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Traci Fish1 Learning Basic Spanish Review 3 rd -4 th Grade Level.

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1 Traci Fish1 Learning Basic Spanish Review 3 rd -4 th Grade Level

2 Traci Fish2 Objectives and Directions The objective of this power point is to review the Spanish terms we have studied the last month. Directions = review the power point with your parents Do the assignments at the end on a separate sheet of paper Bring that paper to class and we will grade them in class as we prepare for our test.

3 Traci Fish3 Tips All of the English words will open before the Spanish side Click until all the English words appear on the left and then the Spanish words will appear on the right as you continue to click We have done this same assignment in class but if you need to feel free to call

4 Traci Fish4 Family Members English Mom Dad Brother Sister Spanish Madre Padre Hermano Hermana

5 Traci Fish5 Family Pets English Cats Dogs Birds Fish Hamsters Bunnies Spanish Gatos Perros Pájaros Pescado Hámsters Conejos

6 Traci Fish6 Classroom Objects English Desks Chairs Books Pens Pencils Notebooks Spanish Escritorios Sillas Libros Bolígrafos Lápiz Cuaderno

7 Traci Fish7 Favorite Non-Healthy Foods English Ice cream Cake Cookies French Fries Pizza Cereal Spanish El Helado El Pastel Las Galletas Las Papas Fritas La pizza Los Cereales

8 Traci Fish8 Food Groups English Meat Vegetables Fruit Fats Bread Rice Spanish La Carne Las Verduras La Fruta La Grasa El Pan El Arroz

9 Traci Fish9 Meats English Steak Chicken Ham Pork Pork Chop Spanish El Bistec El Pollo El Jamon Cerdo La Chuleta de Cerdo

10 Traci Fish10 Vegetables English Carrots Lettuce Tomatoes Corn Potatoes Spanish Las Zanahorias La Lechuga El Tomate El maíz Las Papas

11 Traci Fish11 Fruits English Bananas Apples Oranges Grapes Strawberries Spanish Los Plátanos Las Manzanas Las Naranjas Las Uvas Las Fresas

12 Traci Fish12 Beverages English Milk Water Iced Tea Juice Coffee Soda Spanish La Leche El Agua El Té Helado El Jugo El Café Un Refresco

13 Traci Fish13 Review Game Match the picture with the Spanish word: –A) Las Fresas –B) El Jugo –C) El Helado –D) El Tomate 1. _____ 2._____ 3.______ 4._______ Example: 1. B) El Jugo

14 Traci Fish14 More Review Match the Spanish word to the English word 1) El Pan 2) Los Libros 3) Las Uvas 4) Las Sillas 5) El Helado 6) El Gatto 7) Los Libros 8) La Fruta 9) El Bistec A) Grapes B) Ice Cream C) Bread D) Juice E) Steak F) Books G) Chairs H) Cat I) Fruit Example: Answer to 1) El Pan= C) Bread– 1=C

15 Traci Fish15 Match the Family Members Identify the Family members and write their Spanish name on a separate piece of paper. 1._______ 2._______ 3._____ 4.________ Example: 1. Hermano

16 Traci Fish16 Helpful Hints 1- Have all the English words on a slide come up first and then from memory try to write the Spanish 2- Ask your parents if you can make Spanish note cards for English items all over your (like we did in class) Ask your parents to review with you: –By speaking in Spanish to you –By calling off your vocabulary words

17 Traci Fish17 Adios This is the end of the power point. I hope it was a helpful review. Do not forget: to bring your answers to class and study! Test on Tuesday! Monday we will spend checking your work and reviewing Buen Dia

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