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Room One Room Two Room Four Room Three Welcome to the Museum of Biographies 2015 Curator’s Offices Room Five.

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1 Room One Room Two Room Four Room Three Welcome to the Museum of Biographies 2015 Curator’s Offices Room Five

2 Curator’s Office Contact me at Mrs. Barker has been the Media Specialist at River Ridge Elementary since its opening in 1997. She also directs the Morning Show and is the school’s Web Master. Working with the Fourth Grade Students on this Virtual Museum has been a great adventure! Mrs. Barker Return to Entry

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8 Cleopatra VII Queen of Egypt was born in 69 BCE to the parents of Ptolemy XII and his sister Cleopatra Tryphaina. She had three sisters and two brothers. She grew up in the royal court in Alexandria. A very intelligent girl, she was skilled in many different subjects, including math, languages, and government. At the age of 18 she became Queen of Egypt. When Rome invaded, Cleopatra feared she would become prisoner. Cleopatra stuck her hand in a basket filled with fruits and on the bottom of the basket was a poisonous snake and she died. By Brielle and Caroline K. Return to Exhibit Cleopatra VII

9 Victoria Queen of Great Britain was born on May 24, 1819, in London England. She married Prince Albert and had nine children. She became Queen after her 18th birthday. Her major accomplishment was that she was Queen of England for 60 years. Victoria Queen of Great Britain had many accomplishments in her life. By Caroline M. and Madison Return to Exhibit Victoria Queen of Great Britain

10 Henry VIII had six wives, one big brother, one son and two daughters. In his early life he was always overshadowed by his older brother Arthur. When Arthur died, Henry became the monarch. In his adult life he broke off from the Catholic Church. Later in his life he gained a lot of weight. One of his many accomplishments was making the first peaceful succession since 1422. Henry VIII made many accomplishments in his lifetime. By: Michael & Uttam Return to Exhibit Henry VIII

11 Enrico Fermi was born in Italy in 1901. He married Laura Capon and his children were named Guillio and Nella. When he was a young adult, Fermi graduated from the University of Pisa in 1922. Then, he taught physics in Italy. When he became older, During World War Two, Fermi and his family moved to the USA to be safe because his wife was Jewish. Once he got to the USA, he became a professor of physics in the Columbia University and the University of Chicago. Fermi won the Nobel Prize for physics, designed and built the first nuclear reactor, and he even had an element named after him! By Liza and Jordan Return to Exhibit Enrico Fermi

12 Nicolaus Copernicus was born in February, 1473, Poland. He was never married. In his early life he was to work for the church. He also studied astronomy in school. In his adult life he graduated from many colleges such as University of Krakow, Padua University, and University of Ferrara. He also became an astronomer. One of his major accomplishments is that he showed that the sun was the center of the solar system, not Earth. His theory was called the Heliocentric System. His accomplishments were so great he got a crater named after him. By Jack and Will Return to Exhibit Nicolaus Copernicus

13 Judy Blume was born in New Jersey on February 12, 1938. She was married three times and in that time she had three kids. Their names are Randy, Lawrence, and Amanda. Her father was a dentist and her mother a stay home mom to raise her. She had an older brother growing up too. In her adult life she published her first book at thirty. She became the most popular children’s author. Judy Blume has had many major accomplishments. She has won over 90 awards. She also defeated breast cancer. Last but not least she has also published more than 24 books. By Zoi and Abigail Return to Exhibit Judy Blume

14 Born in 1863 on a Michigan farm, Henry Ford was a great mechanic. Henry Ford’s dad was a Michigan farmer. He left his farm to be mechanic in the Edison Company. He married Clara Ford and had a son named Edsel. He went to Detroit to launch the Ford Auto Mobile Company. Ford invented the assembly line. Ford lost some popularity when he put anti- Jewish articles in his newspaper. Henry Ford retired 1945. By Clay and Cole Return to Exhibit Henry Ford

15 Davy Crockett was born in 1786 and was an American frontiersman. Davy Crockett failed in family life. In adult life he was in the war of 1812 and explored and adventured in Texas. A major accomplishment was had life and national affairs made him a popular figure in Washington. He died in 1836 at the Battle of the Alamo. By Gray and Noah Return to Exhibit Davy Crockett

16 Robert E. Lee was born January 19, 1807 in Stratford, Virginia. Some of Lee’s family is Henry Lee, Ann Hill Curter, Richard and Francis Lee. Lee’s father went to debtor’s prison in 1809 so Lee was left to take care of his mother. Lee’s father left for the West Indies after he left prison. Lee married Mary Anne Randolph Custis. One of Lee’s major accomplishments was he was the General who commanded the confederate army. Lee died of a heart attack on October 12, 1870. By Hailey, Eli, and Kinsley Return to Exhibit Robert E. Lee

17 Davy Crockett was born in 1786. In 1835 he had failed in business, farming, and family life. In his adult life he was a popular figure in Washington, for his jokes. He served in the Tennessee state legislature. People jokingly suggested he should run for Congress. Later he ran for Congress and served three terms. When Crockett left Tennessee for Texas, he lost his life in defense of the Alamo in 1836. By Madelyn and Karis Return to Exhibit Davy Crockett

18 Out of both Wright brothers, Wilbur was born first in 1867. Next, Orville was born in 1871.They also had a sister. In their early life they opened a bicycle shop. In their adult life they tested the first powered aircraft. Their major accomplishment was to make the first flight in a powered aircraft. By Jacson W., Jake, and Jackson M. Return to Exhibit The Wright Brothers

19 Victoria was the queen of Great Britain. Victoria was born May 24, 1819. Victoria was born in England. Victoria is related to Duke Edward, King George III, and Princess Mary Louisa. When Victoria was 8 months old she lost her father. Since her father passed away, she slept in her mom’s room. A month after 18th birthday her uncle died and she became queen of Great Britain. Victoria learned England’s history from her dad. In 1840 her life changed when she got married to Prince Albert. She became queen. She also ruled most new lands discovered. Victoria died January 11th 1901. By April and Savannah Return to Exhibit Queen Victoria

20 Napoleon I was born in 1769. The mother was Letiza and the dad was Charles and had four brothers and three sisters. Born on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, Napoleon rose from a lieutenant to the emperor of France. The empire that he created through war and diplomacy was the largest since the roman times. He tried to conquer Russia and Napoleon left for Italy to fight the Australians. By October 1797 Napoleon defeated the Australians. He became the emperor of France. He died May 5 1821. By Charlie and Alex Return to Exhibit Napoleon I

21 The Wright brothers were great inventors. Wilbur was the older brother. He was born in 1867 and he passed away in 1912. Orville was the little brother. He was born in1871 passed on in 1948. Their father was interested in machines. He gave his two sons a toy helicopter that inspired them. The two boys were mostly self-taught. They were intrigued by machines. They were determined to make people fly. In their adulthood they loved to tinker with machines. The Wright brothers invented the airplane. They lived on to design parts of the ultimate flying machine. By Caleb, Bryce, and Ashton Return to Exhibit The Wright Brothers

22 Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania in 1734.He has a son named Daniel Morgan, a daughter named Jemima, a wife Rebecca. He was a wagon driver in the French and Indian War. Also he escaped on one of the horses, defeated on July 9,1775.He saved his daughter and friends, by following the scraps of clothing they tore of their dresses and left behind. Shawnees adopted him to their tribe and planned to attack the settlers. He escaped in time to warn them. By: Ashlyn, Anna, Charlotte Return to Exhibit Daniel Boone

23 In Socrates’ family he had a mom and a dad. Socrates was born in Athens, Greece in 469 BCE. His father was a stonemason and his mother was a midwife. He was also in the Greece army. As an adult he decided to devote his life to philosophy (the study of wisdom). He never charged when he taught philosophy. He believed that asking questions was the way to gain knowledge. He was arrested and put to death. In his major accomplishments he developed the Socratic Method (used questions to help other people find deeper thoughts). By Joshua and Camden Return to Exhibit Socrates

24 Thomas Edison was born in Ohio in 1847. His wife was Mary Stillwell, but she died soon after they got married. Soon later, he remarried to a woman named Marion. His children were Mina, Thomas, and William. When he was a little child, he was a newsboy and started suffering from deafness. When he was an adult, he became an inventor and a chemist. His major accomplishments were that he invented the telephone transmitter, and other inventions. By Kaitlyn and Allie Return to Exhibit Thomas Edison

25 Napoleon I was born on August 15, 1769 on an Island called Ajaccio. He was born into an Italian family with 3 girls and 4 boys. His mother was Letiza Ramolino, and his father was Charles Bonaparte. He grew up on an Italian island in military, and trained to become a lieutenant in the army. His wish finally came true when he was hired as the lieutenant of the Italian army. In his adulthood he became a brigadier general in the French revolution. Later he became the commander of the Italian army. When he won the war he finally became the French Emperor in 1799. His major accomplishment was seizing the French government. He sadly died May 5, 1821 having a life of 52 years. By Kian, Dominic, and Tristan Return to Exhibit Napoleon I

26 Marie Curie was born Maria Sklodowska on November 7, 1867, in Poland. In 1896 a scientist discovered that uranium gives off radiation. Curie and her husband discovered two radioactive elements. They called them radium and polonium. Curie received two Nobel Peace Prizes for her work in 1903 and 1911. She was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize. By Mariah, Jaida, and Karla Return to Exhibit Marie Curie

27 Hippocrates family was made up of him, his mother, and his father. He was born on the Island of Cos. He studied under his father a physician. When Hippocrates grew up he became a Greek physician. Hippocrates was a great physician and was recognized as the father of medicine because he healed many people. By Michael and Asa Paul Return to Exhibit Hippocrates

28 Orville Wright lived from 1871-1948. Wilbur Wright lived from 1867-1912. The Wright brothers had an early aircraft. In adult life they were mechanics. Their major accomplishment was to fly the first powered airplane. By Ryan and Rashard Return to Exhibit The Wright Brothers

29 Queen Elizabeth was an extraordinary lady. Elizabeth was born at the Greenwich Palace on September 17, 1533. Her mother was Anne Boleyn who married King Henry. Her mother was beheaded by King Henry when she was four and he married another woman. In the end she had four stepmothers and some half siblings. In her adult life on March 17, 1558 she took the throne from one of her half-sister whose nickname was Bloody Mary. In war with Spain she gave orders unlike Great Britain’s general at the time. The British won the war and a few years later she died. By Austyn and Trista Return to Entrance Queen Elizabeth

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