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Questions Dr. RAAFAT T. MOHAMED.

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1 Questions Dr. RAAFAT T. MOHAMED

2 Questions of Final Examination
PART I: MCQ (number 60) total marks (30). PART II: 3 CASES (EACH CASE 3 MCQ) 3X3 = total marks (4.5). PART III: 10 TRUE & FALSE (number 10) total marks (5). PART IV: SHORT QUESTION (number 4) total marks (10.5).

3 Protozoa causing hepatosplenomegaly
Trypanosoma african (cervical lymph node) american (swelling of eye lids) Visceral leishmaniasis (dark skin) Malaria (anaemia jaundice)

4 Protozoa causing anaemia
Haemolytic anaemia : malaria babesia Hypoplastic anaemia : Trypanosoma leishmania

5 Protozoa causing anaemia and jaundice
Malaria babesia

6 Arthropoda causing itching
All Insect bites Mites Scabies house dust storage mite

7 Parasite causing creeping eruption
Cutaneous larva migrans Strongyloides Cutaneous myiasis


9 Protozoa causing DYSENTERY
Entamoeba histolytica Balantidium coli Plasmodium falciparum (cytoadherence) Leishmania donovani (hyperplasia of RES of large intestine)

10 Cases

11 A male patient 36 years old from presented to the dermatology clinic with an ulcer on his face. The ulcer had sharp cut edges, raised indurated margin and scanty exudate. The patient gave a history of a nodule at the site of the lesion several months ago.

12 1- If the lesion is due to a parasitic infection, what is the most likely diagnosis? (1mark)
2- Mention 2 methods by which the diagnosis could be confirmed. Explain the findings (3marks) 3- What is the extent of acquired immunity in this condition and what is the prognosis of this infection if untreated? (1mark) 4-Mention 2 similar parasites present in other geographical areas and describe their clinical picture (3 marks)

13 caseII

14 A young child complained of difficulty in breathing
A young child complained of difficulty in breathing. His mother took him to the chest clinic seeking medical advice. The doctor diagnosed the condition as a case of bronchial asthma.


16 1-Mention 2 laboratory findings that confirm congenital toxoplasmosis (2marks)
2-What are the malarial infections that could relapse and what is the cause of this relapse (2marks)

3-Mention 2 medical importance of each the following: a-water Cyclops b-fleas c-female culex mosquito d-house dust mite

18 3-Explain how Naegleria fowleri and Acanthamoeba reach the brain (2Marks)
5-Mention one helminthic and one protozoal infection that could be transmitted by consumption of meat , mention the infective stage in each (2marks) 6-Describe the pathogenesis of bilharzial cor pulmonale (2marks)

19 True and false

20 match

21 1-Match the following with its infective stage:
a- schistosoma encysted metacercaria b-malaria embryonated egg c-Ascaris cercaria d-Giardia lamblia oocyst e-Cryptosporidium 5-sporozoite 6-filariform larva 7-cyst

22 2-Match the following with its corresponding parasite:
a- creeeping eruption 1-Loa loa b-larva currens Onchocerca volvulus c-calabbar swelling Strongyloides d-Sowda Ancylostoma e- ground itch cutaneous larva migrans 6-leishmania 7-Schistosoma

23 2-Match the following with its habitat:
a-Giardia lamblia CNS b-Balantidium coli urogenital tract c-Malaria blood d-Acanthamoeba small intestine e-Trypanosoma gambiense 5-eye 6-skeletal muscles 7-large intestine

24 Match the following (2.5marks)
1-Accidental myiasis a- Trypanosoma brucei 2-Vagabond′s disease b-Stomoxys calcitrans 3-Megaoesophagus c-Pediculus humanus 4-Nephrotic syndrome d-Trypanosoma cruzi 5-Deep coma e- Plasmodium ovale f- Plasmodium malariae g-Tunga penetrans

25 Match the following (2.5marks)
1-Meningoencephalitis a- Enterobius vermicularis 2-Dysentery b- House dust mites 3-Appendicitis c- Naegleria fowleri 4-Perinnial rhinitis d- Trichuris trichiura 5-Malabsorption e- Wuchereria bancrofti f- Capillaria philippinensis g-Paragonimus westermani

26 1-Malignant transformation a- Trichuriasis
2-Intracellular parasite b- Leishmania mexicana 3-Microcytic anaemia c- Amoebiasis 4-Chiclero ulcer d- Giardia lamblia 5-Undermined ulcer e- Cryptosporidium f- Falciparum malaria g- Schistosomiasis

27 MCQs

28 MCQs 1-Fleas transmit all of the following except: a-epidemic typhus
b-endemic typhus c-plague d-Hymenolepis diminuta 2-Smear taken from the edge of oriental sore reveals: a-amastigote b-epimastigote c-promastigote d-trypomastigote

29 3-Contaminated food is the cause of infection with:
a-Schistosoma b-Leishmania c-Ancylostoma d-Hydatid cyst 4-Myiasis is invasion of human tissue by: a-larva of Pulex b-larva of Sarcophaga c-larva of Aedes d-larva of Dracunculus medinensis

30 5- Cyst of Toxoplasma is found in:
a-Stool of cat b-skeletal muscle of sheep c-infected blood d-all of the above 6- Man acts as intermediate host in: a-Taeniasis saginata b-cysticercosis c-Diphillobothriasis d-Dipylidiasis

31 20- Infection with scabies is through:
a- Ingestion of larvae b- Close contact c- Ingestion of eggs d- Droplet infection 21-The following helminthic infection is transmitted by arthropod: a- Leishmania donovani b- Plasmodium falciparum c- Dipylidium caninum d-Echinococcus granulosus

32 22-Macrocytic anaemia occur in the following infection:
a- Schistosomiasis b- Trichuriasis c- Ancylostomiasis d- Ascariasis 23- Sporulated oocysts pass in human stool in : a- Toxoplasmosis b- Cryptosporidiosis c- Cyclosporiasis d- Microsporidiosis

33 24- Eating contaminated raw vegetables can cause:
a- Fascioliasis b- Taeniasis c- Heterophyiasis d- Diphyllobothriasis 25- Transmission of diseases by Musca domestica is: a- Direct mechanical b- cyclodevelopmental c- Indirect mechanical d- Transovarian

34 26-Skin test in case of oriental sore :
a- Is positive in 95% of cases b- Is negative during infection and positive after treatment c- Is negative in 95% of cases d- The antigen used is prepared from amastigotes

35 27-Absence of Duffy antigen on red cells protects against:
a- Plasmodium vivax b- Plasmodium ovale c- Plasmodium falciparum d- Plasmodium malariae 28- Fleas transmit the following disease: a- Epidemic typhus b- Endemic typhus c- Scrub typhus d- Rocky mountain spotted fever

36 29- Cysts of Toxoplasma occur in:
a- Stool of cat b- Stool of man c- Human brain d- Infected blood 30- In tropical pulmonary eosinophilia: a- There is increase number of microfilaria in blood b- Absence of microfilaria in the tissues c- Elevated titre of antifilarial antibodies d- Slight increase in eosinophilia

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