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Utah Driver License Practice Test Coach Meier/Mrs. Parker.

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1 Utah Driver License Practice Test Coach Meier/Mrs. Parker

2 1-During school hours, when children are going to (or leaving) school, the speed limit in a school zone is A. 15 mph B. 20 mph C. 25 mph D. 30 mph

3 2-You cannot legally park within ____ feet of a fire hydrant. A.10 B.15 C.20 D.30

4 3-Suspension Means: A.Your privilege to drive is temporarily withdrawn. B.Your privilege to drive is terminated C.Your privilege to drive is permanently withdrawn. D.Your consent to drive has been withdrawn or terminated.

5 4-You must not make a “U” turn to go in the opposite direction unless you can see, or be seen in either direction for: A.100 feet B.200 feet C.300 feet D.500 feet

6 5-You cannot legally park within ____ feet of a stop sign. A.15 B.20 C.30 D.50

7 6-Hospital certificates are accepted by the Driver License division as proof of date-of- birth. A.True B.False

8 7-Driver education is required: A.For anyone who has never had a previous driver license. B.For those under 18 C.For those under 21 D.For those under 25

9 8-The driver license compact: A.Provides guidelines for greater cooperation among states. B.Requires the driver to be financially responsible. C.Allows other drivers from other states to drive in Utah. D.Requires drivers to submit to a sobriety test.

10 9-Which of the following has priority in controlling traffic. A.State traffic laws. B.Local or municipal regulations. C.A police officer at the scene. D.Traffic lights.

11 10-You must signal at least___ before changing lanes. A.2 seconds B.3 seconds C.200 feet D.300 feet

12 11-When entering a freeway: A.The entering car has the right of way. B.All traffics should slow down and proceed with caution. C.The left hand lane of traffic has the right of way. D.Cars entering the freeway should look for openings in the traffic, accelerate to the main traffic speed and merge into the right traffic lanes.

13 12-Air bags are most effective in preventing injury in motor vehicle accidents when passengers are wearing safety belts or using appropriate child restraint devices. A.True B.False

14 13-All drivers should use seat belts in cars so equipped. A.True B.False

15 14-Seat belts can protect you by: A.Keeping you from crashing through the windshield. B.Reducing your chances for internal organ damage. C.Reducing your chances of paralysis. D.All of the above.

16 15-The leading cause of death for ages 1 to 24 in America is: A.Domestic violence. B.Motor vehicle crashes. C.Cancer D.Drug addiction.

17 16-Don’t pass a car that has stopped at a crosswalk. A.True B.False

18 17-If your are involved in an accident with an unattended vehicle and the owner is unavailable or cannot be found, leave a note with your name, address, and vehicle identification number. A.True B.False

19 18-The driver is responsible for the protection of each passenger up to sixteen years of age by using an appropriate child restraint device, or by securing a properly adjusted safety belt. A. True B. False

20 19-Do not pass: A.On hills or curves. B.When school bus lights are flashing. C.When approaching an intersection. D.All the above.

21 20-IF you are traveling in a car that is going 30 mph and you have a 2 to 3 second warning prior to and accident, you can probably brace yourself against the force of the accident without the use of a safety belt. A.True B.False

22 21-When turning right on a red light at an intersection, drivers should: A.Pull as far forward into the crosswalk as possible before stopping so that you can check to the left for a break in traffic before turning. B.Slow down and yield to any oncoming traffic. C.Stop before entering the crosswalk, then check to the left for oncoming traffic and check both ways for pedestrians before turning. D.Stop and wait for the light to turn green, therefore giving you the right of way and eliminating the need to check for oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

23 22-Studies show that people who use marijuana: A.Make more driving mistakes. B.Are arrested for more traffic violations. C.Are more likely to be bothered by headlight glare. D.All of the above.

24 23-Failure to submit a chemical test may result in your driver license being revoked. A.True B.False

25 24-Once you have started across railroad tracks you should keep going, even if you see a train coming. A.True B.False

26 25-Motorcycle Helmets: A.Are not required. B.Are required for motorcycle riders under 18. C.Are required for motorcycle riders under 21. D.Are required for all motorcycle riders.

27 26-Mental or emotional problems should be reported to the Driver License Division. A.True B.False

28 27-Marijuana does not affect your ability to drive. A.True B.False

29 28-If you fail to pass the eye examination, you will be required to obtain a statement of visual acuity from your eye doctor. A.True B.False

30 29-Drivers are required by law to report to the Driver License Division medical conditions that may adversely affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. A.True B.False

31 30-When a bicyclist is traveling in front of you and the lane is too narrow to pass safely you should: A.Drive closely behind the bicyclist so he knows they are slowing down traffic and should pull over. B. Pass the bicyclist as long as you have one foot clearance. C.Give the bicyclist all the rights of any other driver and wait until the lane next to you is clear before passing. D.Pass the bicyclist in the same lane as quickly as possible to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

32 31-You can go to any commercial driving school to take a road test. A.True B.False

33 32-To obtain a duplicate license: A.Application must be made within 10 days. B.A request may be made by telephone. C.Identification can be determined from a computer. D.Proof of identification must be provided.

34 33-An SR-22 means motorcycle insurance: A.True B.False

35 34-Drivers under 21 are allowed up to ___ points in a three-year period under the Driver License Point System. A.70 B.85 C.100 D.200

36 35-You may apply for a renewal of your license six months prior to it’s date of expiration. A.True B.False

37 36-Persons who drive tractors are required to have a license. A.True B.False

38 37-The type of vehicle a licensed non- commercial operator may legally drive is: A.Class A B.Class B C.Class C D.Class D

39 38-Your privilege to drive must be revoked for: A.Manslaughter or negligent homicide while driving. B.First offence Speeding C.Second offence speeding D.First offence not wearing a seat belt.

40 39-Non-residents, Sixteen years of age or older, who are licensed by other states may drive in Utah. A.True B.False

41 40-A learner permit, which allows a student to operate a class D motor vehicle when accompanied by a licensed parent, legal guardian, or adult spouse, shall be issued to a student who: A.Is at least 15 years of age. B.Has successfully passed the state driver license written test. C.Has a visual acuity of at least 20/40 with corrective lenses. D.All of the above.

42 41-A Sign of this shape means: A.Left turn allowed. B.Stop C.School D.Signal Ahead

43 42-The general meaning of a traffic sign may be identified first by: A.Location B.Placement C.Shape D.Traffic Flow

44 43-All green lights and green arrows mean: A.Go. B.Accelerate quickly C.Go if the intersection is clear D.Wait until you are instructed to go

45 44-A sign of this shape means: A.Pedestrian crossing B.Merging traffic C.Regulatory D.Warning

46 45- Which road allows one side of traffic to pass and the other side not to pass? ABCDEABCDE

47 46-At an intersection where only painted crosswalk lines and a stop sign appear, vehicles should stop behind the: A.Base of the stop sign. B.Crosswalk line that is nearest to you. C.Point where the traffic can be seen regardless of A or B. D.Intersection.

48 47-Which of the following lights indicates that you clear the intersection because the light is about to turn red? A.Flashing Red B.Flashing yellow C.Green D.Yellow

49 48-The word omitted on this sign is: A.ILLEGAL B.PERMITTED C.MERGE D.YIELD

50 49-Which of the following is not the true about a roundabout? A.Drivers must always yield to pedestrians. B.Drivers must always come to a complete stop before entering a roundabout C.Drivers must always yield to traffic already in a roundabout D.Traffic travels in a counter clockwise direction

51 50-Which sign identifies the “ construction Flag-man” Sign: A. B.C. D.E.

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