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True Colors Understanding Yourself and Others ACA Leadership Institute July 24, 2103 Dr. Lynn Linde.

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2 True Colors Understanding Yourself and Others ACA Leadership Institute July 24, 2103 Dr. Lynn Linde

3 Workshop Outcomes Using colors as a metaphor to understand human characteristics, you will learn: Individual strengths, joys, and values Stressors and frustrations, a.k.a. Stressors and frustrations, a.k.a. what makes you crazy/how you drive others crazy what makes you crazy/how you drive others crazy How to modify your style to get the How to modify your style to get the results you desire results you desire How to become more effective with How to become more effective with groups and committees groups and committees Strategies to stretch and increase Strategies to stretch and increase your communication skills your communication skills

4 Look at the color-coded character cards. Review each of the illustrations and arrange the cards from the one most like you to the one least like you. Remember to read the back of the cards too.

5 Now do the same thing with each of the word clusters below the drawings of the cards. Number each statement from the one most like you to the one least like you. (4 highest or most like you – 1 lowest or least like you)

6 Now total all your columns, including your card sorting ranks. Your highest number indicates your primary or brightest color. Your lowest number represents the color least like you.





11 Core Needs and Values ORANGE FREEDOM AND ACTION


13 Be Prepared Love to plan Detail oriented Service oriented Values family traditions Helpful and trustworthy Conservative and stable Should and should not Strives for a sense of security Punctual, predictable, precise Value order and the status quo Duty, Loyalty, Usefulness, Responsibility There is a right way to do everything. Tends to be left-brained and analytical Strong belief in policies, procedures, rules Most comfortable with a formal environment GOLD ATTRIBUTES

14 GREEN ATTRIBUTES Approaches interpersonal relationships in a logical manner Work is play – play is work. Need for independence and private time Knows how to spell and pronounce big words Explores all facets before making decisions Abstract, conceptual, global Can never know enough Cool, calm, and collected Why ? Idea people Intellectual Theoretical Philosophical Very complex Perfectionists Should be able to Often not in mainstream Visionaries, futurists Standard setters

15 BLUE ATTRIBUTES Mediators Optimistic Caretakers Passionate Peacemakers Cause oriented Need to feel Special Always a kind word Enjoys symbols of romance Strong sense of spirituality Sensitive to needs of others Peace, harmony, relationships Motivate and encourage others Cooperative rather than competitive

16 ORANGE ATTRIBUTES Playful Energetic Charming Risk taker Just Do It Tests limits Quick witted Master negotiator Creative, inventive Lets make a deal A natural entertainer High need for mobility Visual and kinesthetic Pushes the boundaries Natural and non-conformist Thrives on competition Likes tangible rewards External focus of control Stimulates the economy Impulsive and spontaneous Appreciates immediate feedback Tends to be left/right brain integrated Most productive in informal environments

17 STRESSORS (Frustrations)

18 Incomplete tasks Disorganization Irresponsibility Changing details Lack of direction Ambiguous tasks Waste Non-Conformity Lack of structure Haphazard attitude Too many things going on at once People who dont follow through GOLD Golds are stressed in environments that reflect:

19 BLUE Blues are stressed in environments that reflect: Broken promises and too much negativity Not being involved and lack of social contact Too much conformity Clock watching Being compared to others Conflict Lying Rejection Insincerity Completing paperwork as priority Placing the system before people

20 GREEN Greens are stressed in environments that reflect: Lack of recognition of their ability Elaborate use of adjectives Not being in charge Lack of independence Subjective judgment Emotional displays Incompetence Small talk Routine Social functions

21 ORANGE Oranges are stressed in environments that reflect: Too much responsibility Rules & regulations Being stuck at a desk Abstract concepts Reading manuals Imposed structure Repetition and routine Personal criticism Deadlines Inactivity Following detailed directions Lack of Fun and lack of variety




25 Think About and Share What Others Might Say About Your Brightest Color

26 REFRAMING GOLD Gold may see self as: Stable and Dependable Providing security Firm Always have a view Efficient and Decisive Realist Executive type Good planner Orderly, neat Good at sorting, weeding out Organized and Punctual Goal oriented Seeks closure Others may see Gold as: Rigid Controlling Dull, boring Stubborn Opinionated Judgmental Bossy, controlling Uptight Predictable Autocratic System-bound Unimaginative

27 REFRAMING BLUE Blue may see self as: Warm and Compassionate Romantic Spiritual and Idealistic Willing to work tirelessly for a cause Unselfish and a Caretaker Empathetic and Affirming Promoting growth, well- being Relates current experiences to past experiences Likes people Sympathetic Great communicator Others may see Blue as: Overly emotional Bleeding Heart Mushy Hopelessly naïve Too tender hearted Easily duped Too touchy-feely Too nice and too trusting Smothering Stuck in/lives in the past Groveling and fawning Soft Talks too much Pushover

28 REFRAMING GREEN Green may see self as: Superior intellect 98% Right Powerful Creative and visionary Original Eminently reasonable Rational Calm, not emotional Under control Precise, not repetitive Able to find flaws Objective Seeking justice Firm-minded Able to reprimand Others may see Green as: Intellectual snob Arrogant and heartless Doesnt care about people and is ruthless Unrealistic Eccentric, weird Emotionally controlled Cool, aloof, unfeeling Afraid to open up Critical, fault finding Devaluing relational aspects Lacking mercy, unfair Unappreciative of others and stingy with praise

29 REFRAMING ORANGE Others may see Orange as: Irresponsible Flaky Goofs off too much Disobeys rules Manipulative Scattered Cluttered Uncontrollable Resists closure or decisions Indecisive Obnoxious Not able to stay on task Not to be trusted Orange may see self as: Fun-loving, enjoys life Spontaneous and carefree Flexible, adaptable Proficient, capable Hands-on person Practical Problem-solver Good negotiator Do many things at once Eclectic Can deal with chaos Curious, welcomes new ideas Superior ability to discriminate among options, see shades of gray

30 Resist the Temptation To color bash or to make colors carry a value To fix any of the other colors To not use the information To not stretch to your full potential

31 To enhance the participation of bright blues: Create a warm/personal working atmosphere Interact with openness and honesty Establish a harmonious working environment and avoiding conflict Showing support and appreciation by a touch, hug, or handshake Allowing them freedom to express feelings Make use of natural gifts of communication, nurturing and people-oriented ideas Provide one-on-one feedback Let them know they are appreciated and needed Praise their imaginative and creative approach to the task

32 To enhance the participation of bright greens: Assign projects that require analytical thinking and problem solving Discuss the big picture – elicit their outlook Inspire with potentials/futuristic ideas Respect their inclination to go beyond the established rules Allow them freedom to improve the system Allow them to take their ideas to the next step/ encourage them to think independently Praise their inventiveness and ingenuity Understand their need to avoid redundancy and repetition Recognize and appreciate their competence on the job Allow them to have autonomy in their work

33 To enhance the participation of bright To To enhance the participation of bright oranges: anges: Assign projects that are action-packed and require a hands-on approachpr Provide opportunities to be skillful and adventurous Utilize their natural abilities as a negotiator Allow them freedom to do the task in their own non-traditional style Allow them to keep their sense of humor and avoid boredom on the job Encourage them to use their gifts of originality and flair Provide opportunities for competition Allow freedom of movement and understanding their preference for action over words Praise their performance and skillfulness Allow spontaneity of action

34 To enhance the participation of bright golds: Assign work that requires detailed planning and careful follow-through Define the tasks in clear and concrete terms Provide well-structured, stable work environment and avoid abrupt changes; be punctual and reliable Give standard rules and regulations Share the responsibilities and duties of the workplace and take the work ethic seriously Praise their neatness, organizational skills and efficiency Give feedback every step of the way Recognize their need to be straightforward, dependable, responsible, and business-minded Give tangible recognition for their work


36 BLUE – NURTURING STYLE Demonstrate keen sensitivity and ability to empathize Perceived as approachable, caring and warm Follow through until resolutions attained Seek to create harmony Strengths: patience, trust, sharing, feelings, communication, closeness

37 GREEN – CONSULTIVE STYLE Use logical and clear approach in counseling; establish rapport on intellectual level Use wisdom and insight, try to foster thinking Make quick observations, assessments Strengths: logic, self-control, clarity, intelligence, knowledge, competence, principles

38 ORANGE – TROUBLE SHOOTING STYLE Like to get to the bottom line Encourage clients to look at here and now Time is generally unplanned, dynamic Respond particularly to at-risk clients Strengths: action, fun, taking risks, variety, skill, performance

39 GOLD – ADVISORY STYLE Clear sense of right and wrong Encourage clients to become contributing members of society Demonstrate sensible, practical solutions Tend to foster responsibility and encourage appropriate behavior Strengths: stability, tradition, security, responsibility, purpose, duty, accountability

40 Running meetings True Colors style Take into account the colors of the participants Understand and plan for participants needs – play to members strengths Ensure there is a rainbow around the table Follow the ingredients for successful meetings – process when task/meeting is completed

41 Successful meetings Need Goals or a Plan Clearly defined roles Clear communication Beneficial team behaviors Well-defined decision making process Ground rules Data-driven decision making Awareness of group process/personal styles

42 Planning All the things that must be done in preparation for the meeting – Logistics (where, when, notices, etc.) – Agenda (includes goal, plan or outcomes) – Niceities (food, name tags/tents, materials, handouts, etc.)

43 Starting Setting the tone and climate for the meeting – Introductions – Starting on time – Purpose/goal/objectives – Agreement on agenda – Clearly defined roles – Social time

44 Focusing Keeping the meeting on track – Clear communication – Beneficial team behaviors – Well-defined decision making procedures – Balanced participation – Established ground rules – Bin or car park

45 Facilitating/Concluding The leader must involve the participants, resolve conflict, and work towards achieving outcomes – use what you know about colors/behaviors End the meeting in such a way that participants feel satisfied with the outcome, their participation in the meeting, and the follow-up steps.

46 How do your meetings run? Take time to reflect and analyze, plan Take time at the end of each meeting to talk about changes for the next meeting, follow-up and who is going to do what Think about what you could do more effectively or efficiently

47 Next Steps How are you going to use True Colors in your association work? Name one thing you will do differently for your next meeting or session.

48 Dr. Lynn Linde Loyola University Maryland

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