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By: Josh Dawson Play the game Game Directions Story Credits Objectives.

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2 By: Josh Dawson Play the game Game Directions Story Credits Objectives

3 Why are we on a trip around the city? A touring group of 6 th grade students from MSTI 131 are on a field trip around Mexico. In in the city of Guadalajara, they are split into groups and must visit a market place, school house, and a park by the end of the day. In order to enjoy the fiesta that is planned for their last night in the city, they must explore and learn about each location! Along the way, students must be careful not to lose their money, their map, or any members of their group, because this will slow them down. Of course each group wants to make it to the fiesta first in order to enjoy the freshest burritos and the opening songs of the mariachi band! The questions include Spanish vocabulary about the classroom, food, and recreation, as well as some commonly used verbs. Be sure to know colors and numbers as well! Good luck and let the exploration begin! Home Page

4 How do you play? The goal of the game is for your group to make it to the end of the board first in order to reach the fiesta. Form groups of two or more students, as long as there are no more than five groups. Each group can work together to come up with the correct answers. On each turn, the group will choose any question numbered 1 through 25 and answer using their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. If the question is answered correctly, a card will be drawn and that player’s team can advance the number of spaces on the card. If the question is answered incorrectly, a card will not be drawn and that group must wait until their next turn for another question. Some cards will say that your group has encountered a problem. These cards could include that the group lose a turn, stay where they are, or move backward: Losing a turn means that group will not be given the opportunity to answer a question or advance on their next turn If the group must stay where they are, they do not advance, but may answer a question on their next turn. If the group must move backward, do so according to the number of spaces specified on the card Return

5 Colors Red-Roja Green-Verde Blue-Azúl White-Blanco Yellow- Amarillo Purple-Morada

6 Verbs To write- Escribir To pay- Pagar To buy- Comprar To walk- Caminar To travel- Viajar

7 Objects Pencil-Lapiz Chicken- Pollo Desk- Pupítre Pen- Bolígrafo Dog- Perro Eggs- Huevos Tomato- Tomate Bird- Pájaro Bread- Pan

8 Numbers Six- Seis Two- Dos Seven- Siete Nine- Nueve

9 Time to play “A Trip Around the City”! Choose a question from the list provided. Good luck! Home PageGame Directions 1325467 8910111312 14161517181920 2122232425

10 Question #1 amarilla ¿Qué color es esta manzana? azul roja

11 Question #2 Dibuja (draw) uno lapiz. Answer

12 Question #3 tener ¿Como se dice “to write” en español? escribir venir

13 Question #4 Dibuja (draw) uno pollo. Answer

14 Question #5 blanco ¿Qué color es este árbol? verde azúl

15 Question #6 huevo ¿Qué usa para pagar (to pay)? perro dinero

16 Question #7 seis ¿Cuantas naranjas hay aquí? cuatro diez

17 Question #8 marrón ¿Qué color es esta piscina? azúl anaranjada

18 Question #9 Dibuja (draw) uno pupítre. Answer

19 Question #10 hablar ¿Como se dice “to buy” en español? cocinar comprar

20 Question #11 Dibuja (draw) uno bolígrafo. Answer

21 Question #12 morado ¿Qué color es este papel? rojo blanco

22 Question #13 Dibuja (draw) uno perro. Answer

23 Question #14 un profesor Él es… una silla verde

24 Question #15 doce ¿Cuantos niños hay aquí? ocho dos

25 Question #16 viente ¿Cuantas piñatas hay aquí? seis siete

26 Question #17 Dibuja (draw) uno huevo. Answer

27 Question #18 caminar ¿Como se dice “to walk” en español? ser cantar

28 Question #19 Dibuja (draw) uno tomate. Answer

29 Question #20 catorce ¿Cuantos gatos hay aquí? nueve cinco

30 Question #21 amarilla ¿Qué color es esta silla? verde morada

31 Question #22 mantequilla ¿Como se dice “bread” en español? lago pan

32 Question #23 amarillo ¿Qué color es este plátano? morado blanco

33 Question #24 Dibuja (draw) uno pájaro. Answer

34 Question #25 caminar ¿Como se dice “to travel” en español? viajar comer

35 Back to the Questions

36 Question #2 Answer A pencil! Back to the Questions

37 Question #4 Answer A chicken! Back to the Questions

38 Question #9 Answer A desk! Back to the Questions

39 Question #11 Answer A pen! Back to the Questions

40 Question #13 Answer A dog! Back to the Questions

41 Question #17 Answer Eggs! Back to the Questions

42 Question #19 Answer A tomato! Back to the Questions

43 Question #24 Answer A bird! Back to the Questions


45 Credits All teachers and students at non-profit schools can use, revise, or adapt this game at will at no cost on the condition that all prior designers are cited. Josh Dawson, St. John Fisher College, October 1, 2008. Stephanie Stearns, University of Georgia, June 27, 2006, “A Trip Around the City”. Home Page

46 Educational Objectives Grade Level 6 th Grade Beginning Spanish Subject Area Objectives Identify colors Recognize vocabulary relating to food, schoolroom items, and recreational items Translate commonly used verbs Count in Spanish while being exposed to related vocabulary Home Page Learn Spanish

47 Copyright Copyright 2006 Stephanie Stearns Permission to copy this game at no cost is granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools. Permission is also granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools to make revisions to this game for their own purposes, on the condition that this copyright page and the credits page remain part of the game. Teachers and students who adapt the game should add their names and affiliations to the credits page without deleting any names already there. Home Page

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