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Classification of Parasites

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1 Classification of Parasites
helminths Protozoa Mulicellular Specialized cells Unicellular Single cell for all function Round worms (Nematodes) cylindrical, unsegmented Flat worms 1-Trematodes: leaf-like, unsegmented. 2-Cestodes: tape-like, segmented Amoebae: move by psudobodia. Flagellates: move by flagella. Ciliates : move by cilia Apicomplexa (sporozoa) Tissue parasites

2 Nematodes General features:
Elongated worm, cylindrical, unsegmented and tapering at both ends. Variable in size, measure <1 cm to about 100cm. Sex separate and male is smaller than female

3 Intestinal Parasitic nematodes Blood and tissues

4 Examples of Diseases caused by nematodes
Intestinal Disease ascariasis Ascaris lumbricoides blood and tissues Disease elephantiasis Wuchereria bancrofti

5 Ascaris lumbricoides (roundworm)

6 Ascaris lumbricoides

7 LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS (elephantiasis)

8 The Trematodes

9 Schistosomiasis ( Bilharzia)
Example of diseases caused by trematodes. Caused by: Schistosoma mansoni ( intestinal schistosomiasis ) S. japonicum : intestinal S. haematobium : urinary schistosomiasis

10 Life cycle of schistosomes

11 Tapeworms (Cestodes)

12 Life cycle of Taenia saginata


1)As aetiologic agents (causes) of diseases. Tissue damage Induction of hypersensitivity reactions. Injection of poisons Entomophobia (acarophobia) 2) As vectors of diseases: I: Mechanical transmission - simple carriage of pathogens. II: Biological transmission:

15 Important arthropod vectors for human diseases
House fly (Musca domestica) Mechanical transmission of many viruses, bacteria and parasites. Mosquitoes Anopheles :malaria filariasis Culex: filariasis, viruses Aedes: yellow fever, dengue fever, Rift Valley Fever Lice Body louse: vector for: Relapsing fever, typhus and trench fever. Fleas Rat flea is vector for plague due to Yersinia pestis. Ticks Soft ticks , some are vectors for : Borrela duttoni Hard ticks Include vectors for Babesiosis (protozoa), Q fever, and Rocky mountain spotted fever : Tse tse fly (Glossina) Vector for African Trynanosomiasis (African sleeping sickness) Black fly (Simulium) Vector for Onchocerca (river blindness) Sand fly (Phlebotomus) Vectors for leishmania and sandfly fever virus. Cyclops Vector for Dracunculus medinensis

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