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Strategy Planning & BPM Consulting

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1 Strategy Planning & BPM Consulting

2 Our Value Proposition Our Value Proposition
Provide a World-class framework for Strategy Development and Execution for our Clients Best Value over the term at the right program cost Promote Team Building and Cross-Boundary participation as the foundation for a positive culture Competency and Leadership development to ensure sustainability

3 Our Firm’s Team capability
Lead Consultant has a 13+ year career at Caterpillar Inc.’s Asia office as Certified 6 Sigma Master Black (Black Belt) Qualified Lean Black Belt and Champion Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction Consultant Consulted for Caterpillar’s Asia office and 30+ Strategic Supply partners over the last 4 / 6 years in Strategy Development, Integration and Execution Industries served are Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics & Transportation, Heavy Industrials, Energy, Financial Services, Hospitality, etc. Industry Experts for special assignments on call, to deliver superior value and optimize client costs.

4 Strategy Plan - Definition
A dynamic plan developed through a rigorous, fact-based process to differentiate a business from its competitors profitably and sustainably A proprietary set of actions that create and capture value by serving customers in a superior way relative to competitors Informs virtually all decisions Portfolio strategy: Where to play ? Business Unit strategy: How to win ? Suggests where investments and resources should be directed

5 Why do Strategy Planning ?
If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail – be proactive about the future Strategic planning improves business performance Counter excessive inward and short-term thinking Solve major issues at a macro level Communicate to everyone what is most important Well aligned, effective structure to execute the plans

6 How do you benefit from Strategy Planning ?
Improve performance in vital areas of the business Drive sales and revenue growth goals Manage costs and bottom-line effectively Make giant leaps in product performance and process capabilities to meet changing customer expectations Optimize asset and resource utilization and conserve cash Improve customer loyalty, shareholder value, and employee satisfaction Sometimes there are pressures to change that are so compelling, the risks of doing nothing far out-weigh the risks associated with change….How is your Company doing ?

7 Our Strategy Planning model – 30k feet view

8 The Strategy Planning Process

9 Business Process Management - clarified
is an umbrella term describing the methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems used to monitor and manage an enterprise’s business performance is a methodology that provides both a way to effectively manage how work gets done and also a framework to drive continuous process improvement is a cyclic initiative that improves an organization’s current state processes to a more efficient and effective future state through evolutionary (not revolutionary) change

10 Evolution of Process focused Market Leaders
Reactive Processes undefined Departmental focus / structure Reacts to Customer needs quickly Makes quick fixes that leads to costly reworks Responsive Processes defined Process focus / structure Responds appropriately to Customer needs Understand impacts of change on process Innovative Processes improved and controlled Continual Customer feedback and adjustment Anticipates Customer needs Leads market with new Products and Services Entrenched competitive position

11 Business Process Management framework

12 How we can help - 4 day Workshop
Session A (2 days) Validate the Vision and Mission of your organization Agree on the Burning Platform – issues faced by Customers, Business, Investors, Employees and Society Develop Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and success Metrics that will make up your Executive Dashboard or Scorecard Develop Strategic Areas of Importance (SAIs) and success Metrics Define Key Business Processes and Functional Areas that provide value to the five Stakeholders Session B (2 days) Determine Performance Gaps in the Key Business Processes and Functions against desired levels and prioritize them using a special purpose tool Convert prioritized Processes and Functions into BB and GB projects Project Sponsors write detailed Charters (with Business Case, Opportunity Statement, Goal Statement, Scope / Boundary, Team and Timeline)

13 E-Mail:,
Phone : / Mobile : Procexcellenz is a premier provider of multi-channel Consulting and Training Solutions for seekers of 6 Sigma, Lean, Stategic Sourcing, Cost Management and Strategy Planning services.

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