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Colors What are your true colors ?. Which of these colors do you feel most represents you? Orange Green.

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1 colors What are your true colors ?

2 Which of these colors do you feel most represents you? Orange Green

3 Read the following slides and rate the colors 1-4, with 4 being most like you Blue Gold

4 Orange Students Attributes Active Take Charge Competitive Negotiator Spontaneous Performer (Entertaining) Multi-Tasks Needs Freedom to express Practical application Hands-on activities Variety, choices Attention Stimulation, excitement Fun and play

5 Green Students Attributes Problem-solvers Independent Tenacious Self-assured Witty sense of humor Logical Analytical Needs Time to think and plan Efficiency To be successful Intellectual stimulation and challenge Competency To respect the teacher Innovation, creative outlet

6 Blue Students Attributes Friendly Helpful Compassionate, considerate Cooperative Emotional, expressive Imaginative, creative Affectionate Needs To be included Affirmation Compassion, warmth To be heard, to share Outlet to help others Acceptance Friendship

7 Gold Students Attributes Prepared Reliable On-task Sitting up straight Follows rules Sets example Organized Needs To Know the Plan Consistency Structure, Rules Organization Responsibility Recognition Appreciation

8 Rate Yourself The color which you gave the highest rating is your BRIGHTEST COLOR When your advisor calls your BRIGHTEST COLOR, raise your hand. READ the next slide.

9 In School... Blue – I am extremely imaginative and find it difficult to fit into the structure of school life. – I react with great sensitivity to rejection and seek recognition. – I respond to encouragement rather than competition. Gold – I want to follow the rules and regulations of the school. – I understand and respect authority and am comfortable with routine. – I am the easiest of all types of students to adapt to the education system. Orange: – Of all types of students, I have the most difficult time fitting into academic routine. – I learn by doing and experiencing rather than by listening and reading. – I need physical involvement in the learning process and am motivated by my competitive nature and sense of fun. Green – I appear to be older than my years and focused on my greater interests, – I achieve in subjects that are mentally stimulating. – I am impatient with drill and routine, question authority, and find it necessary to respect teachers before I can learn from them. ­­­

10 In Groups MOVE around the room, forming groups based on your colors Answer the following questions, record your answers on one piece of paper. What three things make you the happiest? What three things do you like the least?

11 Bumper Sticker Create a bumper sticker that captures the personality of your color. Decorate it with images or designs. Here are some examples: Bring it. Smile. Think outside the box. The one thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.

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