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INTRODUCING ABEL BUILDING SOLUTIONS. ABEL Building Solutions (ABS) is the one stop sales and marketing arm of the five Divisions that constitites ABEL.

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2 ABEL Building Solutions (ABS) is the one stop sales and marketing arm of the five Divisions that constitites ABEL and Bestcrete – Comprising of: ABEL Clay, Metpro, Bestcrete, ABEL Air Condition Division and the Projects Department.

3 ABS PRODUCTS  Astralite uPVC Windows & Doors  METPRO Steel & Aluminium Windows & Doors  Clay Building Blocks  Clay Roofing Tiles  Composite Panel System (Cladding)  Curtain Wall System  Residential Air Conditioning  Commercial Air Conditioning  Bestcrete Building Blocks & Specialty Products

4 uPVC WINDOWS & DOORS Features:  Heat & UV Stabilisers prevent fading and weakening  Superior to steel and aluminium windows: no corrosion, conduction, repainting or splitting  The only windows and doors on the market with limited lifetime warranties.

5 STEEL & ALUMINIUM WINDOWS & DOORS The Metpro name has become synonymous with quality in the industry and the steel and aluminium range of windows and doors have stood the test of time on the market.  Versatile – can be coupled to form a bay window or any number of window combinations  Offers an elegant and contemporary finish

6 IMPORTED DOORS The strength of legendary Kabukalli and Purple Heart Guyanese timber matched by stately design are secure and durable. Our Metpro Fireproof doors and frames are made from cold-rolled steel. They are also insulated with fireproof material, with a fire rating of temperatures of greater than or equal to 950°C.


8 06/09/128 “Clay is the superior construction material, in use since the Roman Empire” Some key characteristics of clay building materials that lend to USP are; – Better quality product, lighter weight and environmentally friendly materials – Structural Integrity; high compressive strength – Better thermal insulation – ISO certification 9001:2008 of product quality – Overall cost savings- more affordable housing solutions – Environmentally friendly technology – Recovery process through the reforestation of the areas where the raw materials are extracted. Key Message

9 CLAY BUILDING BLOCKS Trusted to support innumerable projects island wide and regionally Lighter weight which results in lower transportation costs / faster installation resulting in lower labor cost / creates less load on the foundation than any other type of solid material. Present better thermal and sound insulation and resistance to fire. Easy maintenance

10 Composite Panel Polyurethylene core ensures excellent stiffness and bending properties Lighter than any other metal panel and fixes easily to building and various other cladding applicators Available in a range of sizes and variety of colours High thermal efficiency, providing a much more economic and efficient solution through greater insulation requirements

11 CURTAIN WALL This system is designed to: resist air and water infiltration, wind forces acting on the building, seismic forces, and its own dead load forces Curtain Wall provides an architecturally pleasing building, and the glass finish provides an almost infinite combination of colour, thickness and opacity. Aluminum offers the unique advantage of being able to be easily extruded into nearly any shape required for design and aesthetic purposes.

12 AIR CONDITIONING ABS is the Authorized dealer for Carrier equipment in this market, and carries a range of commercial and residential equipment. In 2007, ABEL Air Conditioning Division expanded its product line to include its house brand - the Katashi range of air conditions. Katashi has gained a reputation in the market as being a quality unit at an affordable price. ABEL can supply your every air conditioning need from the smallest room to multi storey structures

13 AIR CONDITIONING As one of the local distributors for Carrier Commercial Units, our Air Conditioning Division can also design and install any system to meet the specific needs of our customers. Some noteworthy installations include: West Mall ANSA Finance Building Unicell Paper Mills RBTT, St. Clair

14 BENEFITS OF CONCRETE PRODUCTS More and more, designers, architects and engineers are taking advantage of the wide variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and surface contours that allow limitless design options which the Bestcrete range of concrete products allow. The structural attributes of the Bestcrete concrete blocks include: Strength Durability Sound Absorption Modular Dimension All these make the concrete block easier to design and work with.

15 INTERLOCKING PAVERS & GRASS PAVERS  Provide immediate enhancement to the environment and requires only 2” of bedding sand  Not only environmentally-friendly but offers a wide range of colour choices that can lead to creative possibilities  The solid units are capable of handling heavy traffic and are more durable than asphalt driveways  Low maintenance, easy to replace and mortarless, easy installation


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