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Conventions of Medieval Romance. Romance A romance is an adventure tale that features extravagant characters, exotic places, heroic events, passionate.

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1 Conventions of Medieval Romance

2 Romance A romance is an adventure tale that features extravagant characters, exotic places, heroic events, passionate lover and supernatural forces. Romance first appeared in Old French literature of the 12 th century and quickly spread throughout Europe.

3 Romance Hero The romance hero is a knight of superhuman strength, intelligence, and virtue who follows the code of Chivalry.

4 A Quest The hero of a romance often proves his worth by undertaking a quest, a journey motivated by love, religious faith, or a desire for adventure. He must overcome many obstacles

5 Exotic Setting Romances are set in imaginary kingdoms with great castles, enchanted lakes, and forests populated with giants and monsters.

6 Supernatural Elements Sorcerers and magic spells, giants and dragons, mysterious evil forces and foreknowledge of the future events such supernatural elements all play a part in romances

7 Hidden Identities In a romance, others are often unaware of a character’s true identity. The truth is usually revealed at the climax of the tale.

8 Episodic Structure Romances are not tightly structured; characters simply go from one adventure to the next.

9 Damsel in Distress Modern Romance: Women don’t need saving anymore.

10 Mystical repetition of the number three.

11 Central Belief The Code of Chivalry required that a knight – Swear allegiance to his lord – Fight to uphold Christianity – Seek to redress all wrongs – Honor truth by word and Deed – Be faithful to one lady – Act with bravely, courtesy, and modesty

12 Definition of Monomyth Joseph Campbell, a comparative mythologist, put forth the idea that a four phase rite of passage, called the “monomyth”, is present in human cultures around the world (Center for Learning 33). PBS

13 Definition of Monomyth This rite of passage is usually played out by a hero or heroine in the form of an adventure or quest. By the end of the quest, the boy/girl has proven themselves and matured into a hero/heroine.

14 The Basic Cycle (

15 Basic Cycle Certain stages of the cycle may happen at different times depending on which story you apply the monomyth.

16 Stage One: Birth/Home “Fabulous circumstances surrounding conception, birth, and childhood establish the hero's pedigree and often constitute their own monomyth cycle”(

17 Stage One: Birth/Home Example: Harry Potter receives a mark and special powers as a baby when Lord Voldemort attempts to kill him. In essence, he is marked at birth as being “special” - - a hero. Warner Brothers

18 Stage Two: Departure The heroine/hero passes through a series of events that leads to their departure from their everyday life and the “real” world.

19 Departure Call to Adventure: asked to perform a task or go on a quest. Example: Frodo asked to take the ring to Rivendale. Fantasy Films

20 Departure Refusal of the Call: feels they cannot fulfill the obligation and refuses the request Example: Mulan initially feels she can’t help her father because she is a girl Disney

21 Departure Supernatural Guide: a wise or magical character who serves as the teacher or mentor. Example: Morpheus from The Matrix Warner Brothers

22 Departure Crossing the Threshold: leaves home and takes up the quest, begins to pass into the “supernatural” world Example: Alice goes down the rabbit hole

23 Departure The Belly of the Whale: no turning back, beyond the help of the “real” world, point of no return Example: Harry on the Hogwarts Express Warner Brothers

24 Stage Three: Land of Fulfillment The hero/heroine must now make their way through the supernatural realm. The character acquires wisdom & maturity. The successful passage through this realm will eventually lead to their fulfillment of the quest, thus bestowing on them the title of “hero” or “heroine”.

25 Land of Fulfillment Hero Partners: people who help the heroine/hero on their quest Example: Flounder and Sebastian in Little Mermaid. Disney

26 Land of Fulfillment Tests/Ordeals/Hero deeds: challenges faced by the character that they must overcome in order to proceed on the quest Example: Will Smith’s character in Independence Day shoots down alien spacecraft 20 th Century Fox

27 Land of Fulfillment Losing the Guide: the supernatural aide is taken from the hero/heroine and they must proceed on the quest without them. Example: Don Diego leaves Alejandro just before the big showdown in order to pursue his own revenge. Amblin Entertainment

28 Land of Fulfillment The Meeting with the Goddess: supernatural being who offers aid, gives advice, teaches lesson Example: the Fellowship meets Galadriel New Line Cinema

29 Land of Fulfillment Ultimate Boon: a special, magical gift that will help the character to achieve their task Example: the Jade sword in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sony Pictures

30 Land of Fulfillment Woman as Temptress: a person who tries to tempt the hero/heroine off the path of the quest Example: Buffy & Angel, Circe & Odysseus

31 Land of Fulfillment Atonement with Father: making amends with parental figure Example: Luke accepting Darth Vader as his father and helping him leave the “dark side”. 20 th Century Fox

32 Land of Fulfillment Sacrifice/Betrayal: the heroine/hero, or someone close to them is forced to make a sacrifice to ensure success of quest. Or, a betrayal occurs that makes task harder to achieve.

33 Land of Fulfillment Example: Morpheus is willing to sacrifice his life for the safety of Neo. Warner Brothers

34 Land of Fulfillment Death of the Hero: literal or figurative death, seems to fail at quest Example: Frodo deciding to keep the ring New Line Cinema

35 Land of Fulfillment Journey to the Underworld: the “dead” heroine/hero passes into the land of the dead or the antagonist’s lair Example: Harry in the bowels of Hogwarts Warner Brothers

36 Land of Fulfillment Apotheosis/ Deification: emerges from the underworld triumphant and is reborn literally/figuratively Example: Frodo leaves Mount Doom (friends think he is dead) and awakens in Minas Tirith New Line Cinema

37 Land of Fulfillment Climax/Final Battle: the final deed or act is accomplished which leads to the fulfillment of the quest. Example: The Bride kills Bill Miramax Films

38 Stage Four: Return The character has now fulfilled the quest and received the title of hero/heroine. They must now return to the “real” world and their everyday life.

39 Return Magic Flight: a supernatural force helps the heroine/hero return home Example: Peter, Susan, Edmund & Lucy following the white stag back into the wardrobe

40 Return Rescue from Without: help given to the hero/heroine to overcome final obstacle in getting home (or achieving task). Example: Tempelton getting Charlotte’s egg sack for Wilbur. Hanna Barbera

41 Return Elixir: a special gift, usually different from the magic boon, is given to the hero/heroine as their reward. Will help them in both worlds. Example: Indiana Jones is given the Holy Grail to save his father’s life. Lucasfilm Ltd.

42 Return Master of Two Worlds: being able to live and function in both real and supernatural realm. Now, truly a hero/heroine. Example: Dorothy learning there’s “no place like home”. MGM

43 Return Freedom to Live: characters may now live in relative peace. Example: Festival at end of Return of the Jedi. All characters, alive and dead, may now live normal lives, free from the rule of the Empire. 20 th Century Fox

44 The Basic Cycle

45 Sir Gawain’s Shield King Solomon said to have the symbol on his ring A symbol of truth Called the Endless Knot Pentangle symbolizes the virtues to which Gawain aspires – To be faultless in his five senses – Never to fail in his five fingers – To be faithful to the five wounds that Christ received on the cross. – To be strengthen by the five joys that the Virgin Mary his Jesus – To possess brotherly love, courtesy, piety, and chastity The side facing Gawain has a picture of the Virgin Mary on it.

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