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A Homemade PowerPoint Game By Robert DeRosa The University of Georgia

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1 A Homemade PowerPoint Game By Robert DeRosa The University of Georgia
Road to the White House Story Game Directions Game Directions Game Preparation Game Pieces Play the game Objectives A Homemade PowerPoint Game By Robert DeRosa The University of Georgia Credits Copyright Notice

2 The Story of the “Road to the White House”
Many people when they are growing up are asked what they what to be when they grow up. The majority of people have at one point in their life answered, “I want to be president.” But the majority of people grow up never knowing what it takes to be president. Many people have no idea how hard the road is to becoming the president of the united states. Candidates must travel a long road that can at some times be bumpy and windy, but for them to become president, they must endure these temporary setbacks in order to achieve their ultimate goal. This game will help to teach players about the election process and give them a taste of what it takes to become the president of the united states. Home Page

3 Game Directions The goal of the game is to…become president.
To play the game you have to…travel around the game board answering questions correctly in order to advance. To win the game you have to…be the first candidate to successfully navigate the election process. Return

4 Game Preparation Gameboard: print out slides 9-12, cut off the edges, then tape together. Home Page

5 Game Pieces Return

6 Credits All Teachers and Students at Non-profit Schools Can Use, Revise, or Adapt This Game at Will at No Cost on the Condition That All Prior Designers Are Cited. Originally designed by Robert DeRosa, University of Georgia, June 30, 2003 with the title “The Road to the Presidency.” Home Page

7 Educational Objectives
Audience. Grades 9-12. Subject area objectives. Students will be able to gain a better understanding of what it takes to become president and learn information about the election process. Home Page

8 Copyright Copyright 2003 Robert DeRosa.
Permission to copy this game at no cost is granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools. Permission is also granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools to make revisions to this game for their own purposes, on the condition that this copyright page and the credits page remain part of the game. Teachers and students who adapt the game should add their names and affiliations to the credits page without deleting any names already there. Home Page





13 Time to Play “The Road to the White House”!
Game Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Home Page Game Directions

14 Correct! Move Again. Return

15 That is incorrect! Next player’s turn. Return

16 How old must a person be to run for president?
C. 45 D. 55

17 A person born in another country can run for president as long as he or she has been a U.S. citizen for at least 2 years. True. False.

18 What state does the first primary election take place in?
A. Vermont B. New Hampshire C. Maine D. California

19 The 20th Amendment states that in the event of a president’s death while in office, the Secretary of State takes over the office. True. False.

20 How many electoral votes is California worth?
B. 64 C. 32 D. 12

21 How old must a person be to vote in a presidential election?

22 In order for a person to vote, they must have been born in the U.S.
True. False.

23 What day does the presidential inauguration take place on?
A. January 2nd B. November 4th C. December 12th D. January 20th

24 What percentage of electoral college votes does a candidate need to win?
B. 51% C. 75% D. 100%

25 How many years does the term of the president last?
B. 1 C. 4 D. 6

26 How many terms of office can a president serve?
B. 2 C. 3 D. No limit

27 How often do presidential elections take place?
A. Every 2 years B. Every year C. Every 6 years D. Every 4 years

28 Only the Republican party holds primary elections.
True. False.

29 The last presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore was decided by...
A. The House of Representatives B. The Senate C. The Supreme Court D. Another election

30 What kind of political party system does the U.S. support?
A. A multi-party system B. A two-party system C. A one-party system D. A no-party system

31 Which is not a valid political party?
A. Republican B. Green C. Blue D. Democrat

32 The U.S. has the highest voter turnout than any other democratic country.
True. False.

33 No one has ever been elected president without running on a major party’s ticket.
True. False.

34 Which of the following presidents is not a Republican?
A. Ronald Reagan B. George Bush, Sr. C. Jimmy Carter D. John F. Kennedy

35 A person must first be vice president before they can run for president.
True. False.

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