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© FAB and AHDB 2011 Foods made with flour from around the world.

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1 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Foods made with flour from around the world

2 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Australia Anzac Biscuits: were baked by wives and mothers during World War I, packed in food parcels, and sent to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the trenches. Damper: was originally made with flour and water and a good pinch of salt, kneaded, shaped into a round, and baked in the ashes of the campfire or open fireplace. It is eaten with pieces of fried dried meat, sometimes spread with golden syrup, but always with billy or pot of tea.

3 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Jamaica Bammy: is a toasted bread-like wafer made from cassava and servied with many meals. Black Jamaican Cake: is made by fruit being soaked in bottles of rum for at least two weeks. After the cake is baked it is commonly left for up to four weeks to improve its taste.

4 © FAB and AHDB 2011 China Moon cake: is a pastry with different fillings such as a whole egg yolk and lotus seed puree. It is typically eaten to celebrate the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn festival). Steamed bun: is a commonly consumed as either a snack or part of a main meal. These can be plain or contain meat or vegetable fillings.

5 © FAB and AHDB 2011 India Chapati: is a form of roti or rotta (bread) consumed in northern South Asia. Chapati is a roti made of whole wheat flour and cooked on a tava (flat skillet). Paratha: is one of the most popular unleavened flat-breads in Indian, Pakistani and Bengali cuisine and is made by pan frying whole-wheat dough on a tava.

6 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Thailand Rice noodles: are called kuai tiao in Thailand and comes in three varieties: sen yai are wide flat noodles, sen lek are thin flat rice noodles, and sen mi (also known as rice vermicelli in the West) is round and thin. Khanom chin is fresh Thai rice vermicelli made from fermented rice, used in dishes such as khanom chin kaeng khiao wan kai (rice noodles with green chicken curry). Thailand

7 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Turkey Pide: can be made with minced meat (together with onion, chopped tomatoes, parsley and spices), kashar cheese, spinach, white cheese, pieces of meat and/or eggs put on rolled-out dough, is one of the most common traditional stone-baked Turkish specialities. Açma: is a soft bread found in most parts of Turkey. It is circular in shape, is covered in a glaze, and is usually eaten as a part of breakfast or as a snack.

8 © FAB and AHDB 2011 France Baguette: is a commonly consumed long thin bread loaf which is made from a basic bread dough. It is very long, has a crisp crust and is also known as a French stick. Croissant: is layered with a large amount of butter, rolled and folded several times before being shaped into a crescent. These can be wrapped around any praline, almond paste or chocolate before it is baked. Savoury versions are also available.

9 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Poland Pierogi: is a boiled pastry, similar to large triangular ravioli, with a variety of savoury or fruit fillings. Szarlotka or apple Charlotte: is a cake that features on the dessert menu in many restaurants. The cake type base is covered with a deep filling of chopped apple and a crumbly top.

10 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Spain Magdalenas: are similar to the French Mandeleine. These are a small light sponge cake commonly eaten across the country. Empanada: is a stuffed bread or pastry which is baked or fried. The name means to wrap or coat in bread. Empanada is made by folding a dough or bread patty around the stuffing. The stuffing can consist of a variety of meats, cheese, vegetables or fruits among others.

11 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Greece Spanakopita: is a mix of spinach, feta cheese, onions or spring onions, egg and seasoning wrapped in filo pastry in a form of a pie. Baklava: is layers of filo pastry filled with nuts and drenched in honey.

12 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Italy Pasta: was first made in the Puglia region of Italy. It is made from durum wheat and must be left to dry before being cooked. Pizza: was originally made in Naples, and has become popular in many different parts of the world. It is an oven-baked, flat, disc-shaped bread typically topped with a tomato sauce and cheese.

13 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Russia Pirozhki: are small stuffed buns or pies made of either yeast dough or short pastry. They are filled with one of many different fillings and are either baked or shallow- fried. Blini: is a thin pancake made with yeasted batter which is often served in connection with a religious rite or festival. Blini can be made from wheat, buckwheat, or other grains, although wheat blini are most popular in Russia. They may be topped with butter, sour cream, fruit preserves or caviar.

14 © FAB and AHDB 2011 Brazil Pão de Queijo: literally means cheese bread, is a typical Brazilian snack, is a small, soft roll made of manioc flour, eggs, milk, and minas cheese. Pastéis: are pastries with a wide variety of fillings. Different shapes are used to tell apart the different flavours, the two most common shapes being half-moon (cheese) and square (meat).

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