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Setting the stage Video from training/featured-videos 1.

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1 Setting the stage Video from training/featured-videos 1

2 The New Frontier—College  Historical focus on trades and skills is not sufficient in today’s job market.  National trend that suggests college degree is key to success  Federal and district movement requiring transition planning beginning at age 15 (post-school outcomes in Career/Employment, Education and Training, and Life skills) 2

3 The New Frontier—continued..  Colleges meeting the demands of 504 and ADA accessibility requirements (more students applying caused a shift in the support systems needed and created), as well as full inclusion.  The Colorado Paradox Second in nation for greatest number of college degree holders per capita Bottom quartile of nation- Only 1 in 5 9 th grade students will graduate from college. 3

4 Session Objective  College IS possible  Discuss what accommodation are available for students with disabilities 4

5 The New Frontier—continued..  Average college cost: At least $12k/year for four-year college, For community college class, $240 per 2 credit course after $124 for Colorado Opportunity Fund  Percentage of students with cognitive disabilities attending college around 15% 5

6 Why college?  Rite of Passage  Social aspect  Skills development  Community living  Independence –’Freedom’  Career preparation  Achievement (different goals for student and parent sometimes are present) 6

7 Development of Models  Full inclusion  Supported inclusion  Program within a program  Separate (stand-alone) program  Third-party support 7

8 Getting Prepared for College  H.S. course selection and programming begin in Freshman year ICAP-Individual Career and Academic Plan- Transition for all students! Naviance is the tool Courses- Required for graduation, Tied to post- secondary outcomes, Modified as necessary, and aligned with admission and NCAA requirements (esp. for 2/4 year programs) IEP development Summary of Performance provided at school completion 8

9 Getting Prepared for College  Organization skills Time management  Self-advocacy  Life skills  Encouraging students to find their voice  Problem solving  Safety and independent mobility 9

10 The Hoops  Selection of college or university What are you looking for, accessibility, programs, etc… Tour, interview current students, look at catalog  Application  College Opportunity Fund (COF)  Accuplacer /ACT testing / GED route  Costs 10

11 If not college, what? Other post school education options  Volunteer service  Job Corps  Vocational specific programs  Internships, Apprenticeships,  Classes at recreation centers, Free University, CCB resources  Private Schools  Community partners 11

12 Resources   CDE/ Colorado Options    Office for Civil Rights  Jeffco Transition Alliance Group: 12

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