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We know what we need to do for students what barriers prevent us from doing it? Transition 2011.

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1 We know what we need to do for students what barriers prevent us from doing it? Transition 2011

2 What does the diploma mean? Grant Wiggins take on diploma Read the article “A Diploma Worth Having” Highlight or underline interesting ideas Share with a partner your take on the article Group debrief

3 Transition defines the IEP 1997 IDEA reauthorization shifted the focus from improving educations services for students with disabilities to aligning student’s educational program with postsecondary goals in order to provide students with skills to become responsible adults (Council for Exceptional Children) 2004 indicator 13 was developed by Office of Special Education Programs Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Measurable Post Secondary Goals in Education/Training and Employment and Independent Living as appropriate Transition services Course of Study Linkage Agencies

4 Transition defines the IEP After the transition services are developed the next step is to develop the annual IEP with goals that align with the postsecondary goals These two questions should be addressed: What skills and knowledge must the student attain this academic year that are necessary for achieving the transition services identified to assist in obtaining the postsecondary goal? What skills and knowledge does the student currently have that support transition services and postsecondary goals?

5 TPS Transition Plans Data Transition plan Assessment Goals Services Course of Study Linkage Agency

6 TPS Transition Plans Assessment What are we using? Develop your building plan Submit your building plans by October 15, 2011 Goals Follow the formula After high school _( the student )_ will _( behavior )_ _( where and how)_ After high school Bill will attend a technical college program in auto mechanics. After completing his technical school training, Bill will find competitive employment as a mechanic. After high school, Jane will increase her hours in retail sails with support from the adult agency, DVR. After high school, Curtis will participate in 1 age appropriate community based activity per week.

7 TPS Transition Plans Services are a set of coordinated activities needed this year to meet Post High School Goal Instruction SDI, Social Skills Training, Self-Advocacy Training Related Services ESA, audiology, transportation training, assistive technology Community Experiences Outside of school—Job Shadow, Visits to Schools Daily Living Skills Adult services-Voting, accessing adult services-SSI, DVR, Disability student services

8 TPS Transition Plans Course of Study-from current year to anticipated exit year 1 describes where the student is in high school and when the student will graduate 2 focus of academic program 3 what skills does the student need to learn 4 Note the linkage agency Maria is in the 10 th grade. She has a learning disability I reading and written language. Maria will graduate with credits and requirements, take the appropriate state assessment and project to earn a high school diploma. Maria will take all the courses required to earn a high school diploma. She will take science courses that relate to her postsecondary goal, general science and life science. She will apply and enroll in the Health Occupations course in her high school in grade 11, the beginning course (2 hr) and continue in grade 12 in the advanced Health Occupation course (3 hr) which includes a 2 hr after school internship at Walrus Community Hospital. Maria will apply to Walrus Community College during her senior year in high school. She will apply to the 2-yr nursing program or medical assistant program. She will contact the Disability Support Services at the community college before leaving high school.

9 TPS Transition Plans Agency Linkage To invite you need parent permission Definitely by the last year in school, can be sooner IEP Annual Goal Needs to be relevant to the post secondary goal Needs to have base line Data Needs to be measurable

10 IOL and transition Age Appropriate Assessment is on the Performance Tab Needs Strengths Preferences Interests Transition Tab Goals and Services Course of Study Agency Linkage

11 IOL and Transition/SOP Summary of Performance Completed on students exiting TPS Graduating with a diploma Aging out Completed the semester they are leaving Post high school goals Present level of performance updated Accommodation needed

12 Resources District Manual and Website Transition Roadmap IOL QRD on transition Center for Change and Transition Where Are You Going?

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