Antique finishes with Mineral Patina Solutions over Lime MODIFIED LIME PLASTER

58 Uses: Applied - Exterior or Interior Stucco, Cellular lightweight concrete, Drywall, Durock, Denshield or Wonder board, CBS Block & Precast Concrete Lime Plaster Advantages:  Dries and sets quickly - Covers unwanted wall texture - Creates natural looking smooth or textured finish  Reacts with Mineral Life Int’l Patina Solutions for beautiful antique colors  Excellent water and mildew resistance – may be used even for shower walls.  “Living Wall” character like stone - Brightens in color when wet

59 MODIFIED LIME PLASTER - Gallery Modified Lime Plaster - Gallery Architectural Finishes


61 Thank You!!

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