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SME Online Technologist Pvt. Ltd.

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1 SME Online Technologist Pvt. Ltd.
Profile Presentation SME Online Technologist Pvt. Ltd. Ph Regd. Office: FF-53, Omaxe Square, Jasola District Centre, Jasola; New Delhi

2 Chapters Introduction Strategy Business Concept
What the Company Intends to DO? Why to FOCUS on SME? Promoters Profile & Background Strategy Vision & Mission Statement Values Business Goal & Objectives Economic Intent Business Concept Business Model Product & Services Business Competitiveness Service Pledge Value Chain Advisory Service & Program Offering

3 Introduction What Company Intend to DO?
SME Technologist intends to provide a platform for SME’s to assimilate, review, upgrade & manage the strategically important aspects of business and make well-examined decisions. It is a comprehensive process specifically designed for small and medium scale businesses to improve their organizational productivity, transparency, and decision making. It will help SME’s to: Identify, Eliminate business obstacles and Manage productivity with decision making & innovation. Managing data & data point for information on real time basis with reduced time line to keep pace with rapidly changing business environment. Establishing and aligning all ingredients of business viz. Treasury & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Servicing, Admin & HR.

4 Introduction Why Sector Specific ? SME only
Indian SME units contributes : >45% INDIA’s GDP >70% Manufacturing / Service Job OUSTOURCED of Primary Industry >50% Direct Employment >35% Export Revenue >60% total purchase of Production Machinery. Few Special Characteristics of SME’s >80% of SME’s Promoter are First Generation Entrepreneur >75% Investment in SME Units are from Promoter’s own POCKET <50% SME’s have sound BANKING relationship >60% SME Unit has average Fixed Asset size of <10Cr. >90% SME Units are driven by One or Two Person’s Vision & Personal Traits >80% SME Units are driven with conventional & conservative business technologies

5 Introduction Why Sector Specific ? SME only
SME sector GAP analysis – Strength & Opportunity Vs Weakness Challenges faced: Financial & Operational Considered by Banks & Financial Institutions as Risky and Costly to serve Lack qualified staff to perform various functions Lack institutional support Non-availability of suitable technology Uneven production capacity Ineffective marketing & sales strategy Identification of new markets & opportunity Constraints on modernization & expansions Non availability of highly skilled labor at affordable cost Constraints in following up with various agencies for problem resolution

6 Introduction Role SME Technologist to tackle challenges & remove bottlenecks by Managing complexities of for all business ingredients and processes thereon to upgrade the TOPLINE & BOTTOMLINE Efficient planning and execution with people & resources management Maintaining & tracking records to build robust & real-time MIS for management use Measuring & managing per employee output Taking well informed & timely business decisions How do the SME Technologist deal with these critical issues? Efficient & Experienced Task Management (inter/intra departmental & industry) Excellent Customer Service Management – Synchronised Frontend & Backend Efficient & Transparent People Management Stream lining of Processes Tracking & Objective Analysis of Business Indicators Routine Discussion with Core Team of Customer

7 Introduction Promoter’s Background & Expertise Ajit Kumar Experienced Sales and Service Professional with FIFTEEN YEAR of impeccable & consistent track record of sales execution with people management. Having worked at almost all level of organisation across the department and handled independently SALES, CREDIT, OPERATION, and HR Division. Ex. Country Head of M/s INTEC CAPITAL LIMITED, India's only SME dedicated NBFC had been in association since inception and rose the level of bringing strategic business thru 125 Location across country with team size of 200 plus. An excellent people manager and a great motivational trainer, has great expertise in making and establishing process correction within and outside the organisation.


9 Strategy Vision Statement
“To foster SME growth by creating sustainable competitive advantage by helping people with entrepreneurial potential” Mission Statement To assist SME in exploring opportunities, launching new ventures, or growing existing business by providing productive business solutions and recommendations Core explanation to our mission is our ability to: attract, retain and nurture the most qualified professionals from all sector of industry, deliver uniquely tailored continuously developed leading edge tools and methodologies to our client create a clear competitive advantage with sustainable model for every client in an increasingly difficult race for market share.

10 Strategy Business Values: a Management by Objective
Values for Customer Service Utility Service Quality Service Satisfaction Values for SME Technologist (Employees) Organization Belongingness Empowerment & Knowledge enhancement Values for Associates & Partners Economic Values Increased Market Share

11 Strategy Business Goal & Objective. To help SMEs in:
Identifying & seizing business opportunity Developing sustainable business model Mobility and transparency in business strategies Inculcating concept across Board to have company’s vision buying Making of business plan Anticipating business risks Developing mitigation strategies Creating & standardizing MIS requirement and its flow

12 Strategy Economic Intent for Business : a quantified objective
Direct Economic Intent: Top-line Growth Bottom-line Growth Indirect Economic Intent: Operation & Production Line Economic Value of floor time reduction of inventory Economic Value of reduced Debtor’s turnover Economic Value of efficient purchase management HR & Admin Economic Value of low employee turnover & high employees satisfaction Treasury & Accounts Economic Value of efficient cash-flow management Economic Value for efficient fund & borrowing management


14 Business Model Business Model:
A FIVE-Step customized process to ensure quality & competiveness: Initial contact Meeting & getting to know each other Task analysis & proposal Research & analysis Task Delivery A TWO-Step Process to measure the effectiveness Operational Intent & its Analysis – Process Establishment check Economic Intent & its Analysis- Top line & Bottom-line check

15 Product & Services What the Company Does: Business Process Engineering
Business Planning Yearly Business Plan with forecast & mitigation in place (existing business) Periodic Review Model Goal Setting & Key Performance Indicator Identification of Correction Measure Existing Venture Expansion Forward and Backward Integration & Opportunity Identification Strategic Planning Marketing Management Brand Development & Positioning Sales Management Lead Management Conversion Management

16 Product & Services What the Company Does:
Business Evaluation & Organisation Review Business Diagnosis of all department Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Management Balance Sheet Management Cash Flow Management Managing Inventory Timeline & Floor Time Reduction Managing Debtors Collection Establishing Cost Cutting Tools Fund Raising Debt Raising Capital Raising Other Services Legal Advisory Company Matter Advisory

17 Business Process Engineering
Business Planning Every business starts with a strong business plan – it is the foundation and the building block of every company. A good business plan will not only be the blueprint of your business, it will also provide you with a good entry into many doors, including the door of investors and financial institutions. The due diligence of starting a company can be overwhelming. With SME Technologist‘s help, we can provide an excellent plan for you.

18 Business Process Engineering
Business Plan Making Viability Study for Expansion New Venture (Forward and Backward only) Marketing Management Sales Management Business Evaluation & Organisation Review Business Diagnosis of all department

19 Balance Sheet Management
SME Technologist’s Balance Sheet Management Services provides comprehensive analytical services, combined with our team of experts, who assist you in developing strategic fund raising / investment plans customized for you. By assessing your strengths, weaknesses and sustainability against today’s market environment, we partner and align with intended SME units seeking growth to ensure that they meet financial goals. For doing so, we focus on: Revenue Earnings Management Capital Management Liquidity Management Interest Rate Risk Management Economic Value of Equity Regulatory Consulting Other Ancillary Objective Cash Flow Management Managing Inventory Timeline & Floor Time Reduction Managing Debtors Collection Establishing Cost Cutting Tools

20 Fund Raising For every business, fund or cash is the blood. Be it a start-up or existing venture, both the aspects of Fund (debt or equity) are important and not only this, it need to be in a specific proportion to have economic and competitive advantage. Skew to either side may result in disturbance in complete business plan and may directly result in cash loss and hence loosing business objective. SME Technologist understands the complex nature of this MIX and its impact on CAPEX & OPEX management. Our Team’s Expertise in managing Long Term & Short Term Fund can help SMEs to optimize their cash flow without experiencing much on cost front. Debt Raising Long Term Debt Machinery Term Loan Working Capital Term Loan Project Specific Long Term Loan (for Vertically Integrating Business) Short Term Debt LC Discounting & Factoring Capital Raising Managing Strategic Investment - HNI Private Equity Investment

21 Other Services In today's rapidly changing business scenario, business ingredients are increasingly becoming difficult to manage unless enterprises are on the real time pace with inside & outside complex environment updating. SME Technologist has created a platform where SMEs can benefit all services under one roof. It helps in aligning all conceived concept & forthcoming business strategies. These Services are available thru our business associates. All our associates are among the best industry player with excellent service record in client satisfaction. Services can be availed of Legal Advisory (except IT Matter) Company Matter Advisory Investment Advisory for surplus fund

22 Core Competencies & Business Competitiveness
Team SME Technologist has unique ability which is being acquired by company from its founders and also, has developed a unique business competitiveness within the organisation that cannot be easily imitated. Team SME Technologist’s Core competencies are what gives a company one or more competitive advantages, in creating and delivering value to its customers in its chosen field. In other word we also call it ours core capabilities or distinctive competencies. Few of the core capabilities of our team member’s are: Over 15 years exclusively in SME business Over 15 years exclusively in Sales, Service & Credit Assessment. In-Depth of experience in methods, techniques and tools Emphasis on rapid knowledge transfer Creation of business solutions Behavioural aspects of dealing the problem. etc etc ...

23 Service Pledge SERVING CLIENTS
Team SME Technologist pledge to serve their clients with integrity, competence and objectivity, using a professional approach at all times, and placing the best interest of the client above all others. EXPECTATIONS Team SME Technologist pledge to establish realistic expectations of the benefits and results of their services. CONFIDENTIALITY Team SME Technologist pledge to treat client information that is not public knowledge as confidential, will prevent it from access by unauthorized people, and will not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information, either for use by them, their firm or another client, without the client’s permission. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Team SME Technologist pledge to avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such, and to disclose to a client any circumstances or interests that might influence their judgment or objectivity.

Team SME Technologist pledge to refrain from inviting an employee of an active or inactive client to consider working elsewhere without first discussing it with the client. ASSIGNMENTS Team SME Technologist pledge to accept only assignments for which they possess the expertise (team as well as associates) to perform and to assign only staff with the requisite expertise. CONFIRMING UNDERSTANDING Team SME Technologist pledge to ensure that before accepting any engagement, a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements will be established. OFFER TO WITHDRAW Team SME Technologist pledge to offer to withdraw from a consulting engagement when their objectivity or integrity may be impaired.

25 Service Pledge BASIS FOR FEES
Team SME Technologist pledge to agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees and expenses, and to charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate and commensurate with the services delivered and the responsibility accepted. Please refer to annexure for service chart & charges. DISCLOSURE OF FEES Team SME Technologist pledge to disclose to their clients in advance any fees, commissions or other considerations that they receive for equipment, supplies or services they could recommend to their clients. RESPECT FOR RIGHTS OF OTHERS Team SME Technologist pledge to respect the individual and corporate rights of clients and consulting colleagues and not to use proprietary information or methodologies without permission. REPRESENTING THE PROFESSION Team SME Technologist pledge to represent the profession with integrity and professionalism in their relations with clients, colleagues and the general public.

26 Value Chain In order to better understand the activities leading to the competitive advantage, SME Technologist begins with the basics of understanding the business owner’s philosophy and then identify / suggest the business specific strategy. Process flows are mapped and then these flows are used to link with each other to achieve the competitive advantage by optimization and coordination. Suggestive model of SME Technologist for making the value chain could be of this nature which can vary with industry and business model.: Research & Development Design of Products, Services, or Processes Discussion & Implementation Variation Analysis & Mitigation Economic Valuation & Service Delivery

27 Advisory & Service Program
SME Technologist has following Program under its umbrella of services: Three to Six Month Advisory Support Program for Report Preparation & Initial hand-holding Sales & Marketing Support (Task Specific) Specific Diagnosis & Process Support (Department Wise) One Year Retainer-ship Program Complete Business Diagnosis & Correction along with various advisory support related with business. Inventory Management Debtors Management Cost Management Individual Assignment Program Debt Raising Capital Raising Alliances & Tie-up Legal Consultation Investment & Fund Placement

28 Result Can be expected Cut in operational costs
Reduction in business risk Creation in brand value Generation in revenue from new sources Transformation of company into an innovative market leader ahead of the competition Investors & Financial Institution’s increased confidence Focused, Common & Innovative Vision across the Board Increased Operational Efficiency Increased Confidence among the TEAM Creation in In-house Talent Pool etc . etc …

29 Annexure & Templates: Service Agreement under the available program (Pl. Refer Page-27) can be desired as per the service requirement.

30 Thank You

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