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Jane Webber, New Jersey City University B-Gr-Go-O INFP

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1 True Colors for College Choice: Counseling to Students’ Preferred College Style
Jane Webber, New Jersey City University B-Gr-Go-O INFP J.Barry Mascari, Kean University, NJ O-B/G----Go ENFP Vincent Varrassi, Fairleigh Dickinson University B—Go/Gr/O

2 Learn how identifying students’ styles using True Colors and Myers Briggs Type Indicator reveal and improve college choices and planning Ditiberio, J.K., & Hammer, A.L. (1993). Introduction to type in college. Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologists Press. Kalil, C. (1999). Follow your true colors to the work you love. Malibu, CA: DreamMaker Publishing. Miscisn, M. (1991). Showing our true colors. Riverside, CA: True Colors Tieger, P., & Barron, B. (2007). Do what you are: Discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type. 4th ed.. NY: Little, Barron, and Company.

3 The College Going Experience
Most students commute to college within 50 miles of home, but going away to college is an American rite of passage– “the college experience” Liberal arts vs. Career preparation is misunderstood 2/3 change their major at least once; many change majors every semester Most HS students choose a major and college without career counseling self awareness exploration/assessment, or decision making skills Undecided college applicants and undecided majors need specialized decision making programs

4 Today’s Goals for Your Preferred Type
Gold: Detailed information about how to use True Colors and MBTI with students to improve college choice, step by step directions, and organized handouts Orange: Fun hands-on activities for True Colors, games, and new jokes to make your work exciting Green: Research about student’s color preferences, theory about MBTI and True Colors, and ideas for you to consider in the future Blue: Getting to know your colleagues, affirming your true self, sharing experiences, and expanding ways to connect with your students


6 Sam chose a large highly-ranked public university primarily for financial aid. She first loved the excitement of campus life and football weekends although she felt out of place at parties--like an observer. She preferred reading novels to parties, or talking with one student in a quiet setting. Large lecture classes with 600 students overwhelmed her; she was uncomfortable asking questions. Sam hated multiple choice tests and she rarely had to write papers-- which she loved. Her roommate stayed out late partying and Sam missed the close knit support in her high school. Although she made the dean’s list, she did not return the second semester.

7 Sam’s primary color is Blue
Sam’s type is an INFP Needs time for self; the outside environment can be overwhelming—needs small groups Needs affirmation and support with strong advising

8 BEN, now in his first year at an art institute, had art eight hours a day. He wished he had considered other majors like theater or education, or a college with more majors, but his parents were successful artists. Most students commuted to the institute; his dorm was a boarding house that emptied on Thursday night. He missed the camaraderie of his high school teams and the radio station where he had been a DJ. His roommate practically “lived” in the art studio, and Ben wished he had friends to hang out with.

9 Ben’s brightest colors are Orange/Blue
His type is ESFJ Makes quick decisions to close out choices Need for affiliation, friends, and campus support Lack of career exploration Bored with early career foreclosure

10 Cam applied to 18 “top” colleges, worrying more about getting in to the best school than finding a good match. At the accepted student open houses, most described how wonderful their college was and how great it was to be in the Class of He gained little understanding about which college was the best fit for him. At one school, reps facilitated discussions about how to make a good personal decision about college and what qualities this college had that matched his interests and style. He learned his type, and he met students with similar colors. Cam reevaluated the colleges based on their colors. He chose a roommate from his brightest color group and reconsidered his early choice of becoming a computer engineer by investigating blue and orange majors.

11 Cam’s brightest colors are Blue/Orange and Green
His type is ENFP Unable to narrow down choices Unfamiliar with his E, Blue and Orange needs Needed specialized college counseling to structure his search

12 Five-point plan to choosing the best college fit
Choose the best college: That you can get into That you can afford financially That you can succeed at academically That you can be happy at socially That fits your needs and goals

13 True Colors Brief personality style assessment
Brightest to palest color Persons/environments with opposite color push our buttons Helps us make decisions based on knowledge of self Person-environment fit Palest color is our weakest style

14 Using True Colors or MBTI: Helps to answer major questions
What do I want to get from college? How will I learn best at college? How will I spend your free time at college? How will I live at college or commute to college? How (and where) will I study at college When do I want to go to college? Why do I want to go to college? Where do I want to go to college?

15 True Colors – MBTI Connection
Amiable Blue Compassionate NF Interactive Analytic Green Conceptual NT Independent Driver Gold Conventional SJ Structured Expressive Orange Courageous SP Active

16 Who is like me? Orange 35-40%: Gold 35-40% Green 12-15% M 70% F 30%
Blue % M 30% F 70%

17 Famous Color Types Green Hillary Clinton Rosalyn Carter Columbo
Orange Michael Jordan Elvis Presley Ronal Reagan Marilyn Monroe Billy Graham JFK Lee Iacocca Winston Churchill George Patton Gold George H. Bush Walter Cronkite Connie Chung Johnnie Carson Green Hillary Clinton Rosalyn Carter Columbo Socrates Moses Carl Jung Blue Mother Theresa Julie Andrews Princess Diana Jimmy Carter Pope John Caesar Ronald Reagan Ghandi

18 CAREER PREFERENCES Orange Sports Entrepreneurs Enterprising Gold Nurse
Teacher Principal, Supt. CEOs, Managers Green Lawyer Computer Engineer Scientist Architect Blue Counselor Psychologist Social Worker

19 Color Slogans Green A penny saved is a penny earned Think! Blue E=MC2
To thine own self be true A mind is a terrible Reach out and touch someone thing to waste Rome was not built in a day Did you get a hug today? I’ll think about it. Show your true colors Orange Go for it! The thrill of success, the agony of defeat. Everybody loves a winner. Where’s the action? Gold \ Honor thy parents Be prepared

20 Orange sees self as Fun-loving, enjoy life Spontaneous Flexible
Adaptable Carefree Proficient, Capable Hands-on Practical Problem solver Quick witted Confident Good negotiator Do many things at once Eclectic Can deal with chaos Curious Welcomes new ideas Superior ability to discriminate among options Sees shades of gray Great in crisis/emergency

21 Gold sees self as Stable Providing security Dependable, Responsible
Firm Always has a view Efficient Realist Dignified, cultures Generous Executive type Strong work ethic Orderly, neat Good at sorting, weeding out Organized Punctual Goal-oriented Seeking closure

22 Green sees self as Abstract thinker Superior intellect
Calm, not emotional Under control Precise, not repetitive Able to find flaws Objectives Seeking justice Firm-minded Able to reprimand Intelligent Superior intellect 98% right Powerful Creative Visionary Original Eminently reasonable Rational Complex Competent

23 Blue sees self as Affirming Great Communicator Caretaker
Promoting growth, well being Relates current experiences to past experiences Likes people Sympathetic Nurturing Warm Compassionate Romantic Spiritual Idealistic Willing to work tirelessly for a cause Unselfish Empathic Loving

24 Orange needs Freedom Flexible environment Challenge Humor Independence
Spotlight Stimulation Excitement Expression Fun/Play Variety Applause Support Change Results Affirmation

25 Gold needs Stability Order To be productive Organization
Expectations met Recognition Following of directions Loyalty Completion of tasks Procedures Detailed Information Respect Rules Consistency

26 Green needs High achievement Big picture Mental challenges Facts
Autonomy Strategic plans Brevity in speech Time for reflection Succinct discussion Few directions Time to process Recognition for intelligence Being in charge Global concepts

27 Blue needs Empathy Warmth Nurturing Intimacy Approval Understanding
Recognition Affirmation Affection Sensuality Warmth Intimacy Understanding Physical touch Inspiration Compassion Romance





32 Matching roommates by type
Roommate change requests down 65% Residence damage costs down 36% Similar roommates are more satisfied Opposite roommates have lower GPAs


34 P or J? Check their car interior (or their dorm room)
Perceiving Clutter Like a personal suitcase Less organized Judging Clean like new Precise Out of sight

35 Extroverts’ Dorm Room External environments stimulate them
Choose bright exciting paint Often not very organized—too busy

36 What will stress students out in college?
What stresses you out on the job? At home? With your friends and family? In classes? Who is not stressed when you are stressed?

37 Orange is stressed by Too much responsibility Rules & regulations
Abstract concepts Reading manuals & directions Imposed structure Personal criticism Following detailed directions Routine Deadlines Inactivity Lack of fun Lack of variety Repetition

38 Gold is stressed by Incomplete tasks Disorganization Irresponsibility
Changing details or directions Ambiguous tasks Broken promises Waste Nonconformity Lack of structure Haphazard attitude Too many things going on at once People who don’t follow through

39 Green is stressed by Not being in charge Lack of independence
Subjective judgment Emotional displays Elaborate use of adjectives Incompetence Small talk Routine Social functions Lack of recognition of their ability

40 Blue is stressed by Broken promises Too much negativity
Not being involved Lack of social contact Too much conformity Clock watching Being compared to others Conflict Lying Rejection Insincerity Completing paperwork as a priority Blaming the system before people

41 Campus Community Colors
Blue Macalester, Drew, Hamilton, Hobart, Moravian, Hiram Green MIT, Cal Tech, Swarthmore, NJIT, Cornell, Stevens, UMDNJ Orange Sarah Lawrence, Antioch, Syracuse, Full Sail, Emerson, Prescott Orange/Blue Bard, Oberlin, Northeastern, Hampshire, Colorado College, Pitzer, Paul Smith’s, Lewis & Clark, Grinnell

42 Blue/Gold Landmark, Notre Dame, Principia
Orange/Green Reed, New College, Delaware, Clemson, Cal Berkeley, Drexel, Wesleyan (CT), Carnegie Mellon, RPI Green/Gold Wellesley, Amherst, Brandeis Orange /Gold Citadel, Cooper Union

43 Rutgers Douglass Blue Cook Green/Orange Livingston Orange/Blue
Rutgers Green/Gold Mason Gross Blue/Orange Pharmacy Gold/Green

44 Others may see Orange as
Irresponsible Flaky Goofs off too much Disobeys rules Manipulative Scattered Not serious Not able to stay on task Scattered Cluttered Uncontrollable Resists closure on decisions Indecisive Obnoxious Not to be trusted

45 Others may see Gold as Rigid Controlling Dull, boring Stubborn
Opinionated Unimaginative Judgmental Bossy, controlling Uptight Predictable Autocratic System-bound

46 Others may see Green as Emotionally controlled Intellectual snob
Cool, aloof, unfeeling Critical, fault finding Devaluing relational aspects Lacking mercy, unfair Unappreciative of others Intellectual snob Arrogant Heartless Doesn’t care about people Ruthless Unrealistic Eccentric, weird Stingy with praise Afraid to open up

47 Others may see Blue as Overly emotional Bleeding Heart Mushy
Hopelessly naïve Too tender hearted Easily duped Too touchy-feeling Too nice Too trusting Smothering Stuck in the past Groveling Fawning Soft Talks too much Pushover

48 Who would you ask to Set up games for the freshman get-acquainted party Train front desk assistants to greet guests Develop an analysis of dining hall use on weekends Manage a computerized system for logging in residence hall visitors Stay up late to talk with a homesick freshman Tally surveys for residence hall noise complaints Organize freshman teams for Spirit Week contests Welcome new international students when they arrive

49 The Four MBTI Functions
Extrovert – energized by being around others Introvert – energized by spending time alone Sensing – taking in information through five senses, focusing on what exists, adding to external perceptions (concrete) Intuiting – adding ideas to external perceptions through a sixth sense, noticing what might or could be rather than what actually is (insight) Thinking – prefer decisions that make logical sense (logical-objective) Feeling – make decisions on how much they care or what they feel is right (personal-values oriented) Judging – like to have things, orderly, planned or decided Perceiving – do not want to miss anything and are flexible and spontaneous

50 The older we get, the more like ourselves we become…
Large group types are consistent over time In a study of 1,764 college students, their type was not significantly different years later **Individuals’ letters may change on scales close to middle

51 MBTI 1st and 4th position:
Preferred style of choosing courses and exploring major 1st: Extrovert vs. introvert 4th: Perceiving vs. judging

52 E-J: I want to decide and get it over with!
Declares major early Follows steps to goal Gets career counseling Sense of purpose Makes appropriate plans (counselors love EJs) Most decisive style Chooses too early Premature foreclosure Decides before knowing self Interest wanes When disappointed, chooses another quickly without info

53 E-P: I want to experience it all!
Ongoing process “Bungee jumpers” Decision is the “Jumping off place not a final stop” Many clubs and courses-wants to try everything Needs to talk without making decision Keeps changing mind Trial and error with majors Wanders--Dabbler Forced into default choice Frustrates their J parents Doesn’t have a logical college list

54 I-J: I want to be sure! Too thorough Read read read Thinks alone
Study options methodically Researcher/analyst Doesn’t consult parents Data collector Counselor’s dream Too thorough Read read read Thinks alone Surprises us with choice Computer vs. gut feeling Counselor’s fear

55 I-P: I wonder what I’ll be when I grow up
Stays true to their inner world No decision is final *undecided major “Wanderers of career decision-making” Journey-own pace Travel, semester abroad *likes special advising programs Outside world info is overwhelming Needs strong advising Forced choice *Least decisive style Counselor’s nightmare

56 Roommate Extrovert/introvert roommates need balance between activity outside and quiet time Over-stimulated Introverts retreat into self Introverts may not be shy Extroverts may not be socially skilled Extroverts need more stimulation and make demands of introvert roommates

57 Roommate Types Judging roommates follow schedule, get to destination
Perceiving roommates choose spontaneous activities (never decide), meander Feeling want thanks for personal—caring, helping Thinking want thanks for doing a task well—cleaned car, bought tickets Sensing or Intuitive similar roommates may have fewest problems Sensing roommate needs stability but iNtuitive roommate needs constant change and excitement

ETJs Most assertive Set boundaries Control environment Disrespect others’ boundaries IFPs Nonassertive Don’t set clear boundaries Lack self confidence Give in to others

59 Dating an INTP The only problem with dating is that you have to do it with another person


61 MELINDA Spring 2005 Attended local college, lived at home
Was unsuccessful Left school; worked various jobs for a few years Reentered community college, took courses in culinary arts, worked with a caterer Worked in day care, enjoyed children, was successful

62 True Colors and MBTI BLUE GOLD Need to feel unique & authentic
Look for meaning in life, warm Need to contribute, care I value Integrity & unity in relationships A natural romantic, poet & nurturer Follow rules & respect authority Strong sense of right and wrong Need to be useful & belong Value home, family, tradition Good citizen and helpful

63 MBTI TYPE: ENFJ Extraversion (Where you focus attention)
People who prefer Extraversion tend to relate easily to the outer world of people and things. N Intuition (How do you ‘take in’ information) People who prefer Intuition focus on the big picture & try to grasp the essentials-focus on possibilities for the future. Feeling (How you make decisions) People who prefer Feeling like to decide things by considering what is most important to them. Base their decisions on person-centered values. Judging (How you deal with the outer world) People who prefer Judging tend to like to have things decided; life is likely to be planned and orderly

64 EJ types · Decisive, quickly move to implement decisions
“I want to decide and then get on with it.” ·Put selecting a major on their ‘to do’ list soon after getting on campus. ·If a major doesn’t work out they want to quickly pick a new one and ‘get on with it’. · Have a clear set of logical standards, systematically follow them and want others to also · Forceful in implementing their plans 

65 NF Types Typical fields of study: Counseling, human services
Art and Music (she strongly dislikes this idea) Behavioral Science Education Writing/Journalism (Enjoys writing)

66 Tests/Papers S N Inferences/meaning Facts/practical applications
Creative writing Expansive, long Embellish, goes off on tangents Guess/hunch is right on multiple choice Skips over detail questions Philosophical-abstract ideas, S Facts/practical applications Don’t like multiple choice-second guess Needs the right answer On essays write every fact they know but not integrated “mind dump” Write simply and directly—no frills

67 P J Tests/Papers Linear-finish one paper
Calendar, break down tasks Follows specific directions –exact Use texts, current resources P Multitasks—several papers/projects Deadline-crunch time Digresses, new themes emerge Library/internet search unending

68 N Study S What it all means What it is Ideas, themes Memorize facts
Relationships between concepts/events Hard to support ideas with specific facts, data, or evidence S What it is Memorize facts Plow through text Hard to put pieces together into themes and relationships “nitpicky details”

69 J P Study Breaks down study agenda days/weeks ahead Reads, skims
Organized study desk/career Goes to extra review sessions Types notes over Asks exactly what is on the test Study group-too social and time waster P Reads, skims All nighters Cogitates Bed, couch Lacks notes/study guide Study groups are philosophical and social

70 ST SF Management/business Accounting/banking Engineering
Law enforcement Skilled trades Health care Teaching Community service Religious service Office work

71 NF NT Counseling Human services Writing/journalism Behavioral science
Education Art and music Law Computers Physical science Research Management

72 Improving College Choices
Use True Colors/MBTI for individual planning in small group and classroom sessions Parent-student evening college planning programs In family sessions to compare college environment or narrow down the college list For faculty/staff in-service for writing letters of recommendation or teacher advisor programs For comprehensive career/college curriculum Practical applications for Common language Communication-parents Self-assessment Career decision making Understanding conflict when other types push our buttons Comparing college environments Identifying potential college stressors Matching learning style to instructional style Rehearsing for social life

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