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Asian Cuisine Recipes of China, Japan, India, and Russia.

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1 Asian Cuisine Recipes of China, Japan, India, and Russia.

2 Chinese Ingredients & Cooking Techniques Stir Fry –Most common cooking method –Foods retain color, texture, flavor and nutrients –Often cooked in a wok Steaming –Replaces baking (most Chinese do not have ovens) Deep Frying –Meats, poultry, egg rolls and wontons

3 Chinese Recipes Stir-fry: meats (chicken, pork, fish) and vegetables (bok choy, bean sprouts, tofu, water chestnuts, broccoli) fried then steamed in a wok. Rice: short grain sticky rice served as side dish, fried main dish or used to make noodles.

4 Chinese Recipes Soup: simple broth to hearty noodles and vegetables. Common everyday meal. Various vegetables, meats, dumplings and wontons used in soups. Hot and Sour Chicken & Corn Bean Sprout Soup Wonton Soup

5 Common Japanese Ingredients 4 Basic Ingredients: rice, soybeans, fish and seaweed Seasonings include sesame oil, chives, mustard, scallions, rice vinegar Vegetables include daikon, wasabi, ginger root, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, beans Beverages include tea (national drink), sake (rice wine), beer, soft drinks, coffee

6 Japanese Recipes Gohan: Rice, usually steamed. Miso Soup: Clear broth made with fermented soybean paste. Any meat, vegetable or grain added. Mushimono: Steamed foods served with or without a dipping sauce. Miso Soup Steamed Rice Gohan with Vegetables

7 Japanese Recipes Continued Sushi: various raw seafoods with rice. Sashimi: various raw seafoods not served with rice. Nimono: simmered dishes similar to Chinese stirfry. Sushi Sashimi Nimono

8 Indian Cuisine Religion and Cuisine –Hinduism--Cow considered sacred –Muslim (North)No Pork –Vegetarianism Pulses (legumes & beans) Ghee (clarified butter) Roti (bread) –Chapatis (flatbread) –Naan (yeast based)

9 Indian Recipes Curry: stewed meats and vegetables in a spicy sauce served over rice. Tandoori: skewered chicken or lamb seasoned with garam masala (blend of spices) are cooked in a clay oven. Korma: Meats braised in yogurt. Vindaloo: Meats & vegetables (squash, spinach, carrots, green beans, cauliflower) cooked in spicy vinegar sauce. Chutney: fresh or cooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices finely chopped and served as side dish. Pear Chutney Korma Curry

10 Russian Cuisine Described as hearty and filling Grains and bread productsfoundation –Rye based breadsgrow well in cold weather Many vegetable based soups and side dishes –Potatoes, rutabagas, mushroom, cabbage Liberal use of dairy and meat –Sour cream, yogurt, milk

11 Russian Recipes Borscht: Beet Soup served with sour cream. Beef Stroganov: Beef and mushrooms cooked in a seasoned sour cream sauce. Pirozhki: pastries filled with meats or sweet fillings. Often sold by street vendors Chicken Kiev: Chicken breast wrapped around herb butter and deep fried. Paskha: Easter cheese cake molded into pyramid shape.

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